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The first months of the child's life for a young mother are always wrestled if not fear, then fears, and these concerns are actually beginning with words «And normal ..». Next, the following question may sound like.

Most often, moms are thinking about whether their child is developing normally. And doctors directly associate the development of a child with a weight set. Today, our website offers the most dealing with how the weight of the child should be in the first months of his life.

Weight at birth

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Almost every future mother, learning about pregnancy, corrects his lifestyle, if he has not done this in advance. But there is an erroneous opinion that a pregnant woman should now eat for two, then the child will be strong. This is a big misconception. In order for the child to be born with normal weight and development, the mother should eat not much, but fully - get enough sleep, not nervous, walk and breathe fresh air. Of course, alcohol and nicotine should be completely excluded, it slows down the development of the child in the womb.

The World Health Organization last introduced adjustments to the norm of weight of a newborn baby at the beginning of the XXI century. Changes touched, first of all, the sex born baby. Now the norm for boys is the weight of 2500 to 4400 grams, and for girls - from 2400 to 4400 grams. Indicators less than those who are suggested that the child was weak, there were problems in its development in the womb, such children demand the most thorough observation by the district pediatrician. If the child is larger than these norms, then it can say that the nature is laid in nature, and that the mother has a violated carbohydrate metabolism.

When discharge from the maternity branch, the baby, as a rule, loses about 6-8% of its weight. It is absolutely normal and due to the fact that after birth, the child loses moisture through the skin and when breathing, as well as with the release of meconia. The weight returns to the initial frames of approximately 7-10 days after birth.

Of course, you can not forget about the growth of the kid. WHO also identified this data for boys and girls. Their growth is normal ranges from 48 to 50 cm and girls from 47 to 51 cm.

How to understand, is the normal weight of your child?

Weight of the newborn, child weight, newborn, weight gain, child development

To begin with, I would like to say that if the deviation from the norm is approximately 6-7%, then absolutely nothing terrible happens. If this figure is higher than half and equal to 13% somewhere, then it can already be about abandoned, an advantage or a tendency to them. If deviations in the amount of 25%, then, most likely, it is necessary to correctly correct the doctor with the help of a doctor. By the way, if the child is solely on breastfeeding, then his «excess weight» Do not count - this is the opinion of the doctors of recent years.

The second thing I would like to focus on - this is the behavior of a child. Of course, the final conclusion will make a doctor, but you, like mom, should know exactly, is it worried about something kid. If it is active, cheerful, according to age, of course, has a good or, at least adequate appetite, then probably everything is in order with him. But if the child is badly, inspired, then this is a reason for concern. Also to consult a doctor, if you link the ailment of the baby with frequent joins.

If the child, according to doctors, still does not get weight, then it is necessary to find out the reason for this. Sometimes it may be the result of the suffering disease, especially if this disease was infectious. It is also important to keep track of a child's chair and immediately consult a doctor if you watch him diarrhea. If the child suffers from the intolerance of some products, allergies - all this can also serve as a impact of weight loss. And, of course, the most common reason that occurs in children with breastfeeding - it is not afraid. The reason for this may be the insufficient secretion of Mother's milk. Therefore, it is necessary to urgently take measures to improve lactation. If the measures are ineffective, it is important to enter the child to doctors or translate into artificial food at all.

But large kids tend to cause enthusiastic ahs and sighs from others. It's not quite right. Although it is believed that the children on breastfeeding do not depend on weighing, the main thing is that there is no undecad, but it is impossible not to take into account the fact that full children are often more slowly developing physically than their peers. They are intense, prone to allergic reactions. Consult your pediatrician, it is possible, it is very important to introduce adjustments to your food.

Child weight by months

Weight of the newborn, child weight, newborn, weight gain, child development

As mentioned earlier, all the indicators must be viewed with the doctor, and each child requires an individual approach. However, there are averaged indicators that are suitable for most children. Let's look at them, month after the month. So:

  1. 1st month. For the first month of life, the child must score 600 g of weight. Sometimes this figure is higher and 2 times due to the fact that the child is accustomed to the mother, the child constantly requires the breast. As they say, «hangit» on the chest, doctors recommend feeding it on demand. When weighing at the end of the first month of life, the doctor determines whether a child is developing normally, whether he has enough food.
  2. 2nd month. The average increase is about 800 g. The child begins to more confidently move the handles.
  3. 3rd month. Weight gain should also be about 800 g, and the child itself begins to confidently hold the head, react to sharp sounds, turn into a light or voice.
  4. 4th month. Raising about 750 g. The child is already easy to recognize both mom and her voice, takes his object in the pen.
  5. 5th month. Weight will increase by 700 g. The behavior of the child is becoming more interesting, he is already distinguished by his strangers and can even react sharply, smiles to everyone who he likes.
  6. 6th month. From this month, the purchase begins to decrease and is 650 g. This is due to the fact that the baby becomes more active, moving, attempts to make the first clever.
  7. 7th month. Here the child will drop even less, about 600 g. The reasons are the same as indicated above. At this age, children are usually crawled, steadily standing, holding a support.
  8. 8th month. Raising weight will be about 550 g. The child is already quickly crashes, it can get up, already recognizes the facial express.
  9. 9th month. The increase should be about 500 g. Kids already know how to sit, get up, interested in all that is in the district.
  10. 10th month. Poster value will be 450 g. The child himself is already taking attempts to walk, it takes interest absolutely to everything, because he needs an eye yes.
  11. 11th month. The child will add 400 g. Some are already mastered the first steps. The baby already consciously makes many actions, can show for the subject and say the first conscious words.
  12. 12th month. The increase is minimal and will be about 350 g. Many kids are already going without support, become active, know how to collect a pyramid, know how to draw.

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