Charging for tail


Charging for tailThis in turn leads to impairment of weight and leads to heart failure, and hence both heart attacks, hypertension and head pains. But that is not all.

Perhaps, another large-scale driver's problem is long staying in a sitting position. Doctors say that neurological diseases are developing from this, radiculitis and osteochondrosis.

What's worse, for men stagnation in a small pelvis because of a sedent lifestyle leads to hemorrhoids, prostatitis and even impotence. You understand who comes including your husband from work? What growth in the population can talk?

But this is not all. Doctors also talk about the development of new phobia motorists. She was even given the name — «Cobboboy».

Yes, patients with nervous disorders, or afraid, or, on the contrary, flowing into the aggression in traffic jams are increasingly, — Psychologist Irina Kukov says.

Question number 1. Really ride the city so scary?

There are many subtleties. Rhythm of the city and so crazy, and so much voltage is added on the road — and the rules must be observed, and not to get into an accident, and on the crazy with a gun (as it happens now) not to get, and you need to have to work (or home)… Now rarely happens to the driver, being driving, stayed in a state of peace of mind. Even here is a simple example: count how many times in one trip you loud or mentally, the colleagues who restored you. Just for curiosity…

Question # 2. How to treat such mentally unstable drove?

I think that «Navigated motorists» just need to be separated at least sometimes with the machines. Need to do the house, cottages, ride the city — Now it's soon skiing everyone will start riding. You can stay in the pool… Yes, there is no more entertainment for an adult!

After all, look at what cars turn into: it is not a luxury, and not a means of movement, these are real shelters. People are stitching their cars with phones, televisions, bring on the trunk blanket «just in case», Cups, plastic plates, bunch of notebook books, glasses, cassettes, discs… And still nuts, candy, «so as not to smoke», and a bunch of something else. Strategic reserve in case of atomic war!

Psychologists' opinion was divided and therapists. As we told us in one of the metropolitan clinics, «No wonder recent means «for men» So actively advertised».

Words «prostatitis» and «impotence» long ago ceased to be something out of the rank, — Explained the therapist Evgeny Fomenko.

For men in principle, for men, the more these diseases are becoming more relevant from year to year. Although often peasants harm themselves. Knowing the features of their body, as partly remarking with heated seats in the car. Or the stove turns on the full and ride, breathing with a preheated smooth.

And in the summer, on the contrary — Either the body is heated with air conditioners, or the windows open so that the neck and sides are littered. No immunity will endure such bullying. Ladies in this plan somehow wiser. And with the same stoves they are careful — women and skin do not forget to think.

Question number 3. That you will advise hostages?

As a doctor — Take care of health, more physically engaged, do not sit Sydney in the driver's seat. Yes, at least a massage litter bought to yourself — at least the back of the kneading. Now there are not only «Prehistoric» — from balls, there are modern — On batteries…

And if you need to turn around — relax, then I personally want to add that, for example, I have very audiobooks in the car. Calm speech, not annoying, long plot… Highly recommend!

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