Children's Cort


  • How is the contamination of cortex
  • What are the first signs of cortel disease
  • What are the complications of measles
  • How to prevent diseases of measles

  • Cort is a viral disease that takes place most often in
    acute form and accompanied by fever, intoxication, catarrhal
    (Rubber, cough, wheezes in the lungs) and Enanthenta (rash on the body).
    The causative agent of the disease is the Polynosa RnorBillorum virus, which
    Refers to the family of paramikoviruses, the genus Morbi in Virus,
    Including also cerebral replacement melasphalitis viruses,
    sclerosis, cattle and dogs and dogs.

    This virus belongs to the form of RNA-containing and quickly loses
    its activity under the influence of ultraviolet rays and disinfectants

    How is the contamination of cortex

    To infect the measles virus is very easy, the main way of transfer
    Air-drip disease. After communicating with an infected person
    disease occurs in 98% of cases. Through household items and contact with third
    persons, the virus is not transmitted. Most
    susceptible to the disease Children, but the virus has no age limit and
    Under appropriate conditions, it can get sick.

    Resistant to measles virus: children under 1, if mother
    I got sick or was vaccinated against it, they will save them the so-called
    transplacent immunity; Children and adults, having poured cortpers (immunity
    persists for life) and people who have passed vaccination. The rest are subject
    The dangers of infection even, if you just visited the room, where in 2 hours
    before that was a sick.

    The virus penetrates the body through mucous membranes
    (respiratory path, conjunctiva), breeds, will fall into lymphatic vessels,
    and from there in blood. The virus applies throughout the body, affects skin
    Covers, body organs, when penetrating the virus in the nervous system possible
    Development of Meningitis Diseases, Encephalitis and Meningoencephalitis.

    What are the first signs of cortel disease

    Children's Cort
    Signs of illness appear not immediately, the incubation period
    Diseases lasts up to 9-11 days (at this time the virus intensively carved
    develops, no signs of the disease).

    The first sign of the acute appearance of the disease is high
    Temperature up to 38-39° WITH. Then appear:
    lethargy, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, light-friendly and

    On the second third day of the disease, the body temperature decreases,
    The mucous mouth becomes bright red with specks (explicit signs of measles),
    Maculopapulous symptoms appear on the skin (reminds
    Nodules or elevations without watery content, pink color). First
    queue rash appears behind the abnormal sinks, then in the center of the face, during
    The day covers face, neck, top of the chest, and another day, covers
    Almost the entire body surface. A few hours later, Papula surrounds red
    zone, and while everything merges, forming red spots of irregular shape
    With Papula in the Center. Rash holds a few days and then fades in the same
    sequence that.

    The disease can occur in various forms (light,
    Medium heavy, heavy) may have a typical and atypical current. To
    reveal the disease flowing in hidden atypical form needs to be done
    blood analysis.

    What are the complications of measles

    Usually for 8-10 days of the disease, the body temperature is normalized,
    By 10-15 days completely fades rash. If after the week the symptoms of the disease
    Do not fade, you need another inspection of the doctor, if there is complications, the patient
    may be hospitalized to hospital.

    In 30% of cases, measles leads to complications that most
    children under 5 years old and face older than 20 years. Complications after illness very
    DANGER, Most often, pneumonia may occur, otitis and other bacterial
    infection. With severe complications, the development of blindness, deafness and
    Mental backwardness.

    If some signs are found, the disease follows
    Immediately call a doctor, patient put in bed, at high temperature
    Bodies can be used antipyretic agents (aspirin and paracetamol). No way
    case you can not give a patient antibiotics, they do not act on the measles virus, and
    may complicate the patient's condition. Rash also no need to lubricate.

    For the patient it is worth installing the power mode, more
    warm drink (non-acidic juices, tea, morse), but bold broths are better not to give.
    The main food must be soft, gentle, sharp, salted, sour and pepper

    How to prevent diseases of measles

    In order to prevent and create active immunity
    Conduct a planned vaccination. Living Koreary Vaccine (HCB)
    introduced children according to the vaccination calendar, as well as adults.

    When identifying the focus of infection, the source of infection is subject to
    insulation for the time of illness, all those in contact with him are subject to disunity
    with other children for 17 days, and in organizations where the focus was discovered (children's
    Garden, school) preventive inspections are held in order to identify other

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