What say our body sounds


  • If nasal voice
  • If you are concerned burping
  • If the rumbling in the stomach
  • If frequent gases
  • If snoring tortured
  • If crackle joints

  • If nasal voice

    Why? The most obvious cause of this trouble -
    runny nose. If problems with the nose you have not observed, please
    attention to your throat and lungs. Most likely, there has accumulated phlegm,
    which hinders the free passage of air - hence the sound

    What to do? If the formation of mucus caused by
    cold or seasonal allergies, get rid of it will help wash
    warm brine. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 100 g of water and
    drip in both nostrils and then blow his nose. Repeat three times daily.

    When it is time to see a doctor? If sputum comes with a cough and
    It has a yellowish color; if your ailment lasts longer than 10 days; if
    accompanying stateWhat say our body soundsdischarges a headache in the forehead.

    If worry

    burp t

    Why? Firstly, you could swallow a little
    air along with the meal. This most often happens when we eat soups -
    because it is widely open mouth to swallow a spoonful. Secondly,
    burping can indicate this condition as gastroesophageal
    reflux. It is caused by overeating or excessive pressure on the stomach
    (So ​​burp as often pregnant women are concerned). other
    the effects of reflux can be chest pain, sore throat,
    hoarseness and bad breath.

    What to do? Well, for starters not talk in
    the meal and did not chew gum. Drinking carbonated drinks also
    can cause burping. But in this case not burp
    associated with the disease. If the reason for all reflux, try to make
    their smaller portions, and eating techniques often, drink less coffee, eating
    chocolate, onions and garlic.

    When it is time to see a doctor? If reflux symptoms more than once a week, especially at night.

    If the rumbling in the stomach

    Why? As a rule, these sounds are caused by simple
    gastric or intestinal contractions associated with normal and process
    digestion. However, sometimes rumbling stomach can give your
    mental condition - when you are nervous, almost all the muscles in your
    body tense spontaneously.

    What to do? Nothing. If you notice that the rumbling
    causes the intake of certain foods, do not eat them. If rumbling
    particularly concerned during the critical days, try to take
    250 mg of magnesium at night, says Dr. Diane Taylor.

    When it is time to see a doctor? If there is a rumbling in any
    more or less tense situations, consult a specialist. is he
    may prescribe a slight antispasmodic.

    If frequent gases

    Why? To a certain extent this is a normal
    process - your body is released from the air caught in the stomach and
    other gases formed as a result of digestion. Average,
    man produces gas about 20 times a day - and it is in order.
    Usually gas emission cause the following foods: beans,
    artificial sweeteners (xylitol and sorbitol), some potato
    chips, fructose and lactose (or almost all dairy products), and
    also all kinds of cabbage.

    What to do? Eat less gassing products and chew slowly.

    When it is time to see a doctor? If the gassing
    accompanied by pain in the stomach or intestine, constipation,
    diarrhea or bloating. These symptoms may indicate the
    bowel disease or food intolerance.

    If snoring tortured

    Why? Most often snoring occurs when the muscles and
    other tissues of the throat relax and trembling under the influence of your
    breathing. Some people snore cause certain painful
    status and symptoms, in some it occurs simply because, as someone
    It appears due to excessive alcohol libation or overeating
    before bedtime.

    What to do? If you have overeaten, or have drunk well,
    sleep on your side. Sometimes snoring can be associated with being overweight - then
    try to lose a few kilos.

    When it is time to see a doctor? If you do wake up from
    own snoring or have trouble breathing during sleep.
    Perhaps snoring is caused by this condition, as the sleepy choking - it can
    lead to serious sleep disorders and even heart disease.

    If crackle joints

    Why? If the crunch is not accompanied by pain
    feelings, can not worry about. Sound comes out of the bubble
    air in the liquid that protects your joints or due to stresses in
    muscles, caused by stress or fatigue.

    What to do? Knead neck and hands twice a day; sign up for a massage or yoga to relieve stress and relax the muscles.

    When it is time to see a doctor? When coupled with a crunch
    there is pain or swelling. They can be caused by injury or
    unsuccessful sports training or point to the development of osteoarthritis.

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