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  • Application of orthopedic products
  • Orthopedic Products in Pediatric Practice

  • Application of orthopedic products

    Orthopedic products are called products intended for the treatment or prevention of diseases of the joints and spine. There are many similar products and they perform various functions. Some of them are designed to protect the joints from various injuries, others to maintain the spine, third to reduce the load on the ligament apparatus of the limbs.

    No need to have medical education to understand the importance of the joints in a person's life. Unfortunately, it is the disease of the ligament apparatus that are the most common cause of appeal to the doctor.

    One of the immutable medical truths is that any disease is much easier to cure at the beginning of its development. If we talk about orthopedics, then this statement can be visually illustrated: depending on the stage of the disease and the degree of deformation of the joints of the limbs / spine (at the time of contacting the doctor), the treatment methods are significantly different - if therapeutic physical culture and correctional methods are successfully helped at the earliest stages, Late - only surgery can save. Therefore, the faster treatment has begun, the greater the chance to protect your body from surgical intervention.

    Orthopedic Products in Pediatric Practice

    Orthopedic products for adults and childrenSome diseases of the musculoskeletal system are developing in childhood, in this regard, parents should be particularly attentive: follow the posture, a child's walking, regularly interested in his well-being. Especially since children's bundles and bones are more appropriate, elastic than adults, therefore, they are easier to correlate. Of course, to cure the diseases of the musculoskeletal system in a child are much easier and easier than an adult person.

    Treatment with orthopedic products begins with childhood. Most often in childhood, flatfoot and spinal deformities are developing (for example, scoliosis or kyphosis). If these diseases are detected sooner, correction is prescribed using special orthopedic products, healing physical education, massage and manual therapy (gentle treatments).

    For the treatment of flatfoot, insoles-supinators and special orthopedic shoes. The insoles are selected by the doctor, taking into account the individual features of the feet of the child. Shoes should be made of natural materials, have a hard backdrop and hard to fix the leg, as well as perfectly approached. The use of these orthopedic products is the key to the fact that the positive effect achieved with other treatment methods will continue and will enaches.

    Also for prevention and treatment of flatfoot are used massage mats. Massage tubercles on the rug (different height and diameter):

    • contribute to the formation of foot arches by stimulating its receptors
    • carry out a point massage of its reflex zones
    • strengthen the muscles and bundles of the ankle

    For the treatment of spinal deformities - posture violations - Usan Correctors (or Rechangers) Apply. They restore the tone of the muscles, remove the load on the sections of the thoracic spine, break the shoulders and fix them in the right position.

    Also orthopedic mattresses and pillows will also prevent the development of spinal deformities. The mattress will provide the most correct position in the physiological position of the spine and remove the stress in the muscles. The sizes are distinguished by mattresses for babies, children under three years old, children from three to eight years, from eight to sixteen. They have different degrees of hardness, made from durable and elastic material, which passes well («breathe»), not deformed, helps the body to accept the perfect position for recreation.

    Orthopedic pillows anatomical form are required to prevent the curvature of the cervical spine (and for rehabilitation after the injuries of the cervical vertebrae).

    For children who are actively engaged in sports, as well as suffered injuries, there are orthopedic limiters for joints (bandages), differing from adult size and rigidity of fixation. Produced:

    • Clamps for lower extremities (for hip joint and knee, hips and lower legs, as well as foot - so-called «Swedish orthosis»)
    • Locks for upper extremities (for individual fingers, wrists, elbow joint and shoulder)
    • Scavengers (Shan tires) and hard / semi-rigid cervical orthosis

    Separately, the bundages of the hernia, used in the weakness of the muscles of the abdominal department in children (they are used as a therapeutic agent if surgery is contraindicated).

    Sometimes in the stores of orthopedic goods for children, balls for gymnastics are sold, with which the child can not only play, but also learn to keep balance, triggers and mastering new movements, trains the vestibular apparatus, muscles and ligaments, develops flexibility.

    Summing up, we can say that now there is a fairly large selection of models of orthopedic products intended for children of different ages, so you can choose exactly the option that will help in the prevention of development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and effectively adjust the existing deformations. And, that is important, the achievement of the therapeutic effect of the use of orthopedic products will not require great efforts: the child just needs to wear a proofreader or special shoes, sleep on a properly selected bed, to move step by step to recovery

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