The latest methods of rehabilitation of patients with cerebral sheet: Power Plate simulator for fast and efficient recovery


The latest methods of rehabilitation of patients with cerebral sheet: Power Plate simulator for fast and efficient recoveryStarting from April 2013. In the Scientific and Practical Center for Children's Psychoneurology Department of Health. Moscow (Michurinsky PR., 74) under the guidance of the Chief Children's Neurologist Department, Professor Batysheva T. T., The use of POWER Plate simulators in child neurology is carried out, and the emphasis is on children with cerebral palsy. The study group includes patients aged 7 to 12 years old with various forms of this severe disease. Even the initial data obtained indicate a favorable course of the rehabilitation process, expressing, among other things, in reducing the spastic component. After 6-10 rehabilitation sessions in children, the coordination of movements and gait is improving, increases the volume of movement in the joints. In addition, the small time of the rehabilitation process on the simulators (no more than 10 minutes for the entire workout) does not allow much to overload patients with exercise. Specialists of the Center hope that they really have another opportunity to help with patients with kids and the conducted research will contribute to the widespread use of equivalent training technologies and directly simulators Power Plate in the process of rehabilitation of children with cerebrals not only in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also in other regions of Russia.


Power Plate simulators are based on the method of equivalent training TM, originally created for the afterpaid rehabilitation of cosmonauts. Today, the equilibrium training of TM, with its proven efficacy, use not only practical all the world's leading Olympic teams and national sports teams, but also rehabilitation clinics around the world.

The unique technique at which the simulator platform creates three-dimensional fluctuations in physiological frequency, causes the muscles involuntarily (without a signal from the CNS) to shrink up to 100 times per second, and up to 100% muscle fibers are activated. Today, Power Plate is certified not only as a sports, but also as medical equipment, and is perhaps the most actively studied sports equipment in the world. In addition to the effect on muscle fibers, the training on Power Plate also stimulates the blood circulation, the endocrine system, strengthens the bone tissue and favorably affects the joints and the reference unit, has a pronounced rejuvenating and regenerating effect, has an anti-depressive impact.

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