Five steps to a healthy back


  • Step 1.Take «Proud view»
  • Step 2.Sit beautiful
  • Step 3.One two Three — have taken!
  • Step 4.Relieve overhead weight
  • Step 5.Learn to cope with stress

  • Step 1. Take «Proud view»

    Good posture — This ability to maintain natural body bends. She has nothing to do with the ability to walk, keeping a book on his head, as we often spoke in childhood. Proudly straightening, you thus increase the life capacity of the lungs, contribute to improved blood circulation and give the opportunity to all organs and systems to work more efficiently. In addition, your well-being and appearance improves.

    When you stand, do not assure your shoulders back, but simply lift up the chest. The chin line will take its natural position parallel to the floor. «Proud view» Helps unload cervical vertebrae that support hard head. Strain the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks to prevent an increase in lumbar bending. The weakness of the abdominal muscles (the so-called abdominal muscles) is one of the main prerequisites resulting in damage to the intervertebral discs and, as a result, to back pain.

    The center of gravity of the body should be a little more shifted by the kice slightly more than the Keysed, the feet at the same time are a bit arranged and slightly turned toes outward. During walk, try not to look into the ground.

    Step 2. Sit beautiful

    Stay in the standing position creates a certain load on the spine, but not so significant, as in the sitting position. If you have to do a long paper work or sit in front of the computer, the back is strongly tired. First of all, you should take care of a good chair. It is better to sit, leaning on the back, steadily putting your feet on the floor or on the foot stand. A small pad or lumbar roller can serve as a support for the loin.

    Do not forget to adjust the seat of the car so that you can sit, it is convenient to straighten up and did not need to reach the steering wheel or pedals. With long trips, use the lumbar roller. All of the above refers to continuous flights. If you do not have a special lumbar roller, use the towel or blanket, having previously rolling them.

    Have you ever been watching how a person suffers from his back pain? He raises, leaning hard over the table, and only then, overcome pain, trying to straighten up. It is better not to bring yourself to such a state, and for this you need to get up more often to get a little and pull.

    Never sit down on a chair with a scope. It will be more correct to carefully sit down, controlling the speed with the help of the muscles of the legs, while the back must be kept right. In order to protect the spine when getting up from the chair, put the foot apart in a convenient position and move to the edge of the seat before pushing up with the muscles of the hips.

    Five steps to a healthy back Professional drivers suffer from back pain 3 times more often than representatives of other professions. Perhaps they will help them the following tips:

    • During long trips, make stops every hour for recreation and workout. This guarantees you safety and, in addition, will avoid back pain and joint problems.
    • Do not put a wallet in the rear pocket pants. Over time, even a small inclination when making money can lead to painful sensations.
    • Seats in modern cars are often equipped with a headrest and a built-in roller to support the waist. Pay attention to how the seat of your car is arranged — Is it well adjusted and is suitable for you. If necessary, take care of your own roller.
    • Sit down quite far from the steering wheel so that the hands were almost completely straightened.

    Step 3. One two Three — have taken!

    Lifting of weights often causes back injuries in production. In addition, this is a very common reason for the appearance of back pain at home, especially in mothers who have to constantly take into the hands of children and wear heavy shopping bags.

    At the first opportunity, pay attention to how the rod is weightlifted. Back injury will undoubtedly put a cross on his sports career. To avoid this, the athlete comes like this:

    • Suitable to the rod as close as possible.
    • Puts legs on the width of the shoulders.
    • Holds back straight as far as possible.
    • Tilts the head so that folds on the chin appear, and strains the abdominal muscles.
    • Squats and uses heavy muscles to raise goods.

    Meet your doctor about how to raise gravity and correctly evaluate your physical capabilities. In addition to general tips, he will recommend how it is better to equip a workplace and a house to avoid injuries. Here are just some tips that you can use without postponing:

    • Use where it is possible, automation of manual labor, for example, use a lever or winch.
    • Feel free to ask someone about help — two «Set» muscles are still better than one.
    • Keep heavy belt objects to lean.
    • Do not lift heavy items above the belt.
    • Do not lift and do not transfer goods with a displaced center of gravity.

    Step 4. Relieve overhead weight

    If you weigh a little more than the norm, it does not hurt your back, provided that you have a trained body. At the same time, weighing in combination with a bad physical form gives an additional load not only on the heart, but also on the spine. Consult a doctor about an acceptable diet. Keep in mind that the best way to lose weight has always been and staying walking.

    Step 5. Learn to cope with stress

    Stress is an integral line of modern life. Without periodic emissions in the blood of a hormone of stress of adrenaline, life would seem sad. However, too much stress can lead not only to the emergence of emotional problems, but also to muscular overvoltage up to spasm. Many people constantly tense the muscles of the neck and shoulder belt, which inevitably leads to the appearance of pain and in the lower back. To avoid this and minimize the harmful effects of stress, you must first find out the reasons for it.

    Nowadays, it is easy to get information about the price of courses on which you can learn how to deal with stress. In addition, the attending physician may recommend you to master the techniques and self-hypnosis under the guidance of an instructor or master relaxation methods.

    There is a very efficient and popular way to deal with stress, which is called «progressive relaxation». Just try to try to understand how easy it is to use.

    The method is based on the fact that a person usually gets used to constant muscular tension and ceases to notice it. The task comes down to getting rid of this harmful habit. The procedure is assigned using audio and video recordings. You can also turn to a psychologist or another consultant who owns this technique.

    To carry out progressive relaxation, you need to lie down on your back, preferably in a darkened room, and alternately strain, as if trying to tear off the support, and then relax various parts of the body, starting with the toes. The instructor will lead the process: «Strain fingers», «Hold the voltage», «Relax», «Pay attention to changes in sensations» and T.NS.

    You may be asked to exhale out loud or about yourself some word, for example «quiet» or «calmly». Over time, these words will be associated with your muscle relaxation. It will be possible to resort to these situations where you can fulfill the entire procedure for some reason, for example, if you have to drive a car on a busy track.

    After relaxation, you can use the method of directed image creation resembling self-hypanosis. Specialist will suggest you to imagine a garden or another beautiful quiet place where you are happy and feel safe. You go back on the imaginary stairs and see flowers, enjoy their aroma, feel warm sunlight on your face. At the end of the session, you mentally climb up the stairs, gradually come to yourself and only then open your eyes. Studies show that a 20-minute session of such deep relaxation corresponds to two and a half o'clock sleeping.

    To overcome stress successfully helps therapeutic physical culture in combination with more «Soft» Exercises — on stretching and relaxation. Believer you feel about people who are difficult to sit and meditate for a long time, do karate or tai chi, which also help cope with internal tension.

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