Signs of tuberculosis in children


  • The first symptoms of tuberculosis in children
  • Tuberculosis of bronchial glands in children
  • Pulmonary shape of tuberculosis
  • Manifestations of tuberculosis of lymph nodes
  • The defeat of bones and joints with tuberculosis
  • Symptoms of cerebral tuberculosis

  • The first symptoms of tuberculosis in children

    How to determine the tuberculosis in a child? Signs of tuberculosis: Children Tuberculosis usually begins with the appearance of weakness, they cease to add in weight, become irritable. If a child is studying at school, he gets tired of classes more than healthy children, is being made scattered and often begins to lag in study. If it is measured by temperature, then it can be noted a small increase (up to 37.5 °C, and sometimes higher). Such children also have an increase in lymph nodes. Tuberculin samples they have positive. All these signs of the binding tuberculosis are determined by the fact that tuberculosis sticks, getting into the body and settled in lymph nodes, isolated poisons (toxins), which have a harmful effect on the body.

    The main form of tuberculosis in children is chronic tuberculosis intoxication. Children often sick exactly this form of tuberculosis. If you carefully monitor the child, in time to catch smallness at the beginning of the signs of the disease and to ensure the appropriate treatment in a timely manner, the child's body usually copes with this disease.

    Tuberculosis of bronchial glands in children

    Symptoms of tuberculosis in childhoodChildren often detected tuberculosis of bronchial glands. Bronchial glands are located in the chest in the place where bronchvas and large blood vessels pass; especially many of them at the root of the lungs. Very often, tuberculosis wands are recorded there with a blood current, as a result of which inflammatory tuberculous foci are formed in bronchial glands. When damaged bronchial glands, the disease is manifested in various forms. Sometimes the disease begins as flu - the child increases the temperature, cough appears, and such a state is usually delayed for a longer period, which is observed in flu. Therefore, if the cough does not pass and the temperature remains high, it is very important to immediately show the child to the doctor and examine it on tuberculosis.

    But not always the tuberculosis of the bronchial glands begins. Many children, especially in schoolchildren, the disease is developing gradually. First of all, as in chronic tuberculosis intoxication, the behavior of a child changes: it becomes sluggish, capricious tired of classes at school. As the disease develops, the child appears cough, he pale, begins to lose weight. Tuberculosis of the lungs Children are sick less often than tuberculosis of bronchial glands. Signs of pulmonary tuberculosis in children: in the place of the lungs, where tuberculosis sticks fall, the inflammatory process is developing (tuberculous foci). Such defeat of the lungs in children is most often accompanied by a long-term increase in temperature.

    Pulmonary shape of tuberculosis

    The tuberculosis of the lungs in children is more difficult to treat than tuberculosis of bronchial glands. But still he is quite curable. It is necessary only to start treatment in time and long and persistently continue it. Only in rare cases, pulmonary tuberculosis in children proceeds adversely and can lead to decay of the tissues of the lung and the development of foci in other organs. Such an unfavorable course is observed mainly in young children. That is why young children should be very carefully protected from tuberculosis and strengthen their body in case of infection.

    Manifestations of tuberculosis of lymph nodes

    In children, especially younger age, tuberculosis may affect peripheral lymph nodes, which, as a result of the inflammatory foci, are significantly increasing in the amount of. Often these nodes softened, caught up, the pus follows out, and formed a long non-healing fistula. With such forms of tuberculosis, children sometimes come and skin lesions (crofuloders). They first have a form of a small tumor, which is tight in the thicker of the skin; Then the tumor increases, softened and just like when the nodes are defeated, the contents break out, after which the fistula is formed.

    In order to prevent the development of the tuberculosis in a child, it is necessary at the slightest swallowing of lymph nodes or the appearance of a tumor on the skin immediately access the doctor in order to establish the cause of the disease and begin treatment.

    The defeat of bones and joints with tuberculosis

    Often tuberculosis is striking bones and joints. Bone and joint disease can develop very slowly, sometimes for years. Children, sick spinal tuberculosis or tuberculosis of the joints (more often than hip or knee), still at the very beginning of the disease complain about pain when driving. Then they change the gait or they begin to lick. If children have the described phenomena or complaints, you should immediately consult a doctor. With early treatment, many severe consequences of this disease can be avoided (for example, chromotypes or hump).

    Symptoms of cerebral tuberculosis

    Children are more likely than adults, sick cerebral cerebral tuberculosis (tuberculosis meningitis). This is a very serious disease. Signs of tuberculosis meningitis appear not immediately, the disease is developing within two or three weeks. The child becomes sluggish, restless, loses appetite, complains of headaches, he rises the temperature, then vomiting and convulsions appear.

    Tuberculosis of the cerebral shells most often arises in children in those families where there is a sick open form of tuberculosis. Therefore, in such families, it is necessary to especially carefully follow the state of the child's health and with the slightest signs of the disease immediately contact the doctor. Timely treatment can save the life of a child.

    For a long time, science was powerless to cure a child sick tuberculosis cerebral shells. Previously, children, as a rule, died from this disease. In recent years, scientists have found funds against this disease. As a result of the use of antibacterial drugs of a new generation, developing in brain shears, tuberculosis foci are solved, and the patient recovers.

    The cure of tuberculosis meningitis is possible only with a timely manner. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the disease.

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