Diseases of salivary glands in children: from a pig to salivary disease


Diseases of salivary glands in children: from a pig to salivary disease
The child has increased salivary glands, it is difficult for him to swallow, he
Teteraeru? Perhaps it is vapotitis, but it is possible that changes are caused
Another process. It is necessary to analyze all the symptoms and hold
Laboratory diagnostics.
Parotitis — This is only one of the many salivary diseases

Among the pathology of the salivary glands in children can be allocated
Inflammatory, systemic diseases, injuries, tumors and saliva-stone
disease. Epidemic parotitis refers to inflammatory processes, development
which are mainly due to the development of infection, stagnant phenomena and
Delay of the edge of the gland. On the same principle other vapotites are developing, but
Infection can join after other disorders arise.

Steaming in newborn children

Newborn children do not hurt with such a disease as
Viral epidemic
Parotitis, the pathogen of the vapotitis of newborns; Staphilococcus falls in
Purph cavity and salivary glands of a child with Mother's milk, if she has mastitis.
The disease is susceptible to weakened, premature, infected intrauterine,
injured in childbirth children.

Parotitis develops acutely, in the first five to seven days of life
newborn with the appearance of dense infiltrates in one or both
Equity and chewing areas, increase body temperature and signs

Salivary glands become dense, painful, from their
Duchs stands out by PNIs. Baby is worried, bad eats. Treatment of disease B
The first days is conservative, and in the formation of an ulcer — Surgical. At
the absence of competent treatment of steaming can go into a chronic form.

Pig or epidemic parotitis

Diseases of salivary glands in children: from a pig to salivary disease
This is a general viral disease that flows with
advantageous defeat of the salivary glands, and in the process sometimes involved
not only parole, but also submandibular and sub-band salivary glands. Virus,
Holding tropism (special love) to iron tissue, can cause
Inflammation of the pancreas and testicles in boys.

Powered predominantly children aged five to ten years,
However, there is a later epidemic parotitis. The causative agent penetrates salivary glands,
causes their inflammation, swelling extends to the neck, the ears are shuffled, in
A result of a patient's face acquires a typical view. Treatment
Epidemic parotitis conservative.

Acute nonspecific Sialadenit

Epidemic vapotitis in children always implies the exception of others
diseases of the salivary glands, in particular nonspecific siastenitis. He arises
against the background of weakened immunity, when in the ducts of the salivary glands (when
Dental diseases) infection or foreign bodies penetrate. Usually
One eye-haired salid iron is affected; Long inflammatory
The process often leads to the formation of stones in salivary ducts. Since u
Diseases there is a tendency to chronic flow, long-term treatment,
consists of two courses.

Chronic parenchymal pairotitis

Most often it is the result of an untreated sharp
process, characterized by one-sided lesion of salivary glands, periodic
exacerbations of varying severity. In the hot period of the disease
Treatment includes the same methods as in acute syword; In the remission stage
Immunostimulants are prescribed, drugs that activate nonspecific defense.

Chronic interstitial Xialadenit

This form of a chronic inflammatory process
It is characterized by the growth of the connective tissue forming a frame of saliva
iron. The process is more often bilateral, exciting both varnish salivary glands.

Calculse Sialadenit

Calculse Sialadenit, or saliva-stone disease — Pretty Frequent Children's Disease. Arises due to changes
Physico-chemical properties of saliva, disorders of water and salt metabolism, avitaminosis.
When saliva outflow is broken, salivary thrombus is formed, which leads to
overflow and expansion of ducts, accession of secondary infection and
Stone formation.

Razing, the stone completely overlaps the outflow of the secret
glands that provokes severe pains, suppuration and formation of abscess.
Warning Stone Formation Help Massage, Heat Compresses. Large
Stones are removed surgically.

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