How to cure cough

New season has already entered into their rights. Everywhere as aliens walking coughing people with red noses that storing us to infect us. And that prevents them from sitting at home and be treated? I will not answer this question, but you will tell you several ways to cure cough available tools. The most important thing in the treatment of cough is a conscious and deliberate approach to its treatment.

New season has already entered into their rights. Everywhere as aliens walking coughing people with red noses that storing us to infect us. And that prevents them from sitting at home and be treated? Our site will not answer this question, but will tell you several ways to cure cough accessible tools.

What a cough happens?

Treatment of cough
On this question will answer and first - dry and humid. The first has long considered heavily, although not quite justified. The second often testifies to recovery or nonwashawable cold. We try to figure it out.

Our breathing system (and cough «start» It is in it) consists of a nasal cavity, larynx (pharynx), bronchi and lungs. And when inflammation occurs in any of these structures, it is characterized by its own, nor not like cough. He is treated, respectively, too differently.

The nose (yes, and because of it, we also have a cough) has a rather sensitive mucous membrane that takes on the first blow of pathogens of microorganisms. Consequently, if the shell has insufficient protection, inflammation develops. Together with him (literally) go swelling, sneezing and hyperproduction of the mucus, which is trying to wash off the microbes. We still don't like to wash the nasal cavity, and therefore the mucus flows down the back wall of the throat. Infectious agents annoying her. Inflammation gradually «Sleeping» And the pharyngitis develops.

For pharyngitis, both dry and wet cough. Often it is bredit and passes, if you drink water and unimportant, remembering the nature of the development of inflammation. Most susceptible to pharyngitis or rinopargitis Frequently ill children, We have a very weakened local immunity.

Surrender below, in the larynx. Cough with laryngitis (weighty inflammation, if literally) «barking», It is difficult to confuse with any other. Such a characteristic sound is formed due to the fact that voice ligaments are affected.

Below the larynx is trachea, the breathing throat, which is a hollow tube. Tracheitis are rarely isolated, t. E. Often there is a combined pathology - pharyinghotrachite or tracheobronchitis by the names of the affected organs. Due to the anatomical structure of the trachea cough with «Pure» Tracheake can only be dry (wet simply nowhere to accumulate), an adsadd, sometimes bringing a person to vomit urges. Cough exhausts, and those surrounding with disapproval touches such a person on the street, suspecting the most severe diseases.

Bronchitis is the most common disease of the respiratory organs. They were hurting very much, so perfectly remember that at the beginning of the disease the cough is more likely to dry, bred. Gradually, it becomes more wet, the wet with pathogeful microorganisms leaves bronchi.

Inflammation of the lungs (or pneumonia) is the most serious disease of the respiratory organs. We will not deepen in the subtleties of the flow of inflammation, let's just say that the cough with pneumonia looks like a bronchitic. The difference is allocated at a common picture of the disease - the inflammation of the lungs is heavier, total intoxication is expressed significantly. The doctor will determine the dullness of the percussion sound and will send a x-ray.

Diseases that thanks to vaccination and screening diagnostics in recent decades have been deserved separate attention. This is a fibrosis, cough and tuberculosis. If the fibrosis has learned to diagnose in the early period of gestation, then there is a very effective vaccination from cough and tuberculosis.

For a cough, a dry bakery cough is characterized, often accompanied by vomiting, redness and female swelling. Characteristic and duration of the disease - from one to 6 months.

Tuberculosis, Already long ago ceased to relate to social diseases, a long time can pass asymptomatic. But even the appearance of cough, reminiscent of lung inflammation (since the same fabric is affected), does not guarantee fast diagnosis.

Proper cough treatment according to the disease

Treatment of cough
Best medicine B Treatment of diseases Breath organs will be delivered directly to the hearth inflammation. Therefore, during rhinkers (rhinitis) and rinoparingites, droplets, sprays and rinsing. If rhinitis managed to catch at an early stage, it is better to be treated with drops and sprays on an oil-based basis with vegetable components. With a strong edema and nasal congestion, vesseloring drugs are used, but not more than three days. Then change to others.

With pharyngitis, if an adult fell ill, sprays and rinsing by various solutions of antiseptics showed themselves. With a non-expressed pain, you can do the solution of furaticiline (1 tablet on the floor-liter warm water), decoction of daisies and a turn. The main principle - at least 6 times a day, irrigate the mucous membrane and do not drink after that for 20-30 minutes. So the medicine interacts longer with the treatment area.

Larygites are mainly carrying a certain infectious nature, therefore, to identify the pathogen, they make smears on the flora, or focus on the epidemiological situation of the region at the moment. For several years, sobering laryngitis and laryngotheits were diagnosed in the flu epidemic, so all patients received antiviral drugs. In cases of complications, antibiotics and prebiotics were added to them.

Considering the fact that we gradually descended down, to the trachee and bronchoms, where the drugs in the form of a drop, ointments and sprays will not get out, discover a new type of treatment - inhalation.

The tracheta in view of its anatomical structure of any therapy is poorly, therefore inhalation with the same solutions of antiseptics and even with distilled water will help facilitate the state and soften the inflamed mucosa.

Bronchitis and pneumonia we combine into one because their treatment is largely similar. How to better sound and bring the sputum to the wet slightly lower, because these, at first glance, safe drugs have their own nuances in use.

If bronchitis leaks without strong intoxication and complications, antibacterial drugs are rarely applied. However, in modern rhythm, there are few people able to sit at home during illness, so The use of antibiotics It becomes inevitable. Therefore, since it came to such a method of treatment, the preparations of penicillin row and the cephalosporins of the third generation are selected.

With pneumonia, antibiotics begin to apply much more often, since intoxication is often accompanied by the oppression of consciousness, and the launched cases are fraught with complications. The choice is also falling on penicillins, better protected by clavulanic acid, and cephalosporins. Ideal option - Make sowing sputum on flora and its sensitivity to antibiotics.

Broncholitics, Mulcolics, Bronnutators

Treatment of cough
Words, at first glance, rather complicated for perception. But with a slightly more detailed consideration very and very «Useful». In the end, whether pharmaceutical companies write in vain on all sorts of jars, bottles and boxes these words. Write for us, so you need to understand.

Broncholitics reduce bronchi spasm and bronchiole. Therefore, their use is justified with a wet cough when the hyperproduction of mucus (sputum) is already there and it is necessary only to withdraw.

Mukolithics dilute sputum and make it easier to dry cough.

Bronchy-centers expand the lumen of the bronchi, reduce their spasm. Most often, bronchoditors are used at Bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (for example, in smokers). Preparations of this group are complemented by various expectorant tablets and medicines, since the wet is viscous and difficult to separate.

Preparations blocking cough center

These are not unwinning medications with codeine - alkaloid opium acting on the central nervous system. More precisely, the cough center located in the oblong brain.

Action Codein is to suppress the cough reflex and a minor oppression of breathing. But waiting for any miracles from Codein. Yes, it will reduce the cough frequency for a while, but during this period a large amount of sputum will have time in bronchi. Add to this the fact that during diseases of the lower respiratory tract organism and so does not receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. Codeine reduces lung ventilation, and patients feel a real lack of air.

Especially unjustified will be the use of codeine preparations together with muco or bronchodilitics. Looking at wet, you simply do not let her get out.

Thus, mentioning such a group of drugs was necessary, but the need for their use is very doubtful.

Medicines of plant origin

Treatment of cough
Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly added to various medicine vegetable extracts with a muco- or bronchology effect. Their position, on the one hand, is chosen correctly - we trust the natural tools on the subconscious level, and not synthesized compounds. But in trying not to harm the body «Chemistry», It is important to remember that:

  • Plant extracts require accumulation in the body and begin to act at once. Therefore, if you decide «Climb to feet» in one or two days, «folk» funds are better not to choose;
  • Despite the rapid development of science, some medicinal plants have so far studied little. Yes, they help with cough, but where is the guarantee that they do not oppress any other organ;
  • Plants will only help if they are grown on «prosperous», Environmentally friendly territory. The scale of such land Russia, of course, boasts. But along with this, some manufacturers are suitable for growing raw materials. Extremely frivolous.

The extracts of licorice root, thermopsis, altea, and t possess good expectorant action. D.

I do not specifically write about bronchial asthma, asthmatic status, chronic obstructive disease of the lungs and occupational diseases (silicoses, pneumoconiosis and T. D.). All of them do not belong to the infectious fully, although relapses and are connected directly with the causative agent.

The most important thing in the treatment of any acute pathology of the respiratory system is a conscious and thoughtful approach to its treatment.

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