Scarlatina in children: prevention, quarantine


Despite the appearance ever in the people, children's infections can
be extremely dangerous. Of particular alertness from parents should cause scarletin in children. Prevention
The spread of this infection primarily includes attentive attitude
To the health of the child. Any ailments, appearance of sore throat, runny nose and those
more rashed on the body should be a signal to call a doctor. Sometimes the symptoms of the disease
Lubricated, and, if the infection remains unrecognized, flashes of scarletin in the garden, nursery or
School is not avoided.

What to do if the child got sick scarlet?

  • Scarlatina in children: prevention, quarantineIn case of suspicion of scarlet
    The child needs to be left at home, call a doctor and, in case of confirmation of the diagnosis,
    Report a children's institution about infection.
  • If there are other children in the house, the patient follows
    put in bed in a separate room, in the absence of such an opportunity
    Turn the bed shirma. Do not allow to patients with other children during care
    It is used to use removable clothes, a bathrobe, a gollary, cotton-gauze or
    Disposable bandage.
  • To avoid the home outbreak of scarletins in children, prevention implies not only the insulation of the patient, but also the selection of separate dishes,
    toys and hygienic accessories.
  • Patient Scarletina is considered dangerous for
    surrounding since the beginning of the disease. Insulation and other preventive
    measures should be clearly respected by all family members before the arrival of the doctor.
  • Scarletin treatment is possible as in conditions
    hospitals and house. Doctor will allow you to leave the patient at home in the event,
    If the disease proceeds easily, if it is possible to isolate it from
    other children and provide him with proper care and treatment.
  • If it is decided to treat a child at home, all
    The above rules of isolation and care must be respected to complete
  • If the sick child is heading for treatment in
    Hospital, indoors where he was located, a final disinfection is held.
  • Since the hidden scarlet period continues
    12 days, all children in contact with patients and potentially infected
    Scarlay, should be isolated for this period.

Scarlatina in the garden
or school

  • Scarlatina in children: prevention, quarantineBecause it is believed that in the first three days
    Sick Scarletina is the least dangerous for others, the probability of infection
    kids contacted him pretty small. Children continue to go to the garden or
    school, but at the same time he has to strengthen control of their health. At
    identifying pharyngitis, noodopalitis or tonsillitis they are immediately isolated.
  • If repeated teams are revealed in the children's team
    cases of such a disease like scarlet,
    In the garden, school or other institution is disinfection. Timing
    Disinfection establishes a district epidemiologist. Facility
    ceases its work, which is pre-informed parents of healthy
  • A child who has suffered a scarletina is allowed in
    Children's institution with a doctor's permission 12 days after recovery. If
    take into account that Scarlatina is considered contagious and is treated for six weeks,
    It turns out that the total duration of quarantine is 54 days (minimum 52
    day). In easy cases, the duration of quarantine can be reduced to 30
  • If the sick child lives in children's
    institution, the term of its isolation from other children should be at least 52
  • Children up to 12 years old, who did not have scarletnic, but
    in contact with patients are not allowed to other children within 12 days with
    The moment of the last contact. If they have not
    There are no suspicious about the scarletna symptoms, they
    continue to visit the children's team.
  • Children over 12 years old and adults, suffering and not
    sophisticated scarletin, in contact with patients, allowed to the team immediately
    After it isolation, disinfection, laundry and clothing change. Mandatory
    condition — lack of inflammatory changes in the throat and monitoring
    health status for 12 days.

A little about vaccinations

Scarlantine vaccinations are conducted by a vaccine consisting of
killed streptococci and inactivated scarlatine toxin. Front
Vaccination is a test for susceptibility to scarlet. Children grafted from
Scarletins are falling in five or six times less than unacceptable; even if they have
The disease is developing, it proceeds easily and without complications. Duration
Action Vaccination — one and a half or two years, after that a revaccination is required.

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