Domestic measures to prevent tuberculosis in childhood


  • Measures to prevent tuberculosis infection
  • Separate items for the child - to prevent tuberculosis

  • Measures to prevent tuberculosis infection

    Events that should be conducted to protect the child from infection, quite feasible in each family, where there is a tuberculosis patient. But it should not be thought that for this you only need to protect the child from contact with the patient. Of course, to protect the child from close communication with tuberculosis patients is very important, but the main thing is strict adherence to the sick rules for personal hygiene and the content in the purity of the dwelling.

    If the tuberculous patient takes all precautions, it is not dangerous for others. Child can always save from infection with tuberculosis, even if his mother sick.

    Let us give example. Have a young woman who has been sick with an open form of tuberculosis, a child was born. Mother monthly showed a child to the doctor and fulfilled all his advice. She took the child a separate place in the room, before 9 months fed his breasts, observing all precautions. The girl grew up healthy. When she was fulfilled a year, mother gave her to nursery. Thus, in the afternoon, the child was not with a sick mother. Summer mother sent a girl to her grandmother in the village. After 4 years, the mother recovered from tuberculosis. Now the girl is 12 years old and the child is not sick with tuberculosis.

    From the above example, it can be seen that the child can remain healthy and in the event that his mother is sick tuberculosis. It is only necessary to accurately comply with the prescribed policy of precaution. So, if the doctor allows a sick mother to feed the baby with breasts, then when leaving for him, as well as during feeding, it should cover his mouth with a gang of gauze or wear a medical mask so that when coughing and talking to a child, droplets of infectious sputum.

    Before approaching the child, the mother must wash his hands with soap and put on a bathrobe, since her hands and dress can be contaminated with a wet.

    The tuberculosis patient should be very careful in handling children: do not kiss them, do not take on hand, do not play with them. In no case can not be allowed to sleep with a patient with a child with a child. Best of all, of course, if the patient lives in a separate room.

    In the presence of one room, the sick bed must be supplied as far as possible from the bed of the child and extinguish its shirma.

    The tuberculosis patient room must be kept clean and order. It needs to be used more often, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Windows for the day should not close the curtains: the sunlight should freely penetrate into the room. This is important because from sunlight tuberculosis sticks die. In summer it is best to keep windows all day open. Dust from furniture, window sills, books and t. D. It is necessary to remove only a damp cloth. Cleaning must be done necessarily in the absence of children.

    In the dwelling of a contagious tuberculosis patient, it is necessary to periodically produce disinfection. Assistance This has a tuberculous dispensary.

    The sick spution should be collected in a special cavity with a lid and disintegrate. It is best to boil with a sputter in a special dish in a 2% soda solution for 15 minutes, after which tuberculosis sticks die. You can also use disinfecting solutions - 5% chlorine solution, 10% Lizol solution, 20% chlorine lime solution. Before use, the cavity is filled with one of these solutions one-third.

    Separate items for the child - to prevent tuberculosis

    Domestic measures to prevent tuberculosis in childhoodThe patient must have separate bedding, towel, dishes. The dishes of the patient should be washed separately from the dishes of other family members, wipe in a separate towel and store separately. Dirty patient underwear need to put in a separate bag. Before washing underwear, it is necessary to boil with liquor. Colored things that are spoiled from boiling can be soaked for several hours in a 3% chlorine solution.

    Never allow the children to use some robust things with a patient or his blanket, a pillow, sheets, nasal scarves. We must also carefully monitor the fact that the children do not eat anything and did not drink the patient out of the dishes.

    Sometimes it happens that adult tuberculosis flows imperceptibly. They consider themselves quite healthy, and only at a medical examination it turns out that they have pulmonary tuberculosis, and tuberculosis sticks are found in their wet.

    Considering this, it is necessary to exercise special caution, charging child care for unauthorized persons. In these cases, it is necessary to find out in advance, whether they are not sick of the open form of tuberculosis. Need their health to be tested by a doctor.

    It is important to remember that sometimes tuberculosis sticks can get into the child's body with cow or goat milk. Therefore, children can not give raw milk. It must be boiled or pasteurized (heated for 30 minutes at a temperature of 65-70 °WITH).

    All specified precautions should be especially carefully observed when leaving a small child. It is very important to protect children from infection at an early age when the faster organism does not have sufficient resistance to penetrating tuberculosis microbes.

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