Sleep disorders in a child - a reason for action


Sleep disorders & mdash; Reason for action
Each adult man in his life came across the problem of sleep disorders and knows how it affects the overall health and mood. Sleep shortage makes us tired, irritable and inclined to aggression. And imagine what happens with a small child with violations of the night and day rest mode?

Children, depending on age, there are certain standards of sleep, subject to whose child will not have health problems, namely:

  • The newborn baby in the total per day should sleep at least 16 hours.
  • Croha aged 6 months – 14.5 hours.
  • A year old child should sleep 13.5 hours.
  • Two years old – 13 hours.
  • Child in 4 years – 11 o'clock.
  • At 6 years old – 9.5 hours.
  • Child aged 12 years – 8.5 hours.

That is why sleep breaking – this is a reason for action, but not to a panic. According to statistical data, the problem with a dream is a little more than 20% of all children. But, despite this prevalence, it is impossible to lose sight of this fact, since sleep disorder can lead to quite serious problems with physical health and mental state in children.

Causes of sleep disorders in children

To the actions of parents to eliminate problems with sleep in children were correct and most effective, initially need to figure out what the cause of their appearance.

Sleep problems in a child may arise in completely different reasons that can be systematized in this way:

  • Emotional overload;.
  • Physical discomfort;.
  • Somatic problems;.
  • Neurological disorders;.
  • Physiological features of sleep or genetic predisposition;.
  • Nutritional violation.

Emotional load – One of the most common causes of a dream breakdown in a child. This is not surprising, children's psychological state is very unstable, and even the smallest stresses are able to adversely influence it. This also applies to positive emotions, their overabundance also entails difficulties with falling asleep.

«Sleepy» Problems very often arise due to physical discomfort. It may be uncomfortable clothing, cutting teeth, intestinal colic, and so on, which delivers unpleasant sensations. This reason is eliminated quite easily, it is worth only to find out what worries a little man.

In a variety of cases, the cause of poor sleep in a child is somatic violations, that is, any diseases of the internal organs whose symptoms provoke such a phenomenon as insomnia. When this reason is detected, it is worth going to the doctor immediately and go through the necessary examination.

It's no secret that the state of the central nervous system and the fullness of sleep is inextricably linked. In case of impairment of the nervous system, problems with sleep will also be shown sooner or later.

If your child has insomnia and other violations of the night rest mode, then first remember whether someone from the senior relatives of the baby suffered with such diseases. But be careful, genetic location for sleep disorders is very easy to confuse with symptoms of more serious diseases.

An important role in creating a full-fledged and healthy sleep is also played by the power schedule. If the crumb is late dinner or take it away from breastfeeding, then problems with falling asleep are simply provided.

If you have noticed a tendency to a restless dream of your child, do not let «Self» this situation, because it can entail quite serious consequences. Take measures in a timely manner, and even better ask for help to a pediatrician who knows exactly how to help the child to fall asleep.

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