Characteristic signs of moma uterus


Characteristic signs of moma uterusWith suspicion of Misa and the appearance of some characteristic signs, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The symptoms of this disease are:

  • painful pain at the bottom of the abdomen, a grapple-like nature, which are in the lower back, manifesting with sexual acts, with sharp movements, with high physical exertion.
  • long and abundant menstrual discharge not characteristic of your body.
  • Sudden uterine bleeding in the middle of the cycle.
  • When the mioma is located near the bladder putting pressure on it, frequent urges appear for urination, and when the tumor is close to the intestines, the woman suffers from frequent constipation.
  • Mioma has a negative impact on the heart, the patient often experiences dizziness, feels weakness or suffers from tides.
  • Frequent bleeding, reduced hemoglobin level.

Gynecologist Deciding the reason for the appearance of these features, prescribes the treatment of Moma uterus. Also, the definition of effective treatment helps the definition of which group of risk treats a patient. There are 4 main risk groups.

The first risk group and the most numerous — not giving birth women after 30 years. At this age, a hormonal splash occurs, which can lead to a tumor appearance.

Second risk group — Women who have transferred an operation to remove the ovarian cyst. After many studies, it turned out that the removal of the cyst can be an impetus for active growth of the tumor in the uterus. Therefore, do not neglect the treatment of ovarian cysts.

The third risk group is women suffering from infertility. Doctors believe that in many cases, the appearance of Moma affects the violation of the reproductive function of a woman. Remember, do not delay in the absence of pregnancy and consult a doctor. Indeed, in the early stages, women's infertility, it is treated quite successfully.

The fourth risk group includes pregnant women. The appearance of Moma of the uterus during pregnancy leads to serious complications, both for a child and for the future mother. Remember, on time appointed treatment most often turns out to be effective and eliminates the consequences of this disease.

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