Causes of peritonitis in children


Causes of peritonitis in children
There is nothing more important for parents more important than the health of the child.
When baby is sick, I want to do everything possible in order to ease it
condition. But sometimes there are sharp diseases in which delay
can threaten the life of the baby. And such processes include peritonitis in children — Inflammation of the peritoneum,
accompanied by pronounced intoxication of the body and damage internal

Peritonitis often arises due to pathogenic
Microflora or the contents of the intestine and the stomach in the abdominal cavity. Treatment
only surgical, and helping should be provided as quickly as possible.

Diplococcal peritonitis in children

Pneumococcal (diplococcal) peritonitis in children
It occurs aged 5-12 years (as a rule, girls). It's believed that
Pathogenic microbes penetrate the cavity of the peritoneum through the genitals of girls (in
this age protective function of the vaginal environment is reduced due to insufficient
Deterlee chopsticks).

It develops sharp: high body temperature rises, diarrhea occurs,
pronounced pain in the intestines. Abdominal muscles may not be tense. Purulent
Dumping accumulates in the lower stomach departments, while it is formed big
abscess. It can be revealed inside or out. Before the development of diplococcal peritonitis in children often
Streptococcus is revealed in vagina strokes, can be purulent allocations from
Sex tract (in girls).

Tuberculous peritonitis u

Tuberculous peritonitis in children most often
arises against the background of chronic tuberculosis. At the same time appear the following

  • problems with the chair;
  • stomach ache;
  • a slight increase in body temperature;
  • Exhaustion of the body.

With an exudative form in the abdominal cavity, serous
Exudate. At the same time, the stomach becomes big and tense, the navel often
smoothed. Gradually, the disease progresses and disruptions appear in
Blood and Respiratory Systems.

Causes of peritonitis in children

Most often in childhood there is a adhesive form
tuberculous peritonitis. Spikes are formed in the abdominal cavity
and intestinal loops. The state is developing gradually, at the beginning of the symptoms
insignificant, but in the future kids begin to complain about pain in the area
Belly, the skin of children becomes pale. Intestinal obstruction with
Characteristic symptoms: vomiting, bloating, pains, constipation.

Sometimes inside the abdomen you can get tight plots. This
A noded form of peritonitis develops at the last stages of inflammation of the peritoneum.
Infiltrates are localized not far from the umbilical area and can be confused with
Tumors. Abscess revealed usually outside, through the navel.

Peritonitis of any form threatens the life of a child and requires application
Emergency operational events. If the treatment is detained or conducted
not in full, then the forecast is extremely unfavorable.

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