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    Insurance companies offer a special policy, which can facilitate pregnancy and childbirth. In future mothers who do not want to enjoy free medical help in the district female consultation and give birth in the nearest maternity hospital, there are two ways: either carry money straight to the selected medical center or in the insurance company. Watch patients in any case will be the same specialists for about the same money, but, as insurers assure, the policy of making pregnancy and childbirth gives paid patients a number of advantages.

    Insurance policy

    Since paying extra money is not in the interests of the insurer, he will make sure that the woman is once again not subjected to expensive and optional procedures and surveys. In addition, the insurer controls the quality of medical care in clinics and maternity hospitals, because even in paid medical facilities it is not always at the highest level.

    When observed in a paid polyclinic, a patient can only count on increased comfort and a set of specific services. When concluding an insurance contract, women are somewhat wider. For example, you were attached to a certain clinic, and there is no needed equipment, doctors of appropriate qualifications or you Nahamil Medpersonal. In this case, the insurance company will send you to another medical institution and the constructs of the broken Sanitark: After all, it is the insurer «delivers» in paid polyclinics of wealthy customers, including pregnant women.


    Pregnancy and childbirth insurance policyThe more expensive the cost of the Future Mom policy and the earlier you buy it (options: from the first, second or third trimester of pregnancy, from 36 weeks of pregnancy - to conduct childbirth), the more services included in it.

    Usually, the pregnancy and childbirth insurance programs include not only the observation of the patient with an obstetrician-gynecologist, but also an antenatal examination, including the ultrasound of the bodies of the small pelvis and the fetus, the diagnosis of violations of the development of the nervous system of the fetus, all the necessary analyzes, the doctor's consultation to develop tactics of childbirth, Emergency hospitalization (at the beginning of labor bouts), conducting birth to a specialized medical team (and «Own» physician) and anesthesia in the delivery.

    The cost of the pregnancy policy is highly dependent on the prestige and technical equipment of the medical institution and the health status of the client. But, first of all, from the price level of the polyclinic, to which the potential mother is attached. The insurance company always has several polyclinic to whom you can attach, and the hospitals in which you will take birth. How things are doing with the technical equipment and quality of services, it is better to find out yourself or through familiar.

    And also: as a rule, for paid births in the maternity hospital there are separate chambers with telephone, TV and other blessings of civilization. Lying in them is much more expensive than in ordinary two or quadruple. But one is boring and scary to lie, and instead of the TV, it is much more useful to look at other newly-made mothers and exchange with them experience, so you can safely save on comfort.

    In some cases, even several thousand dollars given for the policy do not help to endure and give birth to a child in the chosen medical center. In Moscow, with premature birth, the woman is hospitalized only in the hospital number 8 and No. 15, clients suffering from diabetes mellitus, give birth in the hospital under GKB No. 1, with renal pathology - in GKB No. 20, with heart defects - in GKB No. 67. If when you start, it turns out that the client is sick with influenza or viral hepatitis, it will give birth in an infectious hospital.

    Policy, of course, can help far from all cases. For example, if during pregnancy, a woman aggravated the existing heavy chronic diseases, they will need to be treated in a regular clinic or for a fee. By the way, when concluding a voluntary health insurance contract, insurance companies are asking customers to fill out a medical questionnaire, and in some cases bring references and extracts from the history of the disease or even undergo a survey. If there is a risk that the existing disease will negatively affect the development of pregnancy, the increase in the insurance contract is applied to the insurance contract.

    The risk of the pathological flow of labor includes not all insurance companies in the policy. It is in mind that in case of additional interventions or the need for longer stay in the hospital, the insurance company may require additional payment. For example, on the site «Rosmedstraha» in a programme «Roda» specified «In the case of the operation of the cesarean section on emergency testimony, the insured (insured) undertakes to supplement the difference between the insurance premiums of the relevant programs». Insurance programs SC «Spassky gate» contain risks providing for medical care in the event of diseases or pathological conditions. And in the insurance program of future mothers «Ingosstraha» Services provided in pathology of pregnancy, as a rule, are not included. Such states are exceptions and from the Rules of Voluntary Medical Insurance SC «Reso-guarantee». And Rosno insures a planned and emergency delivery by caesarean sections.

    If the insurance policy does not decide all the problems of pregnancy, then at least give a future mother calm and confidence that everything will cost. And this is a lot: as you know, it is very harmful to pregnant women.

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