How to speed up metabolism

The metabolism is different for each person. One diet does not need to exert much effort, while others - simply can not lose weight, even following the strictest diet. Reducing caloric intake, we are trying to make the body burn fat reserves, and achieve the opposite result. To avoid this you need to know how to speed up metabolism.

Metabolism or metabolism of each person is different. One diet does not need to exert much effort, while others - simply can not lose weight, even following the strict diet, and third weight gain - A huge problem. our site will open the secrets of accelerating metabolism.

Almost every woman's case, the situation -even the most strict diet yielded weak or even zero result. This is because reducing caloric intake, we are trying to make the body burn fat reserves, and achieve the opposite result. Scared body thinks ahead of the hunger strike and carefully protects "reservists" fat. Alternatively, it begins to "eat" the muscle protein. That's where the weakness is taken during the diet and body laxity at its end. Not what we wanted - the fat in place, well-being at zero. To avoid this you need to know how to speed up metabolism.

The body's metabolism

How to speed up metabolism
The rate of metabolism depends on heredity, lifestyle and age. It goes without saying that the programmer and the athlete metabolic rate varies significantly. As a rule, with age, the metabolism gradually slows down.

In our bodies there is only one sourceenergy - food. Remember the adage - "We are what we eat." All food organism divides into three categories - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins - the building blocks they need for cell growth, hair, nails, muscles. Carbohydrates and fats - full energy sources. And fats more "energy efficient", and easier to process carbohydrates. That's why when the body is equal to the fats and carbohydrates, it "eats" carbohydrates and fats are lazy to recycle and deposits in reserve. Avoid consumption of carbohydrates, and he will have no choice - in the course will be used fats. But fats also are different. Animal fats contained in meat, poultry, milk and butter. The second group of fats found in olive oil. And third, the most important to speed up metabolism - in fish and vegetable oil. If you are aware of (at the time of weight loss, of course) to refuse the use of carbohydrates, they need to be replaced with polyunsaturated fatty acids - seafood, fish, vegetable oil.

Many ladies simply can not live without the sweet. It is something understandable, triggered long-standing habit of "pamper" themselves on sweets, besides carbohydrates - a great "brain food." In this case, try not to eat those foods which are present and fats, and carbohydrates. Why - we have already mentioned earlier in this article. That is, forget about ice cream, cakes, chocolates. Believe me, after a couple of weeks 'abstinence' craving for forbidden sweets greatly weaken. Without carbohydrates the body too long can not, moreover it can cause serious diseases. But, if you want to speed up the metabolism, try to keep in the diet, there were no more than 30%.

Eat right and accelerate metabolism

How to draw up a diet:

  • to begin with, no strict diets, a sharp decline in calorie daily menu - do not frighten your metabolism. Do all things gradually, otherwise the result will not be;
  • no gluttony! Yes, it is best to eat two or three small meals throughout the day (if absolutely no strength to endure, you can eat fruit) than the same portions to eat five or six times a day. If you find it difficult to withstand the long periods between meals, make portions smaller but eat more often;
  • learn to combine products. Fats plus carbohydrates are prohibited (potatoes or pasta with a cutlet). Fats with proteins - please (chicken breast with cottage cheese) or carbohydrates with proteins (vegetable salad with scrambled eggs).

Without physical exertion can not do

How to speed up metabolism
One of the mistakes of slimming - hopethe existence of the tablet, which will lose weight without getting up from the couch. In coming years, the emergence of such a miracle is not expected, so let's try to understand why we need the exercise. Get rid of the hated fat stores will charge us only. And not just aerobics or Callanetics. And especially - with the weighting. Completely abandon aerobic exercise is not necessary. But losing weight really will help us is strength training.

In our case, it will be enough complexexercises with dumbbells. They stimulate muscle gain, namely muscle fat and burn. And do not think that you are pumping! Nonsense. It is under such loads that the body intensively burns fat reserves not only during, but even at the end of a workout! Again, these activities are not life-long. For ladies with an average metabolism, a couple or three months are enough, a maximum of six months.

If you are trying to get rid of fat deposits in thelegs and thighs - go more! Yes, the usual slightly accelerated walking, fine burns fat - because the leg muscles working at full. Forget the shuttles and lift - to work on foot, in the evening a long walk, not necessarily jogging!

So to speed up metabolism and lose weight, you should:

  • expend more energy than you consume;
  • reduce the intake of carbohydrates and animal fats to replace the fish and vegetable oil;
  • reduce caloric intake gradually;
  • be sure to deal with the "right" exercise.

Not too difficult - it's not a total hunger strike and marathons in the morning. Everything in moderation, all right, and most importantly regularly, and after a couple of months, your metabolism will accelerate significantly.

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