Cough in a child without temperature


Cough in a child without temperatureCough is provoked by the reduction of muscles in the respiratory tract when irritating receptors. The reasons for its appearance are diverse in adults, and in children. This is a natural protective reaction in response to the presence of foreign substances and obstacles in the respiratory tract. Cough can act as a symptom of diseases of the respiratory tract (upper and lower) and acute viral infections. Cough is dry (without sputum) and wet (with wet), productive and unproductive. By time and duration of occurrence, there is a sharp and chronic cough.

Cough can be accompanied by a runny nose and temperature, but children are widespread and secular cough. Not always he is a reason for raising anxiety. Cough without temperature represents a threat and requires the appeal to the pediatrician, if accompanied:

  • vomit;
  • Breast pain;
  • difficult breathing;
  • spasms;
  • intense cough attacks;
  • does not give rest at night;
  • Causes allergies.

Diagnose such states must be a pediatrician. If necessary, he will send a child to a diagnosis to a cardiologist, an allergist, a lore or another necessary specialist depending on the cause of coughing.

Causes of casual cough in children

The most common causes of cough appearance without temperature in children are:

  • Orz — acute respiratory diseases;
  • diseases of the respiratory tract (upper and lower) chronic character;
  • LOR infections;
  • tuberculosis;
  • allergic reactions of the body;
  • consequences of a pertussis;
  • Helmintoses;
  • interactions with stimuli and allergens;
  • dry air in the apartment;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract);
  • Foreign bodies in respiratory tract.

Acute respiratory diseases do not always flow with increasing temperature, but accompanied by nasal congestion and throat. In chronic bronchitis, pharyngitis and other chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, a federate cough is a productive character with the release of painted sputum. Cough without temperature accompanies sinusitis and tonsillitis. In this case, it causes a sip of mucus from the nose. Such bouts of cough happen mainly at night. Allergies are accompanied by a cough (bronchial asthma). Crimping appear in gelminths, in particular during the increased activity of worms. Coughs in children occur in passive smoking and with irritation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. Reasons for the appearance of a children's cough that is not accompanied by an increase in temperature, much, so do not be lazy and remove the child to the reception to the pediatrician.

Treatment of children's cough without temperature

Treatment of children's cough without temperaturePediatrician conducts treatment. Depending on the cause of the occurrence of a battery cough, he can send a child to a specialist of a narrower profile. If the help of other specialists is required, then spasmolitics, phrase, and expectorant drugs are usually included in the treatment plan. Beneficial preparations are synthetic and natural (phytopreparations). Such means are effective against dry cough. Expecting drugs include money diluted, and drugs that enhance it.

Well used in the treatment of cough without accompanying high temperature fees, but not in cases of allergic cough. When coughing, provoked by an allergic reaction, it is necessary to identify allergen and eliminate it. In terms of drugs, antihistamines and immunofactants are prescribed. With any cough, the beneficial action will be moisturizing the air in which you and the child. In the event of an appearance of a cough of cough without a temperature, do not engage in self-medication, and refer to the pediatrician.

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