Signs of pyelonephritis in a child


  • Pyelonephritis all ages are submissive
  • Diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis, treatment in children

  • Signs of pyelonephritis in a childThe predisposing factors of the inflammatory disease of the kidneys in kids and adolescents may be a delay and impaired of urine outflow during mechanical exposure, for example, during injury, tumors and constipation. The boys and girls, but sometimes the disease proceeds asymptomatic and is detected only if there are pathological impurities in the urine. Attentive mom will surely notice a change in urine color, but will not forget to analyze what was in the menu at the kid today or even yesterday. Remember that some berries and fruits give urine color characteristic bright shade. Parents should be remembered and know how many times the kid of the corresponding age category must urinate, on this issue can always be consulted with a doctor with a urologist or nephrologist. It should be noted that the manifestation of signs of pyelonephritis in children looks different and most often this is due to the age of small patients, so parents should be especially attentive, because timely identification of the disease will help to protect themselves from dangerous complications.

    Pyelonephritis all ages are submissive

    The disease can even be the smallest, so newborn the body temperature increases, they refuse eating, vomiting is noted, the water-salt balance is disturbed, which can cause crumbs to dehydration, collapse and severe intoxication. Picture of pyelonephritis kidneys in children resembles the flow of sepsis and is accompanied by a change not only in the kidneys, but in the liver and adrenal glands. Schoolchildren's patients usually complain about headaches, general weakness and lethargy, nausea, lower back pain, accompanied by rapid urination, vomiting and increase body temperature. According to them, the pain is manifested when turning, slopes, jumps, cough, at the same time, there is some relief in the warming procedures in the region of the belt. With severe pyelonephritis in children, the renal function is broken, infectious-toxic shock and acute renal failure develops. The slightest violation of the excretory function of the kidneys — Signal for parents. If the child does not urinate for a long time, it feels burning in the end of urination or even incontinence of urine with an increased body temperature of the body, with chill and pale skin, contact a specialist without delay, the child urgently need help of the nephrologist or urologist. Unfortunately, pyelonephritis in children can begin without the manifestation of any signs, which is especially dangerous, since its asymptomatic flow can lead to general intoxication. In this case, the careful attitude of the parents is very important, only with careful care and inspection of the mother can notice some scoliosis and pulling the legs on the side of the defeat, but the limitations of mobility may not be observed.

    Diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis, treatment in children

    Diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis, treatment in childrenStudy urine — An important part of the diagnosis of such a disease, like acute pyelonephritis, treatment in children is based on this data, which should be analyzed 1 time in 5-7 days. Also recommended uzzi urinary bodies to clarify their structure, sizes, shapes and location. It is these parameters, taking into account the anatomical anomalies, are an important argument in the diagnosis of renal inflammation, as well as with differential diagnosis with acute glomerulonephritis, cystitis and sepsis. Therapy implies the fight against infectious process and intoxication, restoration of urinations and renal function. Period of exacerbation with pain syndrome and dysuric disorders — This is a necessarily bed regime, a gentle diet with an increase in the volume of fluid consumed, antibacterial therapy, in severe cases it is supposed to parenteral administration of drugs. The process of recovery can be long for up to 2-3 months, in the future it is supposed to fit therapy with antiseptic diuretic medicinal herbs. Serious responsibility for recovery and further health falls on the shoulders of parents, it is necessary to be difficult and a long way, which should be held in close alliance with your own chad and the attending physician.

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