Not easy: Rost


Not easy: RostOur
Children grow. In the confusion of days we do not have time to admire this miracle: how they, our flowers of life, grow up.
Sometimes, sprouting, on the door beam or on a wall with a pencil, with
books or rules, we measure-celebrate new heights of our children. Wow, stretched out
over the summer almost 10 centimeters! Eh, did not add a couple of centimeters per year...

— The higher the more beautiful. Restrictions removed! Teenage girls under meter
eighty no longer slouch and willingly wear heels. Be high
— Beautiful.

Children grow, and we are watching hope with
Smile, with easy alarm. Just observe, and meanwhile you need to act
participate to promote, help.

For a long time
passed those times when children grew like grass — And nothing, grew strong
and healthy. Other of these «Children», which already knocks out 60-70, still cost
His teeth! And our — one disorder, just go — Again Caries.


Because natural growth in our time is disgusting
(tough, but honest) ecology and dubious
(alas) quality of products — Utopia.
Our children, like an indulgent stalks that their grandparents carefully
grown on country beds need
in feeding vitamins and minerals. Especially — in the period of intensive growth and
Shift teeth — from 2 to 5, and from 7 to 12 years.

For growth in our body is responsible for all-generating calcium
— The basis of solid fabrics, bones and teeth. About it we are sacred remembering
Calcium products — milk, cottage cheese and others.

However, we do not know (but if we are not chemists and not
biologists, we are not required) that in our body the calcium works in close
biochemical bundle with phosphorus and magnesium. Their cooperation is more accurate — Synergy,
allows us to have (or not to have)
strong bones and good teeth. So, the organism of an adult contains
2 kg of calcium and 1 kg of phosphorus. These are two main mineral components of our
organism — 98%
Ca and 85% p is found in the bones and
Tubah. Preserving the strength of bones and teeth is impossible without active participation of magnesium. So that
do not spend bone reserves, adult man per day need no less
3.5-4.5 mg magnesium!

...So daily glass of milk,
even from under the cow, alas, weather does not.

Weather, more precisely — Healthy growth, good bone condition
and teeth, correct posture — Makes a combination
Of the three elements: calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. What
Well, where to get calcium, we approximately know. About phosphorus — Remember (Fish!).
Magnesium — easily «Furge»: Seafood and meat, nuts and seeds,
beans, bananas and citrus, chocolate, patterns and coconuts, poppies, and also — What a luck! — tea.

One illusion that will have to part, — This is an opportunity «Production useful
Minerals» and vitamins from modern food. The current meal — not ta,
that was 50 years ago, even with a discount on an existing abundance. Product quality
fell, and even if you feel about that
a few categories of a population that can afford to acquire
Products in organic food stores, — Even this problem will not solve.

To be clearer: daily magnesium rate
= 100 (one hundred) grams of sesame seeds.

that modern mothers have the opportunity to help children grow without use
dairy fans and other food torture (remember?). Especially for ours
Smart Chad Developed Multivitamin Drug Complex Vitrum® for children with formula Trio growth. Formula Trio growth — This is a carefully balanced amount of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Daily
The norm of these elements is packed in a tablet, which — one per day, convenient! — We must take your kindergarten (Vitrum®
. Or your schoolboy (Vitrum® Junior). Or — both if you are happy
Mom of two children.

We live in difficult time. Motherhood — it's not just joy, but also a huge
Load and responsibility. Daily, without days off, work for which not
Calculate work experience and do not pay salary. We love our children, we
We care about them, putting all the forces in their development, the whole soul, we surround them
Care... outside. And to them, fragile, growing, also need support from the inside. We will provide
her, taking care of their bones, muscles, teeth, posture...

garden, mugs, sports, speech therapist, foreign languages... UV, did not forget? List
will be complete if you add a multivitamin complex to it suitable for
age and includes necessary for healthy and harmonious growth
Components: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium.

...Their case — Growing, Our — raise.

We will define!

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