Types of meningitis and their treatment


  • Serous (viral) meningitis
  • Purulent (bacterial) meningitis
  • Treatment of meningitis

  • Meningitis is inflammation of brain shells. This is a very heavy and formidable disease, which in the absence of treatment can lead to death. Today, doctors distinguish between several types of meningitis, among which the most common serous, caused by viruses, and purulent caused by bacteria.

    Serous (viral) meningitis

    Serous meningitis call serous inflammation of the brain of various origins. Serous meningitis are quite common. The disease passes difficult.

    The cause of viral meningitis can be any viral infection, including those flowing as intestinal poisoning. Like many viral diseases, serous meningitis is accompanied by an increase in temperature, nausea, common poor condition.

    More often sore virus diseases of large cities, here the virus is easier and is rather transmitted from the patient to the patient. To prevent the propagation of serous meningitis, it is necessary to hospitalize patients, and people closely communicated with him must be under the control of doctors. It is necessary to periodically measure the temperature and monitor the general condition.

    Purulent (bacterial) meningitis

    Types of meningitis and their treatmentPurulent meningitis is caused by various bacteria, among which Meningokokok is the most common. It feels good only at body temperature. In most cases, infection occurs due to carriers of meningococci, which themselves do not hurt, but serve as a carrier of bacteria. Air infection is transferred, so mass cases of diseases are often in kindergartens, schools, institutes, in the army.

    The patient immediately increases the temperature, it fears. Rubber appears, strong headaches and vomiting. The main signs are manifested in the first day. Sometimes there may be cramps and clouds. This is due to an increase in intracranial pressure. If the patient does not treat for about three days, it may die, since the brain does not regulate as follows the basic processes of life.

    For meningococcal meningitis, the development of rash, mainly on the limbs and head. Such a current is characteristic of patients with weakened immunity and in children.

    Treatment of meningitis

    Special medicines for the treatment of viral meningitis have not yet been developed. Patients introduce drugs to help increase body resistance, as well as painkillers.

    In purulent meningitis, it is necessary to use antibiotics that are introduced into a vein or muscle. In addition, it is very important on time to remove excess fluid from the body, so diuretic drugs are given to the patient. Toxins of bacteria, poisoning organism come together with liquid.

    In the treatment of purulent meningitis, it is extremely important that the patient receives a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins with food. Additionally prescribe vitamins of groups in.

    After an extract for at least a year, the patient is registered with specialists. People who have suffered purulent meningitis can get disability in case of complications. In this form of meningitis, a large percentage of deaths.

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