Skin cancer: causes and ways to prevent


What causes skin cancer?

Prolonged impact
ultraviolet radiation - this is the main external factor causeing development
skin cancer, although genetic predisposition also plays a role.

Protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, we recommend to follow such advice:

  • Avoid direct impact
    sun rays: try not to expose the skin direct sunny
    Radiation during the day (from 10 am to 4 pm). It is at that time
    Maximum solar activity is observed. Try to plan a day
    So as not to go outside at this time. In addition, it is important
    remember that sand and snow reflect the sunlight, so going to the beach
    or ski resort, know that danger lies throughout you everywhere.

  • Close the skin: leaving
    Street, cover the skin. If possible, wear clothes with long sleeves and
    long pants. It is also desirable to wear a hat with fields 3 - 4 inches. It will protect your
    neck and cheeks from harmful long

    Skin cancer: causes and ways to preventFir-tree exposure to sunlight. Also remember:
    Maximum protection provides dry dark clothing.

  • Do not forget to use
    Sunscreen: Be sure to use sunscreen,
    when you're going to spend a long time in the sun. Find the cream with sunscreen
    Factor SPF 15 and
    Carefully read the instructions for use. The higher the SPF value, the better and more reliable
    Sunburn protection. However, no sunscreen is not
    protects you 100%, because the sun's rays penetrate through water. If in
    water you feel a pleasant coolness, it does not exclude the possibility
    obtaining sunburn.

  • Do not neglect sunscreen
    glasses that block UV rays: such glasses help protect their eyes from
    Serious damage. Optimal design glasses provide protection by 99%
    - 100%. Do not think that dark lenses provide the same high defense from
    Sun. UV rays are blocked not lenses, but a special chemical applied to them
    coating. This chemical coating does not affect the color or transparency of lenses.

  • Do not attend solarium: delusion
    consider that there is a solarium and sunlight lamps completely harmless. These
    Cosmetic devices make your skin more beautiful in a short time,
    However, at the same time significantly increase the likelihood of skin cancer. Doctors
    do not recommend using these devices.

Follow these 5 ordinary tips -
and be able to significantly reduce the likelihood of skin cancer, while
lead a healthy lifestyle and not turn into a closure. Also remember O
The need for regular medical examinations. Diagnosis of the disease
early time limits to significantly increase chances for survival and
Promotional outcome of treatment.

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