Rash on the face of a newborn


Rash on the face of a newborn
The skin of newborn is extremely gentle and susceptible
irritation. Rash on the face of infants — The phenomenon is incredible. Rash
different from normal skin with color, view and quality. Often she
accompanied by itching and redness of skin. On the skin kid rash
manifested by blisters, stains, papulas and bubbles. Rashes may not bear
Threats, as in the case of «miles» — White dots on the skin of newborns, which
pass a few days later.

Cause rash on the face of newborns can:

  • Genetic disorders;
  • allergic reaction;
  • non-compliance with the mother's diet during
    pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • various infections;
  • violation of hormonal balance;
  • violation of the GTS activities;
  • Environmental temperature.

Most of the rashes of newborns is safe, but
Better to rebuild and visit your pediatrician.

facial rash in infants

  1. If the cheeks of your baby appeared
    Gnove pink or reddish shade, then you are dealing with cephalic
    Neonatal Pustulose, or acne newborns. This rash does not carry a threat and
    passes alone, usually after the age of three months. Acne does not require
    Special treatment and is the result of the hormonal formation of children's
  2. If there is newborn violations
    the work of the gastrointestinal tract, abnormalities in the activity of the nervous system or
    Allergies can develop diathesis. Externally, it is expressed by small red rash,
    capable of spreading to the body and cause skin wet.
  3. Song cysts are common among
    Breasts. Their appearance is due to the delay of the excretory function of the silent
    iron. The places of the main spread of white and yellow papules — cheeks, chin
    and forehead. Rashes can go to the body and limbs. They appear in
    The first month of life, and during its own on their own.
  4. Rash around the mouth area with further distribution
    The name of the disease of the ritter. It is characterized by bubbles with muddy
    Exudat. This is a rather rare disease and requires pediatrician intervention.
  5. Yellowish scales in the field of ears and
    Heads can be a sign of seborrheic dermatitis. Their appearance is associated with
    Hormonal formation of a child's body. Get rid of peeling will help
    rubbing vegetable oil in affected skin.
  6. Rash on the face of a newbornRed or pink peeling rash on
    The cheeks and chin of the newborn testifies to food allergies. To such
    Consequences may cause malnutrition of mothers during pregnancy and
    lactation. Much attention should be paid to the choice of dust and time to start it
    Applications, and it is better to consult about this with a pediatrician.
  7. Among allergic diseases costs
    Select atopic dermatitis. It begins with the formation of swelling on the forehead and
    cheeks. In the future, it spreads through the body in the form of peeling
    Bubbles developing in bubbles. Atopic dermatitis requires consultation
    pediatrician. Mostly for his treatment, specialists are selected antihistamines
    Tools for baby.
  8. Pepper manifested with small pink
    pimples, appears when overheating infants and dressing it in too warm
    Clothes. Pinkings and other cosmetic helps
    Drinking products, as well as special baths with chamomile and a series.
  9. Infectious lesions of newborns
    Often accompanied by rash on the face. For example, a cortex (characteristic white rash on
    mucous cheeks, for ears, in the forehead, face, with further distribution on
    neck and all body) and rubella (pinkish stains first appear on the face and then
    apply to body and limb). Faced with infection, do not forget
    Contact pediatrician for properly planned treatment.

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