What is the hypotrophy of the fetus


  • Fetal hypotrophy, hypotrophy types
  • What are the causes of fetal hypotrophy
  • Diagnostics of hypotrophy fruit
  • Treatment of hypotrophy fruit
  • Prevention of fruit hypotrophy

  • Fetal hypotrophy, hypotrophy types

    The hypotrophy of the fetus is the lag of its development from the norm, T.
    E. Fruit, has smaller sizes for this period of pregnancy. Sometimes
    Instead of such a diagnosis, the syndrome of the delay of intrauterine
    fetal development, which, in fact, means the same thing.
    There are two forms of fetal hypotrophy: symmetric and asymmetric.

    Symmetrical hypotrophy characterized by uniform lag
    in the development of all organs of the fetus. Such a form of hypotrophy is developing
    In early pregnancy.

    Asymmetric hypotrophy Characterized uneven
    lag in the development of fetal bodies. This form arises on more
    Late pregnancy.

    What are the causes of fetal hypotrophy

    What is the hypotrophy of the fetus
    To the delay syndrome of the intrauterine development of the fetus can lead
    A variety of harmful factors. Plays the role of the lifestyle of the future
    Moms, working conditions, bad habits, presence of infectious
    diseases, the presence of hormonal disorders, complications during
    pregnancy (anemia, toxicosis and t. NS.), burdened anamnesis (miscarriages,
    Operations in the uterus). Very often, hypotrophy develops with multiple
    Pregnancy. The above reasons can lead to violation
    Mastene-placental blood circulation, main power source
    fruit. When it is impaired, the fruit suffers accordingly, which leads to

    Diagnostics of hypotrophy fruit

    The main diagnostic method is ultrasound. The doctor performs measurements
    fetal and determines compliance with the norms. Also suspect the hypotrophy
    It is possible when studying the height of the bottom of the uterus and the circumference of the abdomen. Hypotrophy
    may be varying degrees of gravity, depending on the backlog
    Weeks and size.

    Treatment of hypotrophy fruit

    If possible, it is necessary to eliminate the impact of harmful factors and
    Restore uterine-placental blood circulation. Treatment
    directly hypotrophy is very complex. When connected
    Additional complications Pregnant woman hospitalized.

    Prevention of fruit hypotrophy

    Precisely prevention is in this case very important because
    complexity of influence on this pathology of the fetus. Even before pregnancy
    It is necessary to pass a survey that will help identify problems and
    Avoid this syndrome. Woman needs to abandon harmful
    habits, lead a healthy lifestyle, if necessary, change
    working conditions. Much role plays full-fledged normal nutrition.

    Hypotrophy is not a sentence, but requires careful
    Medical observation. If you have been diagnosed, you must
    strictly fulfill all the recommendations of the doctor. With timely
    Began treatment and with light and medium-shaped form of hypotrophy,
    usually good. After childbirth, such children need a good care,
    Maintaining great importance breastfeeding.

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