Dauna disease - how to avoid trouble?


  • Do not think about the bad
  • Triple Test
  • Without ultrasound

    In a completely normal and healthy woman after 35 years, the possibility of conception of a sick child with Down syndrome increases. In order to prevent tragedy on time, and prevent his birth a medical science has developed a few simple rules.

    Dauna disease - how to avoid trouble? Do not think about the bad

    Independently install, whether everything is good with the child, as you understand it is impossible. Some women try to just not think «About bad», and seek to get to the doctor as possible as possible, and better in general before childbirth. In condition «Deep pregnancy»carefully correct negative, and even the dramatic situation is difficult.

    So, all persistent about the possibility of deviations in the development of the fetus associated with changes in ecology, premature aging of sex cells, the effects of harmful production on reproductive function and men, and women.

    Triple Test

    Unfortunately, influence and eliminate the main «Harmful»Most of us are not able to exist, we still do not part with a comfortable life in large and polluted cities.

    If you are worried about the health of the future child, then you need to undergo a survey, namely — Give blood test. What will evaluate? Three blood indicators of a pregnant woman. The study of the level of chorionic gonadotropin, free estriol and alpha fetoprotein, known as «Triple Test». Since the beginning of the 90s, it has been introduced as the main method of diagnosing down the Dauna disease before delivery — one of the most common chromosomal pathology.

    Well, if the indicators are normal and do not undertake anything. And if there is some decline or an increase in their?

    Without ultrasound

    It turned out that these studies do not give a definitely clear answer: there is either no pathology in the fetus. Moreover, insufficient reliability and difficulties in the interpretation of the results of the biochemical test for the attending physician, respectively, often serve as a reason for unreasonable concern for the future mother.

    While a routine ultrasound is held for each pregnant woman, where a normal experienced doctor sees a pathology with a thorough examination.

    As showed the results of a comparative analysis of both techniques, a triple test has no advantages over the usual ultrasound study, which is carried out by each pregnant woman. According to some doctors, the refusal to carry out such screening almost nothing will affect the state of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. But it will save considerable funds to save health, and the patient nerves and power.

    Accordingly, the prenatal diagnosis of Dauna disease according to biochemical tests has no advantages over the usual ultrasound scanning of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy, this is about 15-17 weeks.

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