Vitamins: danger of hypervitaminosis in children


Vitamins: danger of hypervitaminosis in children
Improper use of drugs containing vitamins often develop
hypervitaminosis. This condition may occur in the abuse of some
food. Most often symptoms
hypervitaminosis in children develop on
The background of reception with the prophylactic objectives of vitamins A and D.

Parents consider vitamins of panacea from all diseases, trying to give them to children in
obligatory. But in fact, they are present in food and often them
the quantity is enough to maintain vital processes in
Child's body. Vitamins — these are medicinal supplements that
It is only necessary to appoint a doctor and complying with the recommended
Dosage. They are able to cause not only hypervitaminosis
in children, but also to strengthen the effect of some medicines, which can
lead to the development of unpredictable consequences.

Hypervitaminos in children

Vitamins can develop as a result of a single reception of large doses
drug or with a systematic minor dosage exceeding. In any case, when hypervitaminosis develops, the symptoms in children can
Be not so significant, but they should alert parents:

  • Lethargy, weakness, loss of appetite.
  • Lady of skin and mucous.
  • Long dustless crying.
  • Suspicious skin rashes.
  • Dizziness, Head, Muscular Pain.
  • Causes.
  • Slimming.
  • Thirst.
  • Changes from the nervous system, heart and vessels.

children can manifest themselves with various signs (depending on the causal
factor a). With excessive arrival of vitamin D, symptoms appear
Inxication, disappearance of appetite, cramps, vomiting, bradycardia may occur,
Significant backlog in growth from peers.

With hypervitaminosis
Vitamin A on the face and body sections with dry skin, mucous membranes
may crack and inflamed. Arise pain in joints, nails and hair
become brittle, rash can form on the skin, resembling

How to avoid hypervitaminosis in childhood?

Vitamins: danger of hypervitaminosis in children
Any medicinal
Preparations should be used in childhood only with the permission of the Doctor.
Many pediatricians recommend giving children vitamins only in winter season.
In the summer, in the diet of children a lot of fruits, greenery, berries and vegetables, and no
need to use additional sources of vitamins.

it is responsible to approach the use of vitamin D, since because of its
Overdose comes serious kidney lesions, liver, stomach, appears
Loge in development, the signs of which will remain in the child even after
recovery (often in adulthood).

How to treat hypervitaminosis?

The treatment of hypervitaminosis in children only
Specialists. Often kids randomly find vitamins and consume them, due to
What is an acute intoxication that can even end with death
child. But timely rehabilitation assistance will help avoid development
Complications. In chronic hypervitaminosis, doctors spend
Disinfecting therapy, restore the work of the internal organs,
Assign diuretic products. Vitamins are canceled and without permission
specialists are not applied.

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