Causes of the stomach ulcers in children


Gastric ulcer in children causesPanish disease in children is found with a frequency of 1 case for 600 examined. In recent years, doctors have increasingly identify the stomach ulcers in children caused — Crashing Fast Food and Increased Psychological Load at School and Houses. The disease becomes younger, now serious problems with digestive organs can be found even in kids. Ulcers began to proceed harder and difficult to therapy. To date, issues relating to ulcer disease in children are especially acute on the agenda and are a serious problem of clinical pediatrics.

Gastric ulcer in children: reasons

Ulcerative disease — This is a chronic recurrent disease, the main manifestation of which is the formation of a ulcerative defect on the wall of the stomach or duodenum. The formation of ulcers is due to the predominance of aggression factors over protection factors operating in the gastroduodenal zone.

It is known that aggressive substances are constantly produced in the stomach and duodenal intestine.

  • Gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid and pepsin, enzyme, digesting proteins.
  • Helicobacter or Helicobacter Pylori — microorganism, when infected with which sharply increase the chances of sick of ulcers.
  • The formation of ulcers may cause non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, aspirin, paracetamol, diclofenac.
  • The ulcer of the stomach in children, the symptoms of which are developing gradually, is related to the presence of a foreign body in the stomach that the child can swallow during the game.
  • Ulcers like manifestations of adenocarcinoma, sarcoma, lemiomy, lymphoma, diabetes, syphilis, tuberculosis in children are practically not found.

To counteract aggression in the stomach and the 12-risen intestine, there are factors of protection. The mucus produced by iron, envelops the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, contributes to the inverse diffusion of the proton pump and levels the effect of the gastric juice on the organ walls.

Helicobacter and gastric ulcer

According to statistical data, each third ulcer — result «Work» Helicobacter, spiral-like acidophilic bacterium living in the gastric mucosa and its acid content. On the other hand, the infection of the Helicobacter is not always combined with ulcerative stomach disease or gastritis. Sometimes bacteria and man coexist peacefully without causing each other any harm. The reasons for this have not yet been studied, but it is assumed that the development of the disease is due to a decrease in local and general immunity, defects of non-specific protection of the gastric mucosa, insufficient secretion of mucus and bicarbonates, initially increased stomach acidity and high enzymatic gastric juice activity.

Stomach ulcers in children — Symptom of uncontrollability

Stomach ulcers in children & mdash; Symptom of uncontrollabilityIt is no secret that in the development of diseases of the digestive and ulcerative disease, including the larger role is played. Lack of power supply system, breakfast disregard, disruption of food intake, food on the run, dryness is quite common among school-age children. Often, a full meal is replaced with sandwiches, chips, crackers, cookies, and parents themselves are indulge in disastrous food habits, buying a child Fast Food, carbonated drinks or semi-finished products that replete harmful substances for children's organism.

The formation of the stomach ulcers contributes to the use of acute, smoked, salt, roasted, too hot or too cold food. At work of the digestive tract affects insufficient mechanical and thermal processing of food. In some children, the cause of the exacerbation of the stomach ulcers is becoming a hobby and sweets that increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

No matter how sad talk about it, but adolescents often smoke, drink alcohol, caffean-containing brain activity stimulants — This also contributes to the development of ulcerative disease.

Finally, such a factor in the development of stomach ulcers cannot be excluded, as stress. Modern children are under constant information blowing, they do not know how to relax and relax, it often leads to breakdowns, the development of neurosis, disturbing states, depression and as a result — to the formation of stressful ulcers.

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