Drivers risk health


  • Skin cancer
  • Chronic diseases of the spine

  • Drivers who spend a long time are driving, while exposed to sunlight, risk their health. Scientists found out that ultraviolet rays significantly increase the risk of skin cancer in motorists. In addition, health risk is a completely new car – A person negatively affects harmful substances secreted by vinyl and plastic.

    Skin cancer

    Drivers risk healthDrivers who spend a long time, more than other people risk sick skin cancer. Such conclusions came scientists after a number of studies. The risk of disease also increases if the driver opens the window when driving.

    According to scientists, ultraviolet rays are to blame. Ordinary automotive glass can absorb the rays of type B, but powerless against rays of type A.

    In the course of research, scientists watched the health of almost thousands of people who drove the car. The frequency of the occurrence of skin tumors among motorists and their localization is analyzed, that is, on which side of the body of the tumor arose.

    It turned out that the amount and localization of skin cancer directly bind to what the region of the body was most often exposed to solar irradiation. Moreover, the development of tumors depended not directly from the effects of sunlight and its burns, but from the cumulative effects of ultraviolet rays.

    Most often, the neoplasms arose on the left side of the face, neck and left hand.

    Thus, most of all risk their health, those motorists who are forced to carry out the wheel for a long time to overcome long distances, turning to the action of bright sunlight for a long time. After a few years, such a ride risk of skin cancer at drivers increases compared to risk for an ordinary person, researchers say.

    I am glad that firms – Most manufacturers are mostly offered double-sided laminated glasses that do not miss ultraviolet rays as type A and type in. You must use such glass – Then the harmful effects of the sun rays on the skin of a person decreases.

    In addition, the researchers advise drivers to monitor their skin: if you drive a lot of time driving, it is important to care for the skin with the help of properly selected protection against ultraviolet radiation and not allow solar burns – they themselves double the risk of disease.

    Chronic diseases of the spine

    Drivers expose their health by another danger, warn the specialists of the British Royal Society (RAC). Forcedly in one for a long time in one, often incorrect, posture, motorists load their spine and risk acquiring a number of chronic diseases.

    The so-called Banana Pose is most dangerous – When the driver sits, leaning toward the steering wheel and stretching straightened legs to pedals. In such a position, the maximum pressure on intervertebral discs is created, which is also enhanced due to shaking while driving. In addition, the risk of serious injuries during accidents. And the pain in the spine will in this case appear after a year and a half.

    In order to minimize harm, doctors recommend using rigid seats, fitted on the driver's figure. Also should not be moved away from the pedals, it is necessary to adjust the position of the head restraint.

    If the seat of cars is upholstered with skin or vinyl, it is better to cover with fur or fabric covers – It will help to protect themselves from supercooling and not to get back. In addition, it is necessary from time to time – and on the road and at home – make a number of physical exercises in order to «Unload» spine.

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