Caries treatment without born in children


Caries treatment without born in childrenCaries actively
strikes children's teeth because kids
very love to be harvested with sweet dishes, but they don't always know how to brush the teeth and
Want, so in the mouth they have an active development of the carious process.
Sooner or later due to poor-quality hygiene and abundance in the diet of the child
Simple carbohydrates develops caries. On the enamel of the teeth there are white and
Brown spots that quickly black, turning into carious defects. Gradually
pathogenic microorganisms penetrate deeper, hitting not only dentin, but also
Nearby Located fabrics, causing an inflammatory response.

To this not happened, parents must regularly
Show children dentists, as for caries
Children's teeth are especially vulnerable. They are fragile, gentle, and weak protective
The response of saliva creates optimal conditions for the growth of pathogenic microflora. So how to cure caries in the child only
experienced dentist, take care in advance that your family has one
Verified Doctor to which you can entrust the health of your crumbs. Kid
will not be scary to be treated at the dentist, to which he is used.

Is it possible to cure caries in children without born?

Treatment of caries Children
Without the use of Bormishina — dream
Any parent. Kids are panicly afraid of the sound of a working dental
equipment, but not always its use is necessary. Surface caries
well sufficiently eliminate using non-flammable techniques. Contemporary
Dentistry proposes treatment
Caries without born kids using the following techniques:

  • Silvering: on peeled and dried teeth
    Doctor inflicts silver preparations that have a powerful antibacterial
    Impact and stop the development of the carious process, but at the same time enamel
    acquires a characteristic black color (the method is effective only at the initial stage
  • elimination of destroyed sections with
    Laser: Laser installations allow enamel enamel and dentin
    painlessly quickly comfortable
    (Methods of silent and does not require anesthesia);
  • Cleansing tooth using powdered stream
    funds that remove the affected fabrics and are eliminated from the oral cavity;
  • Use of local remineralizing
    preparations that help effectively fight the initial and superficial
    Karies in children.

How to cure caries in a child without tears and hysterics?

Caries treatment without born in childrenIn order for the campaign to the dentist to be comfortable for
child, not worth the first visit to conduct active medical events.
Let the baby get used to the doctor, give the child to understand that the doctor wants him
help and is not going to hurt. Let a specialist tell how to cure caries in a child is important for
Health of his teeth and beauty smile.

Children are usually happy to consider dental instruments.
Buy a toy first-aid kit and play with the baby at home. You can ask
Doctors borrow unnecessary tools to familiarize himself with them and
gradually overcame his fear. When the baby gets used to them, ask
The questions you are interested in and will be thrown with the thought that the teeth will still have to treat,
Then you can proceed to treatment. So you can avoid unnecessary tears and
Facilitate the work of the dentologist.

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