Life from prison


  • Short euphoria
  • Fight for survival

  • Short euphoria

    The duty returns through the retractable window. Release certificate - the latter formality is made. Shiver that copied inside for a few weeks is enhanced. Her hands give out and nervous paper - the only document for life there, in the wild. But here the metal roar of the lattice door in the middle breaks and trembling, and fear, and memory of everything that remains behind his back, in these gray walls with barbed wire. Here it is freedom. The first steps on it deliver indescribable pleasure. And light and air - everything else. And I can not believe that no one goes on the heels behind you, and you can turn left, and right, but you can go straight.

    Such a feeling of euphoria is experiencing every released prisoner. Those who meet their relatives, it still does not pass, filling the whole life and eclipse real problems. And those whom on this side of life no one is waiting for, the feeling of lightness will be disappeared by the evening. We must think about overnight, and tomorrow about food, and they gave money with me only on the road to the place of previous residence. And many do not want to go there at all: they are contempt for contempt for committed crimes. And many and at all there is no place for the previous residence.

    Fight for survival

    Life from prisonBegins the struggle for survival at freedom. Everyday search for food, Curly and overnight. Wheeling at stations, entrances, overnightrs with random acquaintances, joint booins. It would be necessary to work. But without a passport for a permanent job, no one will take, and the passport does not place without registration. Cities inhabitants can prescribe social rehabilitation centers for executive committers for six months. Well, comes from the village to be afraid at all. Many prisoners even refuse amnesty. Where to go, for example, in mid-January at six o'clock in the evening? Such freedom after a few days again leads to prison naps and to legal soldering.

    There are a lot of such people now. They are standing at churches, sleep at train stations. On the one hand, they are sorry, and on the other, they do not want to deal with them. Somewhere in the subconscious, it is spinning: they themselves are to blame, went through the curve path and got. So there is, but the modern state does not give them chances to get out of this bog, even those who want it. And we, who are looking every day on TV 80% of the program of criminal nature, and therefore, we have interest to this world, in real life I am filled with high walls with barbed wire, and the walls of contempt and indifference.

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