Autism: who is to blame and what to do?


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  • Strange child

    Autism: Who is to blame and what to do? So the man works — until the latter will dismiss thoughts about the most terrible. Mom four-year-old Mitya understood her boy — not quite such as other children, but serious violations in its development for the time being she did not see. In fact, the child began to speak on time, very early began to memorize and tell poetry. Moreover, the memory of the boy was unusual for his age — He was so raped by phrases from fairy tales and cartoons, often repeated the mother's replica, it seems to transmit even intonation.

    That's just the dialogue with the son did not work — Mitya as if he did not hear what they were told, and practically did not react to any requests, nor on the comments, in whatever form they expressed them. There were a boy and other oddities. Mitya, for example, never asked questions.

    And he had the ability, completely incredible for such a small child, to engage in hours to engage in the same, while other children quickly bored the former occupation and they switched to something new. So, the boy could half a day to stand over her mother's guitar, twitching for one string. When someone from adults tried to intervene and distract Mity, he expressed his protest loud cry.

    Sometimes he repeated for a long time as a hedied line from poem... Pronoun «I» He almost did not use, he spoke most often in the third face — «Mitya walks», «Mitya wants», And sometimes even in the plural: «We want...»

    Any contact with an extraneous man took the boy from myself. Sometimes my mother seemed that he was just afraid of unfamiliar people — When guests came to the house, Mitya was hiding in the far corner, and if the mother tried to introduce him to someone, broke, shouted loudly and even cried. Approximately he reacted, if he was in a new place for him... Psychologist, and then the doctor agreed: Mitya — autistic child.

    What is it?

    Autism — The disease is mysterious and poorly studied. Fortunately, experts argue that clean, «Classic» Autists are practically not found, as a rule, it is necessary to deal with children who have separate manifestations of autism. Moreover, at the present stage of the development of psychology and medicine, many autistic problems are solved, and so successfully that this diagnosis, before such a terrible, no longer threatens the child a crippled life and does not frighten parents.

    What is autism? This is a whole complex of psychic development disorders, which is expressed in a violation of contact with the surrounding, emotional coldness, stereotypical activities.

    Symptoms of autism are manifested in the first year of life. The kid has no revitalization complex, which appears in children around the first month, it emotionally reacts very poorly to loved ones, up to full indifference. Autist child does not smile, avoids contact eye contact, although paying attention to items.

    However, truly recognize autism can only when the child goes the annual line. Such a baby is very afraid of change: new items, the situation, people call him alarm, which manifests itself either in the absence of contacts, or in hysterics, the refusal to do something. Parents often think that the child does not understand what they are talking about, and does not remember said.

    In fact, this is not the case: the patient kid can almost literately remember, for example, a conversation between mom and dad after a few days or even weeks, and not only words, but also intonation. Such children are delayed the development of awareness of the boundaries of its own body – It happens, at school age, the child, as if for the first time, can consider herself for hours in the mirror, feel his own body. Autical child does not understand very well what happens around, sometimes it does not realize that other people except.

    British scientists have found that autism suffer an average of six children from a thousand under the age of eight years (it used to be one or two of the thousand). Boys are sick three times more often than girls. Today, alas, autism occurs more often than blindness and deafness.

    The treatment of autists directly depends on the following factors: early diagnosis, interaction of the psychologist, psychoneurologist and parents and, finally, patience and faith in success.

    Who's guilty?

    Autism: Who is to blame and what to do? About the causes of autism knows little. Previously believed that it can cause measles vaccine, pigs and rubella, as well as immunological disorders in the body and intestinal disease. However, modern studies do not confirm this. Scientists, in particular, revealed in patients with autism congenital violations of the brain, namely: underdevelopment of certain brain shares in combination with the hyper development of its other areas, as well as a violation of the development of the almond-shaped brain body — The center that is responsible for emotions.

    But, thank God, it is not a sentence: modern medicine has already learned to cope with this with the help of current micro. In addition, more and more research suggests that autism is interconnected with metabolism — In the digestive tract of patients with authism, two proteins are not cleaving: casein, which is in milk, and gluten contained in wheat. In a healthy body, these proteins are split into the components and are absorbed, and autists turn into opiates (that is, in drugs) and in this form are absorbed into the blood.

    In foreign medical literature, amazing cases are described when a strict volatile and gluten-free diet gave amazing results. Some experts associate oddities in the behavior of autists with food allergies. Psychoanalysts also believe that the emotional coldness of the parents is played in the emergence of autism, especially in the early stages of the child's development.

    What to do?

    Early children's autism — medical diagnosis, so it can only be put on a children's psychoneurologist. Be sure to go with the child a comprehensive examination, and then together with doctors, develop an individual treatment program and corrective education. And do not believe that your child — defective and never change! The main thing — Show patience, kindness and always firmly believe in success.

    • Parents first of all should create a child emotional and psychological comfort, a sense of self-confidence and security, and then gradually move to learning new skills and forms of behavior.
    • It is necessary to understand that the child is very difficult to live in this world, which means you need to learn how to watch the baby, interpreting out loud every word and every gesture. This will help expand the inner world of a small little man and will push it to the need to express its feelings and emotions with words.
    • As a rule, even non-ring autistic children willingly fulfill non-verbal tasks, that is, those in which you do not need to use. It is necessary to teach a child using a lotto, puzzles, puzzles, mosaic to establish contact, involve it in individual and joint activities.
    • If the child comes up to any subject, call it, let the baby hold up for him with his hands, because all the analyzers are connected — vision, rumor, touch. Such children need to repeat the names of objects, they need to say, for which they are intended, while the guys are not accustomed to them, not «turn on» in the field of attention.
    • When an autistic child is entirely busy (for example, looking at himself in the mirror), you can carefully connect speech accompaniment, «Forgetting» call objects that concern the child, it provokes a non-corrugated crumb to overcome the psychological barrier and say the right word.
    • If the child is immersed in the game-manipulation with objects, you need to strive for the fact that they have some sense: laying out the series of cubes — «Build a train», Scattering pieces of paper «We arrange salute».
    • Autism: Who is to blame and what to do?At «Treatment game» It is advisable to use games with well-established rules, and not plot-role, where you need to talk. And any game you need to lose many times, accompanying every action by comments so that the child understands the rules and the game for Pepgo was a kind of ritual that little autists love so.
    • The problems of an autistic child need to be solved gradually, setting up the coming goals: help get rid of fears; learn to respond to outbreaks of aggression and self-education; Connect the child to general classes.
    • Since the autists are difficult to distinguish with the emotions of other people, not to mention their own, you need to pick up for watching cartoons with heroes that have a clear mimic. So, many autistic children «Friends» With a train Tom, the hero of cartoons and a toy. In cartoon «Shrek», which recently came out on the screens, also very expressive facial expressions and emotions of heroes. Let the child guess the mood of the characters of fairy tales (for example, with a stop-frame), tries to portray them. In minutes of diving, kid try to distract him, play in mood, but your facial expressive should be expressive to guess your mood.
    • Acquish the baby to theatrical ideas. Of course, at first the child will have a stormy resistance to attempts to involve it in these classes. However, if you show perseverance, using encouragement, the autistist not only obey, but will be huge joy.
    • It is very useful to invent stories in which there are approximate and bad heroes. It will help the child on the subconscious level to absorb what is good and what is bad. You can play these stories with both children and dolls, explaining that everyone will play a role. «Performances» It is necessary to put in many times, each time I bring some small changes.

    Of course, despite the peculiarities of communication, an autistic child at least occasionally should be in the team. If the kindergarten careors can not work with your baby, find an experienced teacher who will teach the child to interact with adults and children in the team. After all, the School and Adult Life. First, while the baby is not accustomed to, parents are better present in the classroom.

    It is important not to overdo: every child has the right to be alone. Do not overload it with your presence, let's relax.

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