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  • Start of treatment

    Deadlines for the start of treatment of schizophrenia
    Play a huge role. If the disease is diagnosed with a timely manner,
    then with proper therapy you can prevent the development of irreversible
    Brain Changes. It is believed that treatment is especially
    effectively if it is held in the next two years after
    The occurrence of the disease. But even if the disease has existed a long time, you can
    significantly help the schizophrenia to man and close to him. For psychiatrist
    It is important that it was damaged by the disease. It is important to determine
    What condition are those or other brain structures like
    Function gland internal secretion, organs cardiovascular – vascular
    and digestive body systems.
    Of particular importance is the identity of the patient, its attitude towards treatment, stigma of the diagnosis of schizophrenia, to the attending physician. Without complete confidence in the doctorComprehensive treatment of schizophreniaTreative treatment of schizophrenia becomes impossible. Not accidentally, not only a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, social worker, but also regular classes with a clinical psychologist, which initially conducts pathopsychological, neuropsychological and psychophysiological diagnostic study of memory, attention, thinking, perception, and only then picks up for schizophrenia man necessary complex of psychological trainings.
    Modern drug therapy schizophrenia Left for a long time in the past, so popular in the eighties of the twentieth century neuroleptics and antidepressants. Today, the use for the treatment of schizophrenia haloperidol, triftthazine, cyclodol, melipralin, and even amitriptyline rather indicates a low qualification of the attending physician
    and the presence of a large number of complications from various organs
    patient, especially if the latter takes for a long time
    Time several drugs. Atypical neuroleptics,
    Especially appeared lately: Rispiridon, Rentiapin,
    Olanzepine, Amyisulpirid, have significant advantages over
    Other preparations, early used in the process of schizophrenia therapy.
    The absence of side effects with the right choice of the drug and its
    adequate to the patient dosage, exposure not only for nonsense and
    hallucinations, but also on closedness, passivity, lack of initiative,
    poverty thinking, negative attitude to loved ones, memory, attention and
    Thinking patient – All this makes atypical neuroleptics indispensable
    The means of biological therapy of schizophrenia. The experience of treating this disease shows the importance of use for this purpose of modern drugs with respect to the brain tissues Metabolic effect: Mildranat, Mexidol, Berlition, Cerebrolysin, Milgama.
    Modern biological therapy schizophrenia It is necessarily carried out under the control of the hormonal status of the patient, the assessment of its neurophysiological and psycho-physiological indicators. There are resistant to therapy forms of schizophrenia.
    But first, they are not so much, and secondly, there are ways
    Overcoming this stability: laser irradiation of blood, treatment with light, finally, electrosusproy therapy.
    Again, there is a spectacle about the exact clinical diagnosis of the disease,
    implying prediction of his flow. Completely unacceptable,
    In order for the sick schizophrenia for a long time in a psychiatric hospital, especially if it is inactive there and granted himself. Keep the acute state of schizophrenia patient within two – three weeks, and then a full medical, psychological and social rehabilitation of the patient is necessary. It is advisable to use modern methods of rehabilitation, including a variety of methods (psychoanalysis, cognitive and existential therapy, therapy creative self-expression, etc.) and form of psychotherapy (individual, group, family).


    An important role of a psychiatrist should be emphasized in the formation of a patient in the field of psychiatry. Patient should know which symptoms of mental disorder
    he has something to do to prevent aggravation
    Diseases, what power should be and how to behave with
    relatives. When teaching the patient, the basics of psychiatry,
    the necessary social skills of self-service, it is advisable to conduct
    Group classes, actively use role-playing games, in particular,
    Modeling relationships with relatives and close patients, teaching
    Patient with a conflict-free solution of difficult situations. For effective schizophrenia treatment
    Physiotherapy, Waste, Massage, Regular Classes
    Therapeutic physical education in the pool and gym. Passivity
    The patient leads to a chronic course of the disease, contributes to increasing negative symptoms.
    Of particular importance in the process of schizophrenia is therapy, aimed at preventing recurrence of disease.
    Recently, drugs are actively used for this purpose,
    Possessing a prolonged effect: Rispolept – Const, Phluuanxol –
    Depot and less often due to a minor influence on negative symptoms
    Klopicol – depot. Virtually no modita – depot,
    Possessing a large number of side effects and complications. How
    The rule supporting schizophrenia treatment should
    be long and include a long surveillance period
    The patient's condition, taking into account the dynamics of hormonal,
    neurophysiological and biochemical indicators, systematic classes with
    patient psychotherapy. Requires patient relatives,
    proper tactics of behavior that prevents the emergence of recurrence of schizophrenia.

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