Symptoms, diagnosis and pertussis treatment


  • Symptoms of Cockles
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cough
  • Prevention of Cockle

  • Poklush - acute infectious disease accompanied by
    inflammatory phenomena in the upper respiratory tract
    and an approached spasmodic cough. Most often
    Inspace unvacuated children under 5 years old, and especially dangerous
    Poklush for children of the first year of life. At an older age this
    Infection proceeds much easier.

    Cocktle is called
    Specific bacterium called Bordetella Pertussis. Microbe
    transmitted by air-droplet (with cough, sneezing, conversation) when
    close communication with sick person. The disease is very infectious. but
    Contact (for example, through toys) the path of transmission of infection is impossible,
    As bacterium quickly dies in the external environment.

    after the disease is produced very persistent and usually persisted on all
    a life. Repeated diseases may occur in old age. but
    as a right, doctors take it for colds - so easy
    Personal disease.

    Symptoms of Cockles

    Bacteria produces specific toxins that cause
    Irritation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. As a result
    Development of diaphragms and muscles of bronchi (bronchospasm) develops, and arises
    so-called spastic cough. Crested Reflex gradually
    fastened in the respiratory center of the oblong brain (department of the head
    Brain), which leads to strengthening and increased cough attacks.

    Symptoms, diagnosis and pertussis treatment
    Incubation period
    (time from infection until the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease) lasts
    usually from one to two weeks. The disease begins gradually.
    The body temperature slightly rises, runny nose and dry
    cough. In this phase of the disease, parents often think he «Little
    Shept», And the child continues to go to school or kindergarten, infecting
    surrounding. Cough gradually increases strength and duration
    and goes to spasmodatic. This cough cough is so
    it is specific that the doctor is quite at least once to hear it to
    Immediately put the correct diagnosis.

    In a spasmodic attack
    After a whistling inhale, a series of short convulsive coughs
    jolts that without stopping follow each other throughout
    One exhalation. Sometimes such attacks are accompanied by vomiting, the formation
    or redness of the face, the discharge of sputum.

    Within one day such
    attacks can be 20-30 or more, depending on the severity
    Diseases. The patient's face becomes fined, on the skin sometimes
    hemorrhage appear, conjunctivitis can begin, and on the bridle
    Language is formed ulcell. Convulsive cough attacks may occur
    At any time of the day, but most often - at night and in the morning.

    Rule, out of coughing cough, the child's condition is almost no different
    from normal. Temperature of the body remains normal.
    Increased body temperature during the period of spasmodic cough most often
    indicates the accession of complications.

    Spasmodic cough lasts about 3-4 weeks and more, the number
    attacks gradually decrease and they become less intense.
    Nevertheless, a small cough, weakness, irritability
    and the increased excitability of the child is preserved during the following
    several months.

    The most frequent complication
    Poklumusha is pneumonia, which is already caused by other microbes -
    Streptococci and staphylococci. Children of the first year of life Cocal
    dangerous stops of breathing during attacks whose duration
    varies from a few seconds to a few minutes. Due to lack
    Oxygen they may develop skeletal muscle cramps,
    Encephalopathy and T.D.

    Other complications: bronchitis, pleurisy
    (inflammation of pleura covering light), purulent otitis, false croup.
    Occasionally there are severe complications arising due to strong
    cough jolts (hemorrhage in the brain, rupture of drummers,
    Pneumothorax and T.D.).

    Diagnosis and treatment of cough

    Diagnosis of Cocklush
    exhibited with a typical cough. To confirm it can
    Sowing sputum and mucus taken from the mucous membrane

    Treatment, as a rule, spend at home.
    Hospitalized with cough rarely, mostly small children and patients
    with severe or complicated form of illness.

    Huge importance for
    The treatment of this disease acquires fresh, moistened air in the room
    Patient (frequent ventilating room), fractional food (frequent
    eating with small portions), reducing the impact of external
    stimuli capable of provoking cough (in particular, light
    and noise). At normal body temperature useful walking in the fresh
    air (at a temperature not lower than -10º WITH).

    From medicinal
    Preparations The doctor usually prescribes antibiotics, antihistamines
    and antitussive drugs and, sometimes, neuroleptics - to weaken
    Spasmatic cough.

    Prevention of Cockle

    To date
    The most effective measure of combating cough is the introduction
    ADC vaccines made to the mandatory vaccination calendar.

    Identify a child, a sick cough, a quarantine is introduced for 2 weeks for
    previously not vaccinated and non-coughing cough of children under the age of 7 years.

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