Windmill: Get away, Nasty!


  • What is this «chickenpox»?
  • How to infect?
  • Treatment of windmill

  • What is this «chickenpox»?

    Complete name is much worse - windshish (Vycella Zoster). Disease
    The windmill is known from antiquity, it was still described by Avicenna. Russian name
    Windmills - a consequence of ignorance. People N
    understood the mechanism of windmill infection and believed that she could «bring
    Wind». Same name «chicken pox» It turned out on an external similarity: skin
    rash with windmill slightly reminds Ospina. Is that the same infectious. Pathogen -
    Herpes Group Virus (identical to the pathogen of herpes walking - Herpes
    zoster). Virus flying, external environmentsWindmill: Get out, nasty!e unstable, for animals is not a pathogen.

    How to infect?

    Of course, from the patient - it is infected for 1-2
    day before the disease, as well as during the appearance of rash. Infection
    It turns through the airborne droplet (rarely from the mother - the fetus). Susceptibility
    To the chickenpiece high. Children up to 10 years old. The greatest morbidity
    falls on the autumn-winter period. After the transferred wind sieves remains
    Persistent immunity.

    The incubation period from the windmill lasts
    from 10 to 23 days, at this stage the disease does not give itself. And then W
    The patient is sharply rising temperatures (up to 39.0 - 39.5 degrees) appears
    chills, hurts head and disappearance. Well, and, of course, a rash appears.
    It begins with small rashes on the face and skin, and then during
    literally several hours diverges all over the body, and not only on the skin,
    But also on the mucous membranes and under the hair. At first, rash spreads
    Just in the form of small pink color specks and rounded outlines, with clear

    Then they start slightly outstanding over the surface of the skin, after
    What vesicles are formed on them (so called quite large bubbles,
    «Glossy» in appearance surrounded by narrow red-pink contour and filled
    transparent liquid). New rashes constantly appear between old, so
    that on the body literally does not remain healthy skin at all. With windmill rash
    Go «Waves», And so different stages of rash (spots, bubbles and crusts)
    neighbor each other. Constantly worries a strong itching, but in place
    Cleaning blisters can remain scars - if infection falls. Hornly
    total - rash on the mucous meat, because bubbles penetrate everywhere, including
    Heaven, on genitals, even on eye conjunctiva.

    Treatment of windmill

    Treatment is held at home. The course of the disease can not be accelerated
    or significantly alleviate - it remains only to endure. Recommended bedroom
    Mode for 6-7 days, Milk-vegetable food (Avoid sweets, soda,
    fried), abundant drink (fruit, compote from dried fruits, mineral water) and
    Hygienic care. Special attention to the purity of bed and native
    Linen - In order not to tolerate the infection on the unreleased areas of the skin.

    It is also necessary to remember the outdoor processing - to
    Vesiculs fastened faster and not caught.

    For this use:

    • Green (diamond greenery solution)
    • Concentrated solution of mangartee
    • Yellow Rivangol
    • Methylene blue solution.

    Rash can not be treated with alcohol-containing solutions,
    Because it is very painful. From the very first day of the disease it is necessary daily
    Take baths with a weak warman mortar. Possible bathing option
    With the values ​​of antibacterial and disinfecting effects.

    The rest of the treatment is symptomatic. Chills - antipyretic
    based on paracetomol or ibuprofen,
    If the patient did not be removed from purulent skin inflammation, the doctor may
    Assign an intake of antibiotics. Also watch allergic

    Remember quarantine:
    The patient with the windmill should be completely isolated at home for nine
    days from the beginning of the disease.

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