Rubber in the child


  • Devices that should be in every home

  • Devices that should be in every home

    It is no secret that small children are ill much more often adult. Children
    They are infected on average 6 times a year with at least two hundred different
    Viruses. Such infections are not able to bring complications, they
    On the contrary, the child's immunity is trained, giving the necessary health reserves
    For life, help him in the future quickly cope with the majority
    cold viruses, almost no symptoms and complications.

    Rubber in the childBut
    Children are sick, and we admit, no matter how loved us and have given
    fully upbringing, courting for your tea, spend a week with
    sick child who expires snot cries, capricious and
    generally suffer, not a holiday, even for the most fanatical

    Many doctors believe that it is not necessary to treat a runny nose,
    Rubber is a natural reaction of the body that helps cope with
    Virus or bacteria. But to help a child without torment and with a minimum
    inconvenience to transfer this ailment should be required.

    To facilitate the child breathing before bedtime him
    You can suck the mucus specifically designed for this nasal
    aspirator, on sale there are many different rubber aspirators,
    they look like small clizes. But advanced parents know,
    What are the electronic analogs of these devices. Electric compressor aspirator for nasal B.WELL WC-150
    represents a conveniently lying portable device with quiet
    Compressor and replaceable nozzles for spouts of different sizes.
    Compressor aspirator is a novelty in the Russian children's market
    Goods. Portable Aspirator B.Well WC-150 is very convenient in
    use, the tips of the aspirator are made of high quality
    Soft silicone, pleasant when touched and not annoying
    Nose mucosa. In the memory of the aspirator laid 12 well-known children's
    melodies that are able to distract the child from such a delicate
    Procedures like nasal cleansing. After removal from the nose, the mucus falls into
    Special tank that is easily removed and instantly washed
    under hot water. In the configuration of the aspirator for the nose is present
    Storage Handbag and Convenient Lace for Fixing on Hand.

    In general, the device is created specifically to help
    parents ease the condition of the child, free the laid nose and give
    He is able to calm down. It is important to remember that the abuse of such
    kind of procedures should not: clean the nose of the child you need occasionally when
    he can not fall asleep or calm down due to the presence of mucus in the nose, can not
    sigh fullently. In other cases, it is better to have a nose during illness
    the child was moistened with natural discharge, because they are
    are the protection of its echoing mucous. Permanent full removal
    may result in the opposite effect: even greater drying, and how
    Consequence of edema.

    Also, when cold is recommended to wash the nose
    child. Washing better to make special children's drops, but
    Suitable and ordinary saline, which is easy to prepare in
    home conditions using ordinary salt and boiled water in
    Ratio of 1 teaspoon salt on a liter of water. You should dig in
    a few droplets constantly, within a few days with periodicity
    1 time per hour.

    Rubber in the childExcessive
    The amount of saline or washing the baby's nose through the clismum
    may damage - penetrate the nasopharynk in Eustachiev pipe and
    Cause inflammation in the middle ear (otitis).

    Very important is a comfortable environment in children's.
    Air humidity must be elevated, the temperature is a bit even
    Cool. This is all done in order to mucus in the nasopharynx of the child
    did not save, and, as a result, did not irritate the skin. Best option
    - Take advantage of the air humidifier. There are moisturizers,
    intended for children, for example, ultrasonic air humidifier B.WELL WH-100 «Turtle».
    This modern silent device is executed in the form of a turtle, it has
    Non-scale, night light and great for children's room.
    The design of the Humidifier WH-100 combines the immediacy of the toy and
    High-tech lines of reliable, modern device.

    Often, with a cold, the child rises
    temperature. The parent is important to control the temperature, that is, quickly
    And it is precisely measured and not allow it to rise too much
    high. This simple process that we have experienced a thousand times on ourselves,
    may not be so fast and stiff as it seems.
    Try to put your child for 3 minutes with a thermometer
    armpit, and let him try to not fall. For measuring
    body temperature in babies and small children in the market there are several
    Thermometer models specially created for this: Special Children's Children's Microlife MT 1751, which is imperceptible to the child to measure its temperature and will highlight readings on the display. Also for sale infrared front thermometer B.WELL WF-2000.
    Infrared Thermometer B.WELL for 2-3 seconds can measure
    body temperature, although it does not matter what to measure: he will fine
    with measuring air temperature in children's or water temperature in

    The most important and correct thing that can do
    parent, when his child is not healthy - it is to create all the conditions for
    that the child's body is natural way to overcome cold.
    Then your child will shine health again.

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