Basic metabolic disorders in children


  • List of the most common
    Diseases of metabolism in children
  • Disturbance of metabolism in children — Do not lose time!

  • Basic metabolic disorders in childrenViolations
    Metabolism in children
    and adults have a number of differences. Kids often suffer from such pathologies
    how their body is intensively growing, demanding a large amount of energy.
    Metabolism in them proceeds with some voltage, which often leads to
    Development in children metabolic diseases.

    When conducting preventive
    inspections and regular visits to the pediatrician, doctors can timely
    Diagnose violations and organize effective medical care.
    The main thing — Do not miss the time and do not allow the disease to go into a chronic form.

    List of the most common
    Diseases of metabolism in children

    1. Phenylketonuria.
      This disease develops due to a violation of exchange
      substances, more precisely, phenylalanine — aromatic alpha amino acid, which
      accumulates in the child's body and leads to a toxic damage
      central nervous system and significant toddler lagging in development.
      Similar metabolic diseases in children are detected
      rare enough, as they are complex in diagnosis and only closer to the second
      Halfstone of life arise clear signs of their development.
    2. Obesity.
      Excess weight — This is a real problem for a child. Obesity —
      One of the most common exchange violations
      Substances in children. The disease adversely affects the work of everything
      organism. It leads to the destruction of posture, psychological injury,
      Hormonal disorders, arnotes, osteochondrosis, bulimia, anorexia. AND
      The problem of solving the problem must be appropriate — Complex and delicate.
    3. Anemia, Rakhit.
      The child's nutrition must be balanced, rational and
      Maximum natural as possible. Periodically, children must take quality
      multivitamin complexes (especially after a long disease, operation or reduction
      immunity). If the child does not receive a non-sufficient amount of protein,
      Iron or any vitamins, anemia can develop.
      Rahit arises due to the lack of calcium, vitamin D and
      phosphorus. For its prevention in the winter season, all the kids are appointed
      Vitamin D in oil solution or together with polyvitamin drugs.
    4. Spasofilius.
      Arises against the background of Rachita, violations of phosphorus-calcium
      exchange. Manifested by spasms, convulsive attacks.
    5. Diabetes.
      Disease occurs due to autoimmune pathologies,
      irrational nutrition, obesity, some chronic diseases. Sugar
      Diabetes requires complicated diagnostic procedures and destination
      Individual treatment regimen.
    6. Galaktosemia.
      At the heart of this violation
      The metabolism in children lie inherited carbohydrate exchange defects
      (decrease in the activity of galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase). Manifest
      Pathology by damage to the central nervous system, eye, liver and other internal organs. Because of
      Gastrointestinal accumulations in the body of this enzyme may appear
      Disorders, brain swelling, hypoglycemia, anemia. The disease is adjusted
      Long scenery diet.

    Disturbance of metabolism in children — Do not lose time!

    Any metabolic disease occurs in children requires timely help of the doctor, clarification
    true causes of the development of pathology and appropriate therapy. At
    due attention to parents and responsible attitude to medical recommendations
    Many metabolic disorders quickly treat.

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