Plastic Foot Code with your own tendon. Indications and Contraindications to the operation


    Plastic Stop Archings

    Plastic Foot Code with your own tendon. Indications and Contraindications to the operationOne of the methods of correction of Valgus deformation is associated with strengthening the tendral apparatus of the foot. Usually this operation lies in the fact that the tendon of the muscles of the long flexor of the thumb moves more medially, that is, Knuts. Normally, this tendon is attached to the distal (nail) phalange of the thumb.

    With a medial displacement, it is laid more than a large-fingered medial displacement and is eliminated by the Valgus mixture.

    In addition, this operation helps to restore the normal arch of the foot and prevents the further development of this pathology. Together with the plastic, the tendon can usually excrete bone «Shishchechki».

    In addition to the tendon of the thumbs of the foot, operations are carried out on Durga Temons: the Trembos of the rear tibial muscle, which passes under the inner ankle and is attached to the tubes of the ladle and the first wedge-shaped bone, as well as thin beams of KI and III wedge-shaped, II, III and IV Tweets. This muscle holds back the onslaught of the head of the tag, tightening her towards the lard dice to which the front tibial muscle is attached, so that a longitudinal arch of the foot is formed.

    Tendor plastic is one of the important methods for the correction of the valgus deformation of the thumb of the foot, as this operation allows not to simply eliminate the manifestation of the disease, but to eliminate the cause – pathology of the foot arch. Thus, this type of operation is more physiological.

    Operational treatment in the Valgus deformation of the thumb of the foot is shown in cases where conservative treatments, such as physiotherapy procedures, gymnastics and orthopedic devices do not help correct the position of the finger.

    When the operation is shown?

    In the case of a pronounced valgus displacement of the thumb, violation of the gait and normal wear of shoes, pronounced pain in the joint area when walking, the formation of chronic bursita (inflammation of the articular bag) in the joint area.

    When surgery is contraindicated?

    Contraindication to the operation on the Valgus deformation of the thumb of the foot may be severe concomitant diseases in the patient, diseases of the blood coagulation system, as well as an infectious process in the field of intended intervention. In some disorders of metabolism, operational interventions are also undesirable, for example, with diabetes. This is due to the fact that in this case there is a bad tissue healing and more often infectious complications that appear are more severe.

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