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  • What is scoliosis
  • Treatment Scoliosis
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  • What is scoliosis

    Among the violations of the posture, the leading place occupies scoliosis - lateral deviation
    spine from the middle line. This is the most common orthopedic
    The disease is observed almost every twentieth child. This is a disease
    Today it is considered incurable, but you can avoid further development,
    For this you need to start treatment as early as possible.

    Scoliosis can be congenital and acquired.

    The causes of the acquired scoliosis may be such diseases as:
    Poliomyelitis, Child cerebral paralysis, transfer of a number of infections, weakness
    muscles, shortening one limb, wrong position of the body, he
    may arise due to various developmental anomalies - as a result of Rahita,
    hypotrophy, one-sided flatfoot, congenital hip dislocation.

    Do not hope that with age everything will pass. Wrong load
    on the spine, even with a weak degree of scoliosis can lead to education
    Intervertebral hernia, disk falling, sufficiently strong pain and numbness

    Scoliosis proceeds adversely in relevant children, with a violation of exchange
    processes, with the weakness of the spinal binder apparatus and joints. Weak
    Physical development of a child in which the function is not fully full
    The muscles of the back and abdomen also leads to adverse course of the disease.

    Scoliosis, treatment
    Danger can be that parents want to sit down before
    child, make him walk, although most often the spine to this yet
    not ready. Every child has it individually. Approximately 2-3
    months baby begins to pull up, 5-7 months sits down, and from 9 months
    Begins to walk. But this is average. And if you have a child at 7 months
    does not sit, and at 10 months does not try to walk (provided that the cause
    is not any serious illness) should not rush it, better
    Spend a sliding massage course, to raise muscle tone, do
    Together with the child, gymnastics, focusing on the muscles of the back. From side
    parents should not be imposed. Can be in the crib or manneva
    hang bright toys so that the child can pull up
    Or, when he only learns to crawl, move away toys away from him,
    Let him be trying to reach. And he does it gradually, as you

    In early preschool age, the spine grows intensively, but the muscles
    do not have time for him, the muscular corset is not yet developed. And if the child is initially
    there were violations in the musculoskeletal apparatus, most often the disease can
    be provoked by the wrong landing at the table, not by age selected
    furniture and, most importantly, the lack of physical training.

    If in kindergarten the percentage of the disease is low, then in school it begins
    progress. Moreover, there is a significant rejuvenation of the disease.
    If earlier the disease was noted in children from 12-13 years old, now increasingly
    occurs in 7-8-pilots. And if you do not take any measures, then before
    school graduation a child can be disabled.

    The pressure on the spine sitting more than standing. Therefore it is impossible to load
    Child additional classes that require a long stay
    at the table.

    Treatment Scoliosis

    A large place in the treatment of scoliosis occupy massage and therapeutic gymnastics
    - To increase the muscle tone and the formation of a muscular corset. Methodik
    Therapeutic gymnastics is aimed at unloading the spine, increasing it
    Sustainability, restoration of the balance between curvatures of scoliosis - with one
    The sides of the spine (from the curvature) is made tonic massage
    T.To. Muscles from this side are weak, on the other hand relaxing as well
    on the provision of a secreting action on the child's body.

    When scoliosis, massage is not a panacea. But in comprehensive treatment for him
    Great value is paid. For infants for prevention, he
    Plays a decisive role. Upon massage use intakes of kneading, rubbing
    muscles along the spinal column, making the same pressure with one and another
    sides of the spine. If scoliosis is in the initial stage, applies
    Such a massage technique: from scoliosis where the ribsy protrusion is formed
    Muscles are thin, weak, here need active enhanced massage using
    kneading, rubbing, strong vibration. From the opposite side where
    Muscles on the contrary are tense, relaxing massage is done, use deep
    Slow strokes, smooth stretching, light vibration. After that
    Made a general relaxing massage of the whole back. Then on the same scheme do
    Massage of chest. Session time 20-30 minutes, treatment course
    15-20 procedures, periodicity of 1 times in 2 months, while gymnastics interruptions
    better not to do. At the age of the child more than a year, massage and gymnastics
    It is hardly possible to get rid.

    Unfortunately, sometimes described above conservative treatment does not bring
    No results arise about surgical intervention. Operation
    Heavy and expensive. But the operation does not give 100% warranty - after some
    time is possible partial loss of correction.

    Prevention Scoliosis

    Therefore, it is much better to deal with the prevention of scoliosis than its treatment.
    Adults must follow the habits of their children to hurt, to keep
    shoulders and pelvis, wrong sit at the table. Try to provide them with the necessary
    Conditions: The bed must be selected by the growth of the child, the mattress should
    to be smooth and tough, the pillow is small and flat; Sleep your child better
    on the back or abdomen; While reading and writing at the table must be created
    Conditions for the maximum support of the body and the symmetric position of individual
    parts of the body, legs should not hang out if they do not get to the floor
    Substitute a bench.

    Do not wait when scoliosis will enter 3 degree. If you have at least
    The slightest suspicions of the disease, immediately refer to the specialists.

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