What is psychopathy


  • Causes of psychopathy
  • What happens?
  • Diagnosis of psychopathy
  • Treatment of psychopathy

  • Causes of psychopathy

    The risk factors of psychopathy can be congenital
    inferiority of the nervous system (encephalitis, head injury). Counts
    Also, the brain disorders may be responsible during the period
    childbirth or early childhood, or hereditary predisposition.
    The development of certain types of psychopathy leads incorrect education
    Child. Psychopathy never arises in adulthood
    a healthy person, it indicates rather than any other
    mental illness.

    What happens?

    manifests itself, above all, the inadequacy of emotional experiences,
    a tendency to depressive and obsessive states. At the same time, it is not worth confused by psychopathy with «Heavy character», That is, with psychopathic manifestations of aggression, flashes of rage, thirst for destruction,
    which may be caused by the most different external factors. Almost all
    Types of psychopathy begin to manifest themselves from early and preschool age.

    Allocate the following psychopathy:

    • Asthenic psychopathy,
      which is characteristic of increased irritability and fast
      Exposure. Since childhood, such people are afraid of obstacles in achieving
      goals. They are bad to overcome any difficulties, mobilization of efforts.
    • Caught psychopathy,
      which is characteristic of the inadequacy of emotional reactions with turbulent
      Flashing anger. Usually it is a people with choleric temperament,
      and their character largely corresponds to the peculiarities of such temperament.
      They are rapidly, gust, poorly carry out the situation of waiting, easy
      Show anger at the unfriendly reasons.
    • Explosive psychopathy.
      As a rule, these people are leopard in movements, thoughts and actions. They are
      restrained, retain calm in many emotionally saturated
      situations, neat, are thorough to petty and pedantry, love
      order in everything. These are people of hard habits, rules, templates,
      Miracles in all. At the same time, if anyone violates
      the established way of their life, even the most insignificant trifle, they
      can instantly get out of themselves, go far beyond the limits of decency.
      They can be extremely vigorous, and long do not forgive others
      Nutty provinces.
    • What is psychopathyHysterical psychopathy,
      which is characteristic of impressionable, suggestibility, egocentrism. One
      From the central properties of the identity of the exteroid psychopaths is
      Egocentrism and desire to be in the spotlight at any cost
      surrounding. Externally, this is usually miniature, elegant, attractive
      People with expressive facial expressions and gestures, plastic and artistic,
      And more often it is women.
    • Paranoyan psychopathy,
      which is characteristic of suspicion, high self-esteem, tendency
      to ultra-supersonal ideas. So, the pathological jealies call people,
      who in early childhood are jealous of their mother to any person,
      communicating with her, in the future they are zealously belong to friends
      and loved ones, to employees, tormenting victim with continuous suspicion,
      At the same time, it is unbearably suffering from.D.
    • Schizoid psychopathy.
      From an early age, schizoid psychopaths appear attention
      manifestation of emotional worn, visibility, live in the world
      abstract, not by age difficult problems. Usually they have several
      delays the development of self-service skills.

    from psychosis, psychopathy almost does not progress throughout life,
    However, some of the listed psychopathies can lead
    To addiction to alcohol or drug. Essential also psychopathy,
    accompanied by the desire of steal, or to deceive others.

    Diagnosis of psychopathy

    the patient is rarely the first comes to the doctor. More often they make relatives,
    exhausted by strange human behavior. Many are trying to figure out,
    Is their sick relative crazy, and is there a medicine
    from his illness. In such a situation, the doctor gets an additional
    Information about the relatives of the patient, its upbringing and development.
    No less important behavior of the patient in the eyes of others.

    Treatment of psychopathy

    psychopathy - an extremely difficult task. The problem is that psychopath almost
    never realizes the patients, and in some types of psychopathies still
    and offended at the first mention of a possible visit to the doctor. Top
    no less, psychopathy requires treatment, first of all to
    prevent social disadaptation of the patient.

    understand that the issue of adaptation of a psychopath in normal life
    determined by his profession and surroundings. For example, schizoid
    Psychopaths are well taken out in the field of fundamental sciences,
    and hysterical in acting professions. At the same time, pathological
    False, asthenia or paranola features are negative
    In all cases.

    Medications in psychopathy almost never
    Do not prescribe. First, this disease is not treated with medicines,
    It is only possible to soften or remove its manifestations, and secondly, practically
    it is impossible to convince the patient to take medicine. In some cases
    The field of concomitant diseases come to the fore: alcoholism,
    Drug addict. It should be borne in mind that these diseases are able to aggravate
    Psychopathological defect personality.

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