Breast cancer


  • Myth number 1. I still have a young one, I can not have anything
  • Myth number 2. I have nothing hurts. Why do I go to the doctor?
  • Myth number 3. Detect breast cancer it is impossible in time
  • Myth number 4. Why once again refine? X-ray — It's unhealthy
  • Myth number 5. Crayfish — It is incurable. What to suffer, suffer? Better not to know

  • Myth number 1. I still have a young one, I can not have anything

    This myth
    Soothe yourself many women trying to hide from problems. AND
    lose precious time by signing yourself a death sentence. What
    Once it was considered a causistic, now no one surprises. Last
    breast cancer time. If earlier this diagnosis was detected
    mostly in senior women (from 45 years and older), now
    Dangerous disease is often detected by 30–35 year old ladies.

    Dangerous process can a lot: severe stress, chest injury,
    Gynecological problems (such as the mioma of uterus and endometriosis).
    Of great importance in the development of breast diseases (including
    benign) has heredity. If the cancer was at your mom,
    aunt, grandmother or other relatives on the motherboard, you — in
    Risk Group. And about such a serious stress for the female organism,
    as an abortion, generally not worth talking. So sharp hormone
    Perestroika can become a rather powerful impetus for education in
    breast knots and cyst.

    Myth number 2. I have nothing hurts. Why do I go to the doctor?

    On the
    the initial stage of cancer and indeed often proceeds asymptomatic. And at least on
    Oncology has only 5% of all consultations in the mammological centers,
    Doctors relax do not advise. At «favorable» Any conditions
    Benign breast disease can easily be reborn in cancer.
    Doctors constantly say: women, be attentive,
    Watch your chest. Noticed any anomaly, not
    hide head in the sand, running to the doctor!

    It is best to spend once a month, on 5–12th day from the beginning
    menstrual cycle. What should ack? Seals Any
    Localization, shapes and sizes, skin retracting or nipple (such changes
    may cause an emerging tumor), separation from the breast
    (especially bloody, brown and amber). And here is pain
    (independent or when touching chest) associated with
    menstrual cycle, most often indicate a banal

    Myth number 3. Detect breast cancer it is impossible in time

    Breast cancer
    Similar! Thanks to modern examination methods today
    Reveal cancer even threemillimeter size. The earlier it will be
    The truth is established, the better: cancer is curable only in the early stages.
    The best way to dispel doubts — make a mammography special
    Universal X-ray Study of the Breast, allowing
    «enlighten» that the usual X-ray device «see» not under
    strength. Skin cover, nipples and a nearby circle, subcutaneous fat
    layer, fabric, vessels, milky ducts — From the dressed eye mammographer not
    Eassolizes even the most smallest change in female breast. In the presence of
    Indications such a survey make at any age.

    In 45, you need to treat yourself especially carefully. Starting from 40–45 years
    Risk Earn a malignant breast disease every year
    increases ten times! In the USA, Scandinavia, Holland and others
    Western countries have long exist special mass programs
    surveys according to which every year every woman who has reached
    Music, mummologist visits mandatory. Recently
    Such a program has become introduced in Russia. Just cover it like
    You can have a greater number of women with our doctors yet.
    Stumbling stone — Traditional English «AB». And ill-catching
    Fear that still prevents many women to come to

    Myth number 4. Why once again refine? X-ray — It's unhealthy

    This is
    Does not correspond to reality. Mammography — one of the most
    low-altitude x-ray studies. According to the world data,
    The use of mammography reduced mortality from breast cancer
    by 25%, and the detection of malignant formations at an early stage
    increased to 80%.

    Myth number 5. Crayfish — It is incurable. What to suffer, suffer? Better not to know

    who are so reasoned, play hide and seek with fate, Professor says
    Barden. Such people are just afraid of responsibility in front of themselves and their own
    near. Of course, the treatment of oncological diseases requires large
    Forces, collens. But believe me, the game costs the candle. After all, breast cancer
    glands are perfectly treated. Under one condition: if it is detected on time.

    Of course, the nature of the patient plays a latter role in the treatment of cancer.
    Larisa Markovna has once ever watched, how it is easy to devour the disease of those who
    lowers hands and flows into hysterics. Medical practice
    Specifies: cancer is afraid of optimists. The same applies to risk of his
    earn. Incredibly, but fact: Carcercipoba (people who are panic
    get sick with cancer) just most often for them. Professor Barden
    I am convinced: in any situation you need to maintain optimism. Even if you have
    discovered small «hook», Thank the fate that it happened
    in time.

    Breast cancerIt is interesting.
    Factors favored by the development of the formidable female illness,
    Added another one — loneliness. Experts explain this phenomenon
    Simply: negative emotions have a clear hormonal background. When
    Woman does not fulfill its main purpose — be wife I
    Mother, Nature
    It's cruelly revenge. Proof of this — Medical statistics,
    reflecting the situation with the incidence of breast cancer: the most
    Her high indicators in civilized countries where ordinary family
    Values ​​do not take place in the first place in the women's coordinate system.

    by the way.
    Today, doctors can determine the predisposition to breast cancer long
    before… Birth of his potential victim. With the help of special tests on
    Breast Cancer Weather Beaning This is a vital analysis
    can make any wishing. First of all, these are women who have
    Breast tumor was detected from close relatives. WITH
    recently modern medicine went even further, and at burdened
    The hereditary problems of women appeared the opportunity to get
    healthy offspring, removing the hereditary breast cancer…
    Extracorporeal (in test tube) fertilization.

    Readers on a notic.
    Do not get carried away by the uncontrolled method of hormonal drugs —
    Contraceptives or facilities facilitating the heavy burden of Klimaks. Without
    preliminary breast survey drink hormones (to which
    the overwhelming majority of mammologists doctors, by the way, include quite
    Positive) Cannot.

    In addition to hormone therapy, serious
    Test for a delicate female breast can be pregnancy. TO
    future motherhood needs to be prepared in advance if you do not want
    make money mastitis, fraught with serious consequences for dairy

    Do not expect your dairy gland wearing a close bra.

    Avoid bruises and injuries.

    For breast classes in the pool, as well as some foods:
    Cabbage (in this product there is absolutely everything you need for female
    chest), carrots (vitamin A storehouse), apples, corn, soy, legumes.

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