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  • Grow baby

    Grow baby healthy with diapers!
    And when the baby is just
    appeared on the light, the feeling that the whole world spins around him – peace
    Diapers, baby food, diapers and other wild nonsense.

    And, of course, you just need,
    To the child had all the best. If baby food, then such, from
    which grows not by day, but by hours, diapers – so that nothing has happened, not
    Terlo. Only useful and delicious products.

    Behind the choice of products in stores
    Mom's baby food get acquainted and become girlfriends almost for the whole
    a life. Get advice from more experienced moms. Among other things hear that not
    only power is important for a child, but also what water goes into the food in which
    It is bathing it.

    After all, the baby was before birth
    All the time in the pure water on earth, the one that was cleared by the mother's organism.
    Water from under the tap does not fit! Even after boiling it remains
    Many harmful impurities. High temperatures only kills bacteria, yes
    Partially removes chlorine. And remains excessive rigidity that when bathing
    Cover the skin of the baby with a carbonate film. At the same time, pores are clocked and
    Skin breathing makes it difficult, very important in the first months of life. Remain
    Heavy metals that affect the development of the baby's nervous system and
    cause allergic reactions. Organic impurities, chlorinated
    When boiling and therefore much more dangerous than in non-fired water.
    Use such water for cooking kid just dangerous!

    Water filter

    The state of affairs will change the water filter that you put at home.
    Even a jug is noticeable
    Improve life: you will be 100% sure that water will not harm, because
    AquaFof filters are recommended for the preparation of baby food! It means,
    that they passed a special check and the quality of water purification was confirmed
    Institute of Toxicology by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

    Jug will save in the country where there is no
    Water pipe. And in the urban apartment it is more convenient to put the filtering system
    Increased productivity. It will be built directly into the water supply system, and on
    Separate crane will appear the sink – For clean waterGrow baby healthy with diapers!NS. No need to wait for water
    Filter by a jug, just turn the faucet and dial so much
    water how much you need.

    Most popular from such systems
    - Aquaphor Crystal and Aquaphor Favorite. First filter
    – Three-module multistage cleaning system. Aquaphor Crystal is different
    Small dimensions and fit in any kitchen. Before changing the modules (which you need
    to do somewhere in 1.5 years) will clean 8000 liters of water with
    1.5 liter speed per minute. All modules are manufactured by patented
    Carbon Block Technology. Thanks to fashionable Slim design in this filter, increased
    The amount of sorbent compared to other three-module systems by 10%. IN
    It uses additional antibacterial protection – Due to
    silver fiber-modified
    Sorbent Aqualen. In principle, he is inexpensive.

    Aquaphor Favorita to change modules will give
    12000 liters
    Tasty and useful water at a speed of 2.5 liters per minute! With so big
    Resource Aquaphor Favorite is often installed in kindergartens and schools.

    The sorption mix is ​​in
    one case, which is made of food stainless steel and withstands large
    Pressure drops. Multistage cleaning is carried out here due to multi-layer
    Carbon block that securely and fully delay any pollutant. Fiber
    Aqualen and here it contains silver, so you can stop worrying for
    Health baby!

    Fibrous sorbing materials
    The Aqualen family developed in the laboratories of Aquaphor and fundamentally different
    from sorption environments other manufacturers. Progress does not stand still and to
    fight pollutants created by civilization, you need to invent new
    absorbing substances and their conditions (which is why Aquaphor chose fiber, and
    Not granules!).
    Aquaphor has 7 american and
    more than 20 domestic patents on their products, and he is now certified
    According to the international quality management system ISO 9001.

    With the filter aquaphor kid will be
    less to hurt, his mood all the time will be excellent, and therefore life
    Young mother – calm and joyful!

    Graduate of the Chemical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, employee of the company Akvafor, Gamali Dmitry.

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