Autists and their universes


In imprisonment in your own soul

Autists and their universes
Autists saw: about those who did not notice in the emphasis before, began to speak... But not only the film Levinson highlighted the problem. According to some data, the autists in our time appear on the light 10 times more often than before. If in 1993 in America, 15,500 children, patients with autism, were studying 42,500 in five years. In the world for every 10 thousand newborns accounts for 15-20 «Rain people». It turns out that now autists on Earth millions. And their number is constantly growing...

Why are so many kids suffering from autism, it is born in imprisonment from his soul? Perhaps due to the deterioration of the natural situation, the diseases of the mother, hormonal disorders, and even, according to one of the versions, infection with the virus, which prevents the normal movement of nerve cells in the emerging brain. The reasons for autism are looking for in early illnesses and even in vaccinations, and even in the fact that sick children have learned better to find out...

Perhaps this is a hereditary defect, and the disease is not encoded by one, but by several genes that can be taken from the father and from the mother. But there is no exhaustive answer yet. And all versions are equivalent to a fantastic hypothesis that autists — This is a native planets that make their dance around the Sun is not the way our.

In the shakers of the snow queen

Autism can not be determined while the child is in the womb. His symptoms become visible only after birth: the baby does not show a revival, almost does not react to loved ones, does not smile... When such a child takes on his hands, he does not show any emotions and often seems deaf or blind.

Typically, signs of autism are fully manifested between 1.5-3 years. A cold little prince appears in the house, kid, enchanted by a snow queen.

Here are just some of the signs of early child autism.


  • can't talk or relate the word with the object;
  • Avoids to look into the eyes even his own mother;
  • It is afraid of unfamiliar people or does not make the difference between their own and strangers;
  • has strange habits that occupy his clock;
  • plays strange repetitive games;
  • does not respond to the simplest requests;
  • does not imitate adults, for example, does not bring the phone to the ear;
  • does not show the finger on what he needs, but just crying;
  • does not appeal for help, as if everything knows himself;
  • Cubes lay out in a row, and does not build a pyramid of them;
  • Differs large selective in food;
  • does not like when he caresses him;
  • painfully reacts to some sounds.

The farther, the more problems with self-awareness. The child-autistist does not understand the borders of his body, does not perceive other people and does not see what happens around. If he suddenly realizes some action, he repeats him constantly, says the same words — so it seems to be clinging for reality.

The autists are afraid of all new, everyone understands, but are devoid of intuition and cannot participate in a conversation. They manicly arrange things and obsessed with passion for ordering.

The disease manifests itself differently. Some kids are silent, slow and calm. Others, on the contrary, are very mobile and can not sit on the spot. But each of them cannot leave their universe and does not know how to communicate with people.

It is believed to exist four degrees of autism. Those who are sick of the most severe of them, it is impossible to take into the world. Next degree — man can be interested in. And two other forms — Autist is relatively adapted in society, if you do it. All over the world it is believed that autism is best overcome if the child visits ordinary children's institutions. And teach custom-making children with communication, as the second language, although they will still forever remain in themselves.

Who works on Bill Gates?

  • 10% of autists (on American statistics, we have it at all) have outstanding abilities — Compared with 1% among ordinary people.
  • About 80% of autists suffer from mental delays. At the same time, they often happen IQ geniuses.
  • Boys among autists 4 times more than girls.
  • According to rumors, in Soviet times, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, parents did not give newborns with obvious deviations and said that they died in childbirth.
  • People with autistic thinking are often distinguished by asthenic physique.
  • In Russia, the diagnosis of children's autism is very rare, and only children under 10 years old. After it is burned and write «psychopathy» or «schizophrenia».
  • Autographers have great ability to programming; often they see a close creature in the computer. According to some data, Bill Gates from 5 to 20% of personnel — Autoists. Yes, and he himself, they say, sick asperger syndrome — Weak form of autism (people with this mental disorder suffer from social alienation, loss of interest in other, pedanticism and stereotypical behavior).
  • In the United States for each autistic child allocate 30 thousand dollars a year. We have this sole problem of parents.
  • 70% of autists do not have friends. 95% never started a family.

Genius Idiot

Autists and their universes There are a special category of people among autists — with scientist syndrome, or savant syndrome (the term psychiatrist Darold Tiffert, all life of the student of savates). Autical Savant — This is a person with extraordinary abilities, often in the field of account, art or music. At the same time, he seems mentally retarded.

Such people are very rare. Sometimes the abilities of the savance are not congenital, but arise as a result of injury of the head, especially the left hemisphere. Savante's brain acts as a whole, without sharing functions on hemispheres. And if in something one is a complete idiot, then in another — Absolute genius.

According to scientists, savants — This is an example of what we could be. In the brain of the Savante, the same mental processes flow as in an ordinary person. But the last consciousness turns on at the moment when the information obtained by the brain is fully processed and the image of the subject has developed; we see and remember only significant. And the savages do not switch from private details to the whole and have access to the entire brain data bank. Therefore, auto savages can memorize an incomprehensible number of facts, numbers, numbers, cards and lists, texts and musical works. In addition, they:

  • decide puzzle examples;
  • Easily and very accurately estimate the distance to objects;
  • Can IMIG determine which day of the week came to a given number as much as 10 thousand years ago;
  • Without hours, they know exactly how much time has passed from the specified moment.

Why? Science unknown. Some of the savates have obvious neurological deviations, but the brain of most of the surveyed was and anatomically, and physiologically normal.
Not all autists are savants, and not every Savant — Autist. The probability of birth of an autistic savance — 1 to 80 million. Now there are about 50 people in the world.

Knows everything!

Kim Peak — The only person in the world who is not just an autistic savant. Kim — Megasavant, ingenious in at least 15 subjects at the same time: mathematics, history, literature, music...

Kim was born on November 11, 1951 in Salt Lake City, Utah, with cerebral hernia on the right side of the skull and an enlarged head. When he turned 9 months old, the doctors carried the verdict: «Retarded». Later, during the examination of the brain of the peak, it was found that its hemispheres are not divided, but forms a unified storage area of ​​information.

At 16-20 months, the baby remembered all the books that he read from the first time and did not give them to reread them. In three years he asked his parents, which means the word «confidential». So it turned out that he had long been able to read himself. Kim in a joke advised to see the meaning of the word in the dictionary. He looked. Somehow the child immediately understood how to navigate it.

Today Kimputher, what is his name is close, remember more than 9000 books. Knows all the roads of the United States and Canada, the names of many professional athletes, actors and actresses, the content of the Bible and the doctrines of Mormonov, historical dates, works of Shakespeare, telephone codes. It easily identifies the classic musical works, when writing the date of writing and biographical data of composers. He knows the dates of the battles of all the great wars and know all modern events, can determine the day of the week coming to any date.

At the same time, it hardly dresses himself and forgets how to brush my teeth... Peak is not able to remember the sequences of movements; He learned to walk only at 4 years old, and climb the stairs — only in senior school classes. He still remembers every time he remembers how to defeat her. Whole days kim peak holds Salt Lake City in the Public Library. Tolstoy book he is enough for 25 minutes of reading: Megasavant reads two pages at the same time, one — left eye and another — right. From the first reading, he, as in childhood, remembers the book entirely.

«You are heaven»

Autists and their universes
«Rain Man» Removed based on the life history of the peak. The merit in its opening belongs to the screenwriter of the film, Barry Morrow. Before that, he wrote a scenario for a television film about the mentally retarded man named Bill. After the release of the film, Morrow was invited to a meeting in the Association of mentally retarded people, where he met Kim. Peak struck the scriptwriter with its phenomenal abilities, and Morrow immediately emerged the idea to write a script about him.

The hero of the film is named Ramond Babbit, and His Dustin Hoffman plays. Preparing for shooting, he, like Morrow, met with Kim and his father. Theme of their conversation was British monarchs, Bible, Baseball, Racing, Dates, Times, Traveling, Composers, Melodies, Cinema, Geography, Space Programs and Literature. As Fran Peak remembers, Hoffman said his son: «I can be a star, but you are heaven».

After «Man of rain» Kim's life has changed dramatically. He stopped living in a limited circle of relatives and friends, began to meet with people, learned to communicate and watch the interlocutor. According to the most modest calculations, since 1988, when the film came out, the peak came out with more than two million people, spending more than 100 days a year. Maybe thanks «Man of rain» In the world will be less than ice showers of alienation? As Morrow said: «I believe that one who spent near Kim at least five minutes, can not not change his views on himself, on the whole world and the possibility of man».

Intellect Skeins

According to scientists, Kim Peak is still smarter from the year. At the end of last year, it was decided to undergo his brain research on the latest space technologies. Specialists from NASA will compare data from computer tomography and magnetoresonance display with earlier tests of the world's most famous autista, after which a three-dimensional map of its brain will be created. Scientists want to determine what exactly happens in the head of the peak when he thinks about different things.

Just a few examples

Famous autists and savages:

  • Richard Wowro — Autic artist from Scotland. The diagnosis of autism to the child was put in 3 years. Talking he learned to 11, and draw — at 6. Favorite technique — Wax pencils. Richard draws landscapes by memory. Hundreds of his work acquired Pope John Paul II.
  • Tony de Blois — American blind musician. Tony first sat down for the piano in two years, and today knows how to play 20 musical instruments. Knows for memory 8000 songs.
  • Jonathan Lerman — Artist-Autist (USA) (born in 1987). Stopped talking in two years, IQ total 53. But the years at ten Jonathan began to paint the coal ingenious portraits, which are now demonstrated at large exhibitions.
  • Leslie Lemk — musician. Born in 1952 with glaucoma and brain damage. The boy removed the eyes. Native mother refused him, and the child adopted the nurse Mei Lemke. Already in early childhood, Leslie demonstrated the ability to completely memorize conversations. At the age of 14, Mei first heard him playing the piano, reproducing a melody that recently sounded on TV. Soon, Lesley has already performed with concerts, and not only in the USA, but also in Scandinavia, and Japan. He not only executes, but also composes music, despite the lack of musical education.
  • Albert Einstein, Nikolai Gumilev, Arnold Shenberg, Valery Bryusov, James Joyce, Gustav Maller, Dmitry Shostakovich, Karl Gustav Jung, Sergey Prokofiev.
  • Hikari Oe — Japanese composer, son of famous writer Candzaburo OE. Born in 1962; Doctors advised parents to neglect the treatment and give an infallible child to die calmly, but they refused. Hikari suffers from many diseases and, almost deprived of the ability to speak, expresses its feelings in music. Candzaburo believes that the son is obliged to the son of his literary glory: his books became a voice of his son.
  • Housing threein — French artist and creator of the fictional city of Ulville. Born in 1972, the diagnosis of autism was put in 8 years. From an early age, the housing showed abilities to music, calculations and drawing. Still a teenager he began to draw a map of the imaginary city of Ulville, for which he invented his fascinating and detailed history.
  • Sarah Miller — 42-year-old American programmer, president of Nova Systems.
  • Donna Williams (born in 1963) — Artist and author of Australian bestsellers. Her first book was called «None of nowhere: Unusual autobiography of the girl-anutist». In childhood, Donna could not put the correct diagnosis for a long time: she was considered deaf. The girl could not focus on anything, could not answer the direct question and, as she wrote later, perceived the world by chaos sounds and flowers. Now Donna — A successful person, she is married to a programmer, continues to write books and is engaged in creating the site of the autists.
  • Vernon Smith (born in 1927) — Professor of Economics and Law, Doctor of Science, author 200 articles, owner of awards for achieving in economic science... And this despite the congenital Asperger Syndrome.
  • Christopher Taylor — 40-year-old Englishman, fluently owning Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German and many other languages. But independently get out of the house he can't.
  • Temple Grand (born in 1947) — Philosophy, Professor, Writer, author of the book «Animal translation». The most famous after kima peak autistic in the world.

    GRAND LIFE WILL FASTAGE Animal suffering. 90% of livestock in the US and Canada in front of the caution pass through the heads, constructed on the Soviets Gran so that the animals are not experiencing fear and horror before death. Thanks to his disease, Temple sees what others do not notice. Watching cows, she noticed dozens of smallest things: cows do not like yellow, they are beware of entering a brightly illuminated place in the dark room, they are afraid of light reflections in water and metal sounds, they prefer round piles elongated in line.

    Thanks to Grand, in details that described its state, the world of patients with autism has become more understandable healthy people. Professor a lot of time devotes to ease the life of such as she. After all, only such as she know how hard to live for forever locked door.

P.S. If you want to take a look at the world through the eyes of an autista, I advise you to read the book Mark Haddon «Mysterious Night Murder Dog».

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