Skull Fracture


Skull FractureNo one can be insured against an accident or sad consequences to which the fracture of the bones of the skull can lead. What are the manifestations of the fracture of the skull in a child? Is it possible to help the baby and how?

Not all the questions that arise from parents in the case of such a life catastrophe. The fracture of the skull should be regarded as a violation of the integrity of its bones, capable of leading irreversible consequences due to the damage of the brain. Head injury in children — A fairly common phenomenon in which the fracture of the skull may occur as a result of the head of the head with a heavy massive object, when dropping from a high height from a sports projectile, from a bicycle or in the case of a traffic accident.

Common symptoms for all types of skull fractures most often is the loss of consciousness, constant pain, maybe the development of brain edema, and as a result — respiratory failure that can lead to death. A feature of children's injuries, according to many specialists of neurologists and neurosurgeons, are their long-term manifestations. Very often after the tragic incidents or after the automotive accidents, children feel quite normal for some time, and only subsequently become a noticeable disorder when the child loses consciousness due to a sharp increase in intracranial pressure. The development of the frontal lobes of the child's brain continues up to 16 years, it is then that all the consequences of the accelerated brain injury obtained in early childhood are becoming very noticeable, provoking a failure in the work of the main functions of the brain.

Fracture of the skull at the kid — Consequences and forecast

In advance, no specialist can predict how to manage to cope with the consequences, for example, a linear fracture of the child in a child, although this type of injury should be considered the most «Happy case»: no bone displacement occurs and emergency measures are not required. It usually does not happen to loss of consciousness, but a break of the shell arteries to form a hematoma may occur. It should be remembered that the cranknaya injury in children is manifested much more serious than adults.

Fracture of the skull at the kid & mdash; Consequences and forecastIt is proved that the bone tissue of the child's skull is many times weaker than in an adult, so children most often suffer from his damage, which inevitably leads to the brain. Injuries as a result of falling and road accidents make up to 70% of all cases of injury in preschool and early school age. The role of educational conversations of parents and schools about safe life for a child is difficult to overestimate. If the adult succeeds in raising in the child not only the fear of the automotive accident and inattentive, negligent attitude towards his health, but also an understanding of potential danger, it will be possible to hope to reduce the number of victims of children and a decrease in serious brain damage, such as say, the fracture of the skull's base in children. It's no secret that injury has an impact on the mental abilities of kids, their physical and emotional development. In the fracture of the base of the skull in children, the most serious consequences are full of paralysis of the body, since it is precisely the base of the skull is a link between the head and spinal cord.

Much danger is a fracture of the skull of the skull, which is manifested by a pressing, wound or hematoma in the region of the scalp. The condition of the child can vary from the loss of consciousness at the time of injury to the deep coma and paralysis.

Svolded fractures of the skull are quite dangerous, however, compatible with life. In some cases, a solid brain shell can damage and actually the brain substance, which can cause intracerebral hematomas. Another kind of skull injury — Depressed fractures with the movement of part of the bone inside the cranial box, but since the bones of the skull in children thinner than in adults and sometimes more elastic, the compression does not always lead to fractures and severe damage.

Each child with ancient brain injury, it is necessary to conduct certain diagnostic procedures to eliminate the bones of the skull, they include a general inspection, analysis of the history, as well as radiography, CT and MRI to clarify the place of fracture and the degree of brain damage.

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