What is epidemic vapotitis. Parotitis Prevention


  • Epidemic Parotitis, Symptoms
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease

  • Epidemic Parotitis, Symptoms

    Epidemic Parotitis (Pilthor, Housing) - Acute Infectious
    Disease characterized by fever, general intoxication,
    lesions of the salivary glands, and sometimes sex and other glands, nervous
    Systems. The causative agent of the disease is a virus for which high infection and low stability in the external environment. The source of infection is a sick person, it becomes infectious 1-2 days before the appearance of signs of the disease and in the first 5 days of illness.
    The virus is transmitted to airborne droplets. Disease susceptibility high. Children are more often sick. Male's faces are sick with epidemic vapotitis 1.5 times more often than women.
    When penetrating the body, the virus breeds in the nasopharynx and
    Then penetrates the salivary glands where the optimal conditions for
    Reproduction. The characteristic inflammation of the salivary parole is developing
    glands, because of which the face becomes fined and accepts peculiar
    After the suffering disease, any severity is developing
    Resistant immunity to re-infection.
    The incubation period lasts from 11 to 23 days.

    There is a short progress (initial) period - weakness, malaise, muscle pain, headache, chills, sleep disorder
    And appetite. With the development of inflammatory changes in salivary gland
    There are signs of its lesion: dry mouth, ear pain,
    reinforced with chewing, conversation.

    The disease can flow as in
    easy and heavy form. Depending on this, the temperature may
    to be from subfebrile digits up to 40c, intoxication also depends on
    Severity. The characteristic manifestation of the disease is the defeat of salivary
    glands more often. Iron increases in size, appears
    soreness when touched, which is especially expressed in front of the ear,
    Behind the ear of the ear and in the area of ​​the mastoid process. Leather
    inflamed iron tense, gloss, swelling can
    spread. Punchiness is saved about 3-10 days. After
    penetration into blood, the vapotitis virus reaches other ferrunts
    organs - the pancreas suffer
    (causing acute pancreatitis), testicles (orchit), ovaries (ooforitis, oving).
    The virus is able to penetrate the brain and then the viral
    Meningoencephalitis (inflammation of a soft cerebral shell and brain). Inflammation of eggs and his appendat. Egg inflammation more often in adults.

    What is an epidemic parotitis. Parotitis Prevention
    In most cases, on the 5-7th day of the disease
    The body temperature rises to 39-40s again, severe pain appear
    in the field of scrotum and eggs. Egg increases, reaching sizes
    goose egg, becomes painful. Inflammation of eggs can
    precede the damage to the salivary glands or arise at the same time.
    Sometimes the inflammation of the egg develops in the absence of loss of salivary
    iron. 3-17% of patients amazed both eggs.

    In half cases (in the absence of special treatment) inflammation
    Eggs with epidemic parotitis after 1-2 months calls it
    Reducing with a weakening of the function. In case of bilateral reduction
    Eggs after inflammation with epidemic parotitis quite often
    Infertility develops.

    Defeat of the central nervous system with epidemic parotitis
    It happens at each tenth child, boys are 3 times more often than

    In most cases, chills appears on the 4-7 day of the disease, again
    Increases body temperature up to 39C and higher, severe appears
    Headache, vomiting. The patient develops inflammation of the shells

    25-30% of patients with brain-shell inflammation develops
    Simultaneously with the beginning of the inflammation of the salivary glands, each tenth
    may precede, and many patients can develop without defeat
    salivary glands. Recovery after the inflammation of the brain shells
    epidemic vapotitis occurs slowly.

    In some patients, along with inflammation of brain shells
    develops inflammation of the brain, which is manifested by lethargy,
    drowsiness, violation of consciousness. Subsequently, they may arise
    Changes on the part of the central nervous system in the form of violation
    behavior, headaches, convulsion, deafness for one ear, violations

    Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease

    Laboratory Diagnosis Confirmation Methods - Virus Allocation
    Parotitis from blood, wasches from the pharynx, the secret of the parole salivary gland,
    cerebrospinal fluid and urine. Immunofluorescent methods
    allow you to detect viruses after 2-3 days.

    Usually held at home. Patients with the defeat of the central nervous
    Systems and inflammation of eggs are sent to the infectious hospital.
    Assigned bed regime for 10 days.

    Patients with inflammation of the salivary glands are recommended moderately liquid
    Milk and vegetable food, white bread limit, fats, rough
    fiber, after each meal you need to rinse the oral cavity.

    In the development of inflammation of the eggs, suspensions are prescribed, prednisone
    5-7 days according to the scheme. When meningitis, corticosteroid
    Preparations (prednisone, hydrocortisone) conduct lumbal puncture,
    40% urotropin solution introduced intravenously. With developing acute
    Pancreatitis is prescribed liquid gentle diet, atropine, papaverin, cold
    On the belly, drugs inhibiting enzymes - Galds, Pontrick

    Drugs acting directly to the epidemic vapotitis virus does not exist.

    To create immunity to epidemic parotitis,
    There is a vaccination of children from 1.5 years, as a vaccine
    Live loose vapotitis virus. Vaccines counter
    Epidemic Parotitis: Priorix - Vaccine for Corey Prevention,
    rubella and epidemic parotitis; Trimovaks - Combined Vaccine
    for the prevention of measles, rubella and parotitis; Vaccine faulty alive
    dry; Imovaks Oreion.

    Vaccination is carried out once. It should be held for children,
    adolescents and adult men who did not have an epidemic vapotite and
    those who in the past she was not held.

    Children under 10 years old, in contact with patients who did not painl
    epidemic vapotitis, to be dismissed on 21 days from the beginning
    Contact with patient.

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