Scoliosis spoils posture and twists the spine


  • Diagnosis at the mirror
  • Treatment as entertainment
  • Spartan bed, lazy backpack

    Scoliosis spoils posture and twists the spineScoliosis – One of the most unpleasant orthopedic ailments.

    But only some kind of children – they can be said until time was lucky – The deformation of the back is not so noticeable and only in mature years makes itself felt osteochondrosis. And other illness begins to rapidly progress from the first school school, curving and twisted the spine, uncess posture.

    Unfortunately, it is not completely impossible to get rid of scoliosis, since it is most often a genetically determined disease, which is expressed in the weakness of the connective tissue. But if you notice the disease in time and timely start treatment, serious problems with the spine can be avoided, according to orthopedes. BUT. Yeremshkin.

    Diagnosis at the mirror

    Take a look at how your child keeps his back (sluggish or strong posture?) how he sits at the table. Observe, on one level right and left shoulder. Look at the child from the back when it stands: whether the right and left «Triangles» (spaces between the sides along the sides and the sides themselves). Ask the child to slowly bend forward with the hands lowered and watch the rear – Does one of the blades do not discard if the roiter hump is not formed. If you doubt (especially with insignificant curvature), consider the child in the mirror – The deformation will immediately become noticeable.

    Something alerted something? Hurry at the reception to the orthopedic. Especially attentive to the posture of the child should be at the moment when he made a sharp leap in growth. X-rays will give the most complete information about the disease. The most severe and progressive are the highest and cervical scoliosis. Next, the seriousness of the treatment is breast, then breast-purpose and lumbar curvings.

    Treatment as entertainment

    Scoliosis spoils posture and twists the spineThe most important treatment during scoliosis – Gymnastics, with a special, increasing muscular corset, which does not allow back to bend to the side. Exercises – Very simple. For example, lying on the stomach on the floor and fixing the legs under the bed, «Fly Brass». Over time when «swims» will be easy to succeed, you can add nonsense dumbbells. Or lying on the back, covering his hands on the back of the castle and again strengthening the legs under the bed or sofa, slowly climb and at an angle of 45 degrees try to keep back for a few seconds.

    And the child should do gymnastics regularly, with the same automatism, with which it is accustomed to brush his teeth. But what fidget will be selflessly half an hour to do tedious monotonous exercises?

    Parents will have to show ingenuity. For example, buy a few videos – and under their demonstration charging will make much more interesting. When a child lying on his back, performs exercises to strengthen the abdominal press, Amazon appears on the screen, and he imagines that he swims in a boat on a stormy river. When the turn is suitable to develop back muscles, brave traveler helps to climb the steep slope. Picturesque landscapes Alps…

    Twice a week instead of gymnastics it is better to go to the real pool. But the trouble is that in sports sections or just teach children to stay on the water, or try to make recordsmen from them. And with scoliosis, the crown is contraindicated, jumping is prohibited, and you can go to swimming on the back, only when the muscles of the back are fixed. Therefore, the output is one – parents themselves engage in the pool in the pool or look for a personal coach.

    Perfectly working on the back dancing – especially ballroom, classic. It is good to take riding lessons: hippotherapy works out every muscle and vertebra, and the landing gives the royal. Useful when scoliosis to engage in juggling. Principle is the same as with horseback riding – develop a confident sense of equilibrium. At the same time, the muscles of the hands, the back, abdomen are trained, the posture is improved. And not at all boring, and classmates can be born with their rare abilities. Even the easiest focus – bring a book on the head from the room to the room – Excellent exercise for the back.

    Spartan bed, lazy backpack

    Scoliosis spoils posture and twists the spineUnfortunately, many parents, and some doctors, prohibit a child suffering from scoliosis, to engage in physical education and the main emphasis in treatment do on massage. But he perfectly acts on the muscles only when she works – improves its nutrition, increases strength and contractile abilities. When the child does not exercise and the muscles are in idleness – Massage trouble will not help.

    But manual therapy with scoliosis is contraindicated. Her turn will come much later when the doctor will have to remove pain in an adult. The effect of numerous constructions of corsets – minor. In addition to the inconvenience, which the children experience, wearing heavy armor, corset, again, makes lazy muscles that need to be strengthened by anything. Only in rare cases the corset helps.

    Child suffering from scoliosis, it is better to do homemade lessons lying (under the chest put a pillow) or standing – Behind the desk, as Russian writers worked. Briefcases, bags and any burden in one hand canceled. School backpack Try to unload and try to negotiate with the teacher about keeping the second set of textbooks in the class.

    And, of course, from the earliest childhood, the child must have a rigid bed. You can choose a special orthopedic mattress, consulting with the doctor.

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