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  • King the symptoms in adults, what to do?This acute infection begins sharply, with an increase in body temperature to 40c and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes — conjunctivitis. In the process is also involved in the nasopharynx mucosa, small white spots with a red rim on the oral mucosa appear, namely on the cheeks, opposite the indigenous teeth, the so-called Filatov spots—Soclick. In addition, the symptoms of which adults are literally similar to her signs in children, manifests itself with red spots on the mucous soft and solid sky and, of course, large bright red papulas throughout the body. Disease pathogen — The virus that is contained in small droplets of saliva and sputum. When coughing and sneezing, he enters the air and easily spreads indoors. All, from Mala to Great Survise To Corey. Symptoms in adults and the course of the disease they have more severe, sometimes pronounced headache, severe vomiting, local lymph nodes increase noticeably, and hard wheezing appear, and in some cases even nonsense and hallucinations. In children, usually the disease proceeds easier, all overwhelmed immunity has a persistent lifelong immunity.

    Treatment of Corey

    Preventive Corey VillageAt the very first manifestations of the disease, it is worth going to the doctor immediately and a further decision on the course of therapy takes. Special antiviral treatment of measles do not exist, only symptomatic is used, and therefore, in the treatment of infectious measles, basic importance are of sanitary and hygienic measures, care and gentle diet. It is necessary to organize regular and thorough air ventilation, where the patient is located, providing a comfortable temperature from +17 0From to + 19 0WITH. If it allows overall health, the disease must be regularly on the street or be at the open window. The treatment also provides permanent skin care, namely wash and wipes, which are sometimes necessary to remove itching. It is not necessary to ensure the blackout in the room, even when the lights appear, when adults and children are very watched. It is enough to rinse the eyes several times a day with a 2% boric acid solution or wipe the wet cotton swab. After taking food, the patient recommends the frequent regular rinse of the oral cavity, in addition, it is necessary to use abundant use of liquid. Of great importance should be given a diet enriched with vitamins, especially vitamin A, not the last role plays phytotherapy.

    Reliable protection factor

    Consue treatment switches in adultsThis disease is especially dangerous for kids under the age of 1.5-2 years, fraught with serious complications for adults, and therefore the need for measles against measles requires a serious approach. Preventive vaccinations against acute measles create immunity to this disease, ensuring the development of persistent immunity. Any grafting — This is a significant immune load on the body, and therefore the occurrence of adverse reactions should not scare, especially considering that not only a child can get ill, but also an adult. Such diseases like measles, rubella, epidemic vapotitis are not characterized by not so much the severity of the disease, how possible complications. Sometimes an erroneous opinion about the impossibility of the disease with these infections in adulthood and even old age can lead to the most serious and unexpected consequences, when the late diagnosis or not quite adequate treatment leads to the exacerbation of previously existing chronic diseases.

    Vaccination — Pledge of the prevention of measles, rubella, epidemic parotitis

    Corey warning, as well as rubella, epidemic vapotitis is to immunize kids aged from 1 to 8 years old alive vaccine according to the vaccination calendar. For non-vaccinated for any reason, children and adults are applicable gamma globulin, its introduction allows you to avoid or provide a easier course of the disease. Especially attentive should be pregnant women, since the cortex, rubella is characterized by increased hazardous hazards for the health of future children. These are not very heavy, but unpredictable diseases can provoke the occurrence of extremely dangerous congenital malformations from the fetus.

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