Child cerebral palsy: social adaptation opportunities. Part 1


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  • What is a clergy?

    Cerebral palsy
    (Cerebral palsy) is a disease of the central nervous system in which
    There is a defeat of one (or several) brain departments, in
    resulting in not progressive violations of the motor and
    muscular activity, coordination of movements, vision functions, hearing, and
    also speeches and psyche.

    The main causes of cerebral pals are associated with hypoxia,
    That is, with failure to supply the brain of the fetus during
    pregnancy or newborn in kinds of oxygen. Forms of cerebral and degree
    The severity of the disease establishes a neuropathologist.
    Child cerebral palsy: opportunities for social adaptation. Part 1

    At easy degree
    Baby teach, able to move independently, owns
    Self-service skills.

    Average degree requires additional
    Aid from adults.

    Children with severe cerebral palsy
    depend on the surrounding, intellectual development fluctuates between
    moderate and severe degree of mental retardation.

    Parents of the sick baby should be ready to be ready for the very first problems that their child will face will be:

    • Pronounced violations in the motor sphere.

    • Insufficient speech development, and in some cases a complete absence of speech.

    • Little stock of knowledge about the phenomena of the surrounding world.

    Of course, alone, the family will be very difficult to cope with the fallen
    on its share of the test, and the success of rehabilitation will largely depend on
    Coherence and agreed work of various specialists. However, they
    occupy the position of consultants and assistants, and the leading role in this
    time-consuming and long-term process is still given to the closest and
    native to kid to people.

    I am myself!

    Unfortunately, in some families, the baby with cerebral palsy is initially allocated
    Position so-called «Weight vessel». Actions of parents
    are reduced only to protect your child from «Doodles»
    Exterior environmental impacts.

    With this approach, children are usually with
    Large difficulty adapt to self-adulthood. IN
    The family circle they get used to the fact that the constant, everyday Child cerebral palsy: opportunities for social adaptation. Part 1help
    becomes an integral part of their being.

    Of course, kids with violations
    The musculoskeletal system requires greater support from
    adults than ordinary, but you can not forget that unlimited and
    Impossible help often leads to a passive lifestyle,
    lack of initiative.

    In addition, a child brought up by such
    a persistent consumer relation to all
    others (and they are unlikely to come to the aid of the first call). Here
    why it is very important that the crumbs always have direct responsibilities for
    which only meets himself.

    For example, during cleaning it can
    wipe dust, and if my mother ishes the dishes, - to put down near and wash
    Puppet service. There are aquarium at home? Then baby can feed fish.
    And maybe it will be happy to water the flowers on the windowsill.

    The main thing is that parents do not forget to praise him even for the slightest
    manifestation of activity and in no case showed their
    discontent - even if traces «Stormy activities» Little owner
    We will have to eliminate several hours. This is the very case when
    Patience and certain dedication of adults are beneficial
    to kid.

    For example, independent dressing contributes to strengthening
    Muscles of the hands, development of coordination of movements and orientation in space,
    even allows you to enrich the active vocabulary. First, let Kroha
    she cares for a walk doll or a teddy bear and at the same time will explain mom,
    what and how he does.

    Adult task - encourage child not
    only one-two-sided suggestions, but also full deployed
    phrases. Over time, his speech will change, and with each attempt
    statements will be more like those he hears from parents.

    Subsequently, the baby can be entrusted to put on their own hat or fasten «Velcroe» on boots.

    Go for a walk

    Walk is a very important event, and it requires preliminary
    Preparation. To begin with, you can introduce a child with a terrain, clarify
    the location of various structures on the playground, watch with
    Parties as other children play. Do not immediately include crumb
    Collective game.

    For some time he can just be near
    playing to get used to unfamiliar people, adapt to the new
    Situation. Then the baby can offer his help to children who
    younger than it. For example, if a neighbor girl does not work
    Sand Kulik, and he has long learned to make wonderful kulichs.

    Unfortunately, an attempt to get acquainted with children in the yard is far from
    Always ends successfully. If the baby fails, the kid closes,
    loses confidence and refuses any actions in general.
    Similar position can be fixed, «Loop» Traumatic situations B
    calm atmosphere. For example, with the help of a home puppet theater.

    The dramatization allows you to experiment with different reactions in
    Reply to traumatic moments and choose the most rational type
    Behavior. But if such attempts cause protest from the kid, not
    need to insist. It is better to postpone the game for a while and return to
    her when a child himself will be ready for this.

    Communication in a guest

    The disadvantage in contacts with peers can be replenished by visiting
    Familiar and friends. For visits, it is best to choose the morning clock or
    time after dinner sleep when the baby is enough cheerful and did not have time

    However, if the crumb, barely crossing
    the threshold of someone else's house, suddenly flooded with unrestrained cry, disappeared not
    costs. How to dedicate that it will be possible to distract it with bright toys or
    fun games with other children.

    Hardly having so strong focus
    overexcitation, kid can instantly switch to another species
    activities. And his negative surrounding environment says
    only about the fact that at this time the child is not yet ready to accept
    changed conditions as a safe circumstance. In this case
    Parents costs from time to time to invite buddies to themselves in
    the house so that the baby is easier to get used to new people and include them in
    Circle of your loved ones.

    As a rule, children with CNS diseases
    Good feel good attitude towards ourselves and themselves stretch to the sincere,
    Open people. Having a high sensitivity of the nervous system, they
    Easily adopt an emotional surrounding background and react
    accordingly. First of all, such kids notice the timbre and
    intonation of the voice, and in the last - listen to the information
    parts of what is said.

    I'm not alone

    In the development of any child once, this stage occurs when he
    It becomes little communication only in the home environment (with parents, grandmother
    or nanny) and he needs contacts in the children's team. I.e
    It's time to go to kindergarten. This moment, important and for
    Healthy children, is of particular importance for kid with cerebral palsy.

    After all
    Relationships with peers in preschool childhood, as a rule,
    become the basis for the formation of further communication skills and
    socialization in society.

    In major cities there are centers where reoxoite with cerebral palsy are studying.
    These can be separate groups for children with disabilities in development in
    Mass kindergartens, where toddlers take not only with violation
    musculoskeletal system, but also with mental retardationChild cerebral palsy: opportunities for social adaptation. Part 1and I
    or with intellectual failure.

    However, such agencies are not
    specialize in social adaptation of disabled children, and kids with
    Press does not always receive proper help there. Much more efficiently work
    In this direction, specialized rehabilitation centers.

    Here, reoxoites with cerebral palsy help solve the problem
    loneliness and fear of others, teach an understanding that,
    despite many restrictions, together can be achieved
    results, and you can communicate not only with the help of words.

    At the request of parents, kids can be in the center or only
    day or around the clock. The round-the-clock option will suit the children,
    Transportation of which causes special difficulty due to heavy
    Motor disorders.

    In other cases, it is much more useful to visit
    Full stay groups. After all, being in the center of the day, the child
    limited in cooperation with the outside world, and this is not the best way
    reflected on his ability to social adaptation.

    And one more important
    Moment: Talking in the Center, Kroch must understand what is outside
    Home focus only because it is learning - to communicate and play, independently solve certain tasks. Parents are obliged to pay special attention to this aspect.

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