Treatment of colds during pregnancy

Cold, dampness, temperature differences - all this leads to the emergence of ARVI or, as it is also called in the people, - colds. This disease is dangerous especially for pregnant women whose body is so weakened. Therefore, it is necessary to know the preventive measures and methods of treatment, so as not to harm the child.

Infections during pregnancy

Pregnancy, cough, runny nose, ORVI, cold, temperature

During pregnancy, a woman decreases immunity, this is the natural process of the body that retains the life of the fetus. But during this period, the mother's body attack millions of pathogenic bacteria and infections. In early terms, such diseases can provoke a pregnancy interruption.

Most often in the winter and in the offseason, pregnant is sick with sharp respiratory viral infections. ARVI transmitted airborne droplets. From the moment of infection to the manifestation of the first symptoms passes five days. In the first days, a woman can feel very worn, as the disease develops gradually. The temperature increases slightly, then the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract is inflated. Appears cough, hoarseness in Goloche, runny nose. On average, the disease lasts 1.5-2 weeks. In pregnant women, the disease can proceed heavier and longer, because the body is harder to cope with infection.

During Treatment of cold during pregnancy the most important thing - do not harm the future child and mother. Therefore, our site recommends not to do with self-medication, but immediately contact your doctor. And before the consultation, you need to follow these rules:

  • Pregnant women are forbidden to take aspirin, It affects the development of malforms in a child;
  • With elevated Temperature bodies can not be bought and overheat;
  • It is forbidden to take a hot bath and soar legs, it can lead to miscarriage;
  • without recommendation, the doctor can not be taken Antibiotics, Since, besides the fact that they harm the body, they will also be completely useless when cold and Influenza.

After the woman recovers, she will make a control Ultrasound, To make sure that the cold did not harm the future child and pregnancy proceeds without complications.

Influence of colds on the development of the fetus

Pregnancy, cough, runny nose, ORVI, cold, temperature

Even if you are not going to go to public places, you still need to lubric the mucous membrane of the nose Oxoline ointment (0.25%). In extreme cases, any children's cream will fit. This is especially true of pregnant women in the first trimester when the use of medicines is extremely undesirable.

At the height of the epidemic, you need to adhere to such simple measures about which many forget:

  • less to be in public places, limit contacts with people;
  • wearing a gauze bandage, not forgetting it to replace the new;
  • Immediately after visiting places with a large cluster of people, rinse the throat and nose, it will help get rid of a large number of viruses;
  • take vitamins and biological supplements, but only after the prescription of the doctor;
  • make vaccination against colds, which is held in advance.

Treatment of colds during pregnancy

Pregnancy, cough, runny nose, ORVI, cold, temperature

Treatment at a cold appoints only a doctor, but there are several general recommendations for all pregnant women who will help quickly cope with the disease:

  1. Do not take drugs, even those in which you are confident and which were treated before pregnancy. It is not known how they will affect the embryo. This is especially true of the reception of antibiotics, which are appointed only by a doctor to combat complications after colds or influenza.
  2. At the first symptoms of colds do not need to go to the clinic, and call a doctor to the house.
  3. Follow the first three days, observe strict bed regime, it is proved that women who endured the disease on the legs, then suffered from complications.
  4. You can ventilate the apartment as often, but at the same time avoid drafts.
  5. Drink as much fluid as possible, especially if the temperature is raised, it will bring toxins from the body and reduce the heat.
  6. Diet during the disease should be milky-plant. Do not load your body hard food, he also gives all the strength to fight viruses.
  7. Use the recipes of folk medicine was thoughtfully, many at first glance innocuous methods, can harm the fetus.

Among the drugs that are considered safe for the future child, you can highlight the hexoral, which is used for inflammation and throat pain. As well as inhalipt, which consists of essential oils and other natural components. He removes inflammation in the throat.

Treatment of colds with folk remedies

Pregnancy, cough, runny nose, ORVI, cold, temperature

Treatment with folk remedies is mainly aimed at the impact on different human bodies, but they contribute to the recovery in the whole organism.

One of the first symptoms of the cold is the pain in the throat. With it you can cope with such methods:

  • To warm the water, it should be pleasant warm, but not hot, add 1 h. L. Salts on a glass of water, rinse the throat several times a day;
  • on a glass of heated water add 1 h. L. Food soda and three drops of iodine solution. Rinse the throat several times a day, this solution will remove the inflammation of the throat and destroy the viruses;
  • Prepare a decoction of herbs, take in equal proportions St. John's wort, chamomile, eucalyptus, sage, boil and insist a few hours.

Rinse throat several times a day. These herbs will remove inflammation and will have an antiseptic effect. You can brew them separately, you can combine. For example, coltsfoot and chamomile together have an expectorant effect. Before taking the grass you need to find out if you have hypersensitivity or allergies on them.

With a strong cough, you can make steam inhalation. To do this, you need to cook a few potatoes in a liter of water in the uniform, put there several eucalyptus leaves and pecking another three minutes. Then remove from the fire, add a drop of fir oil, leaning over the pots, cover with a towel and ride the ferry of five minutes.

To get rid of cough, you need to brew tea from the leaves of black currant, coltsfoot and plantain. And also prepare onion syrup: take the average in the magnitude of the bulb, wash it, put in a saucepan, pour the water there so that it covered the bulb, add 50 g of sugar and put on fire. How to boil up to slow fire and leave to boot half an hour, then remove from the fire, leave cool at room temperature, strain and take on a teaspoon five times a day for half an hour before meals.

With increasing temperature, such funds will help:

  • Linden tea and dried raspberry;
  • A decoction of apples: boil a liter of water and add half a cup of dry apples, as cool to room temperature, you can drink;
  • Honey with cranberries: Quieter Two tablespoons of cranberries, wipe through a sieve, add a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of boiling water. Place well, wait until you cool, you can drink small sips;
  • squeeze the beet juice, carrots and white cabbage, take twice a day by half a cup between meals.

To combat a trip, you can use iodine and salt solution. For its preparation, take a half package of warm water, add salt to her on the tip of the knife and three drops of iodine. In each nostril, bury two drops, repeat the procedure three times a day.

From the temperature, it helps the rubbing of the water of the skin of the skin, where the pulse is trying. At high temperature do not need to be afraid to take medicine, they will cause less harm than the heat. Especially if the doctor prescribed them.

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