Treatment of fat hepatosis

Our health is entirely depends on us. It is only for a moment to relax, giving way to her whims, as the body will immediately give a signal that he is bad. The problem of excess weight, by the way, is relevant today more than ever. And suffer from hateful fat can not only figure, but also more important organs of our body.

When many adipose tissue accumulates in hepatic cells, the prerequisites for the development of fat hepatosis appear. The disease is based on the process of accumulating with hepatocytes of simple fats (triglycerides), which subsequently become fat cells.

Liver - Fancy Sanitary of Our Body. It collects all toxins that fall into the body along with alcohol, harmful food, tobacco smoke and drugs to subsequently rewind them on triglycerides. As a result, when fats become fat cells, the liver sooner or later begins to hurt itself and, accordingly, can no longer cope with new harmful substances.

But the fat cells are not the last instance of the disease. With an unfavorable course of fatty hepatosis is complicated by fibrosis, which in turn can lead to Cirrhosis of the liver.

The degree of development of fat hepatosis

Fat, adhesive hepatosis, liver cleaning, liver

Depending on how much hepatocytes are affected by the pathological process, and what is the percentage of fat accumulated by the liver, allocate the following stages of fat hepatosis:

  1. At the first stage of the disease in the thickness of the liver at a high distance, several cell foci appear on each other with a large concentration of simple fats. These are signs of diffuse fat hepatosis.
  2. The second stage of fat hepatosis begins when the foci of pathogenic cells increase in size, and dense connective tissue is formed between them.
  3. In the third stage, the liver is covered by strongly pronounced junction of connective tissue with fibroblasts embedded in them and a large number of fat cells. Not far from fibrosis.

What depends on the development of the disease

Fat, adhesive hepatosis, liver cleaning, liver

Future Moms are becoming a vulnerable target for the disease: the hormone storm in the body of a woman and the consumption of a large number of food. Hepatosis of pregnant women most often flows acutely and can even cause the death of fever.

Disappointing diagnosis Puzzles a woman in terms of 30 to 38 weeks of pregnancy, although there are exceptions when the hepatosis of the liver is detected before the occurrence of 30 weeks. The most characteristic feature of the disease during pregnancy - jaundice. Among other symptoms, painful or unpleasant sensations in the field of liver, vomiting and nausea, weakness and depression, constant heartburn. Future mom you need to pay attention to the problem in a timely manner to get adequate medical treatment.

Procedures for determining the disease

To confirm the disease, use:

  • Biopia liver. If in the studied sample of hepatic tissue, fat cells will detect fat cells, which means there are all grounds to assert that the patient has fatty hepatosis;
  • Ultrasound of the liver. If the hepatosis is present, the body will be increased;
  • Computer tomography and magnetic resonance therapy to discover the affected liver fabric.

Treatment of fat hepatosis

Fat, adhesive hepatosis, liver cleaning, liver

Questions related to hepatosis and to him like diseases, the gastroenterologist is engaged, reminds our site.

Medical therapy preceded careful analysis of the patient's lifestyle. In order for the disease to be adjusted by drugs, a person needs to revise all his habits and radically change some of them. The main task is to start playing sports to «Tighten» body and raise the tone, to make calories spent more than it was in the body. An ideal start of recovery will be a weekly weight loss by 0.5 kg.

Medical hepatosis therapy involves the fight against the disease by improving the liver as a whole and its cells in particular. Prescribed mainly:

  • Berlition, Essentialy Forte, Essliver and other medicines that contain essential phospholipids useful for the liver;
  • Taurine or methionine (sulfurnin acid);
  • Carsil, Liv - 52, artichoke-based preparations (hepatoprotectors);
  • Tocopherol, retinol (antioxidants);
  • Preparations, which are selenium;
  • Vitamins Group B.

During treatment, you need to comply with a diet with the most limited amount of fatty food, which will help the body of spending excess fat harm. With fat hepatosis shows low-fat dairy products, vegetable soups and borsch without meat, boiled or steam vegetables, milk soups, eggs, oatmeal, rice and buckwheat porridge. At the same time, the patient with fat hepatosis is categorically prohibited. There are fat broths, fried meat and fish, onions and garlic in fresh form, legumes, canned foods, mushrooms and radishes.

Diet is particularly effective at the stage of the disease, when the liver cells have not yet been transformed into fatty depots. At this time there is still a chance to bring triglycerides.

Folk Medicine also contributed to the treatment of liver. Experts believe that one medicines without the use of folk methods with the disease can not cope.

So, what can be learned from the storehouse of folk wisdom? Liver cells will tell you «thanks», If every day you will:

  • to eat 1 h. L. cedar nuts;
  • add a sheet of pepper or lemon mint to drinks;
  • 2 - 3 a day to chew a branch of fresh dill or parsley (relevant this advice and for the prevention of illness);
  • Each morning drinking on an empty stomach 0.5 st. fresh carrot juice;
  • give preference to green, not black tea;
  • Drinking infants from rosehip or cornflowers. For this, 50 g of raw materials should be poured 0.5 l of steep boiling water and insist within 10 - 12 hours. Take 1 cup of drink 2 - 4 times a day;
  • there is a small handfulness of dried fruits every day.

Prevention of the disease

Fat, adhesive hepatosis, liver cleaning, liver

To never hear an unpleasant diagnosis, it suffices to follow several simple recommendations:

  1. Every day, it is possible to pay 20 - 30 minutes of physical exercises, which are better than any infusion and medication will speed up metabolism and help the liver to cope with toxins. Just keep in mind that classes from the case of the case will not bring any result. You need to train regularly!
  2. There is a simple useful food without exposing it to excessive heat treatment.
  3. Eliminate alcoholic beverages or reduce their use to a reasonable minimum.
  4. Drink tablets only with permission and under the control of the doctor.

The forecast treatment for fat hepatosis is encouraged: if you do our health on time, then after 2 - 3 weeks will be noticeable first positive results. Fortunately, fatty hepatosis - reversible disease.

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