Theft or Kleptomania?


  • Theft or Kleptomania
  • Who is Kleptoman
  • And Lee is treated?

  • Kleptomania - myth disease. Her name knows everything: from lawyers to small children. But what is the essence of this disease, few people know.

    At one time in the US, Kleptomans began to call almost all thieves and
    Replace punishment. So the same disease is different from

    Theft or Kleptomania

    First, the theft during kleptomania has no «Commercial value».
    True kleptoman never sells stolen, almost never
    enjoys them by and large, it does not need it at all.

    Secondly, Kleptoman never puts out complex plans of robbery,
    its prey is not money and diamond necklaces, but little things,
    which lie in sight.

    Thirdly, in contrast to most thieves, Kleptomans suffer from their
    Passion. They painfully try to overcome the desire to pull something,
    But it does not always succeed. Suffering from kleptomania usually describe
    Your inner state like this: incredible voltage burning
    From the inside the desire that can be satisfied, only putting in his pocket
    «Won one thing from the top shelf in the supermarket». And immediately after theft
    comes relief, a sense of deep satisfaction, as, for example,
    after hearty lunch or good sex. To this satisfaction sometimes
    An impartial surprise is mixed: «Well, why do I need this
    garbage?! What is it generally needed, and what I now have to do with her?!»
    Sometimes Kleptomans throw the stolen back, sometimes stored as
    unnecessary souvenirs, but almost never use.

    And, fourth, the vast majority of Kleptomans are so
    hesitates his disease that they will better announce themselves criminals
    And they will be in prison than recognize that sick. Thieves come
    Exactly on the contrary.

    In forensic, the main criterion for which Kleptoman is distinguished from
    thief is the lack of material benefit. And it gives rise to
    Large confusion.

    Theft or Kleptomania?
    In Russia, diagnosis «kleptomania» never put almost never. Because the
    Any thing has the price, therefore, there is a material benefit. AND
    It is useless to prove to judges that a person with income is significantly higher
    Middle in fact absolutely not needed stolen in the amount of 50
    Multicolored Toothbrushes.

    In the US, on the contrary, the decision about whether theft is the manifestation
    Diseases or «Theft vulgaris» Accepted on the basis of testimony
    detainee. That is, if he did not have time to sell stolen, he is quite
    can declare: «Yes, they do not need these twenty magnetol at all! Not
    I was going to sell them or use. I just can't
    To keep: like a radio in a parked car I see so hands
    themselves and stretch. Patient I, gentlemen jurors! Treat me
    urgently for money honest taxpayers».

    Oddly enough, Kleptomania most often suffer,
    which would not be in the burden to buy that brilliant small things that «itself
    by himself» falls in pockets. Men sick Kleptomania less often than
    women. It is believed that the average age of Kleptana is 36 years old, but usually
    The first cases of pathological theft are observed in childhood.

    About children's thief and kleptomania must be said separately. Children in general
    Quite often steal. They seem to feel the boundaries of the permitted,
    Check which ban can be broken, and what is not. Kleptomania is
    Relationship does not have, but if parents missed the moment, theft may
    become not just a bad habit, but a favorite entertainment, from which
    A person will be very difficult to refuse in adulthood.

    Sometimes happens differently when children steal just to attract to
    Your attention is the attention of parents. Especially often it happens to children from
    secured families who have everything (pocket money, dear
    toys, personal TV, computer) except for parents,
    around the clock busy making money.

    The debut of true kleptomania is usually associated with a predominance of a person
    instinctive behavior over reason. Kleptoman looks like Soroki,
    Which drags into the nest all that glitters, or on a rat feeding down
    Different garbage - maybe in the farm.

    Typically, the first manifestations of Kleptomania provoke problems with the status and
    Recognition. The child constantly criticizes the teacher, for classmates he is a boy for whipping, there is no house too much support. Voltage OT
    Social situation is so great that requires immediate discharge,
    And adequate discharge is impossible. Because it is impossible in an instant of
    Paria to become a leader or forward all the twins on the top five and become
    Pet teachers! The instinct of self-preservation requires an exit of a dead end, and
    Exit is located. Only inadequate. In the form of obsessive states:
    obsessive desire constantly there is constantly masturbating, constantly
    wash your hands or an insurmountable desire to steal something.

    In adults, the mechanism of development of kleptomania is generally the same, but it is more difficult to track it.

    Who is Kleptoman

    Kleptoman ordinary - man, time dragging different little things
    from shops (from work - very rarely, familiar - in general, never).
    Moderately suffers from his oddity. In the field of view of the police fall
    rarely, since the value of stolen is not charged criminal

    Kleptoman-fetishist - perhaps the most unpleasant of Kleptomanov. Object
    His passions are fetishes - items that cause him unhealthy
    Sexual interest. It can be anything: from tea spoons
    before hats-earrings, but most often Kleptoman-fetishist is interested in the lower
    Linen. And from the shop shelves the belly things he steals rarely,
    It is more attracted to those that are in use. For example, the most
    Cute dealing panties dried on the balcony, or slippers in
    locker room in the gym.

    The extreme step of this type of kleptomania is Kleptolagni -
    impaired psyche at which to get sexual
    satisfaction, man needs to steal something or get into
    Alien housing.

    Kleptoman-Simulant - serial, but not very lucky thief. Hitting on
    Theft, O «Kosit» under the patient to replace the criminal punishment on
    Not too long stay in «Yellow house». In our country
    such a strategy of a chance for success practically does not have.

    Kleptoman is familiar - the person for whom it became a habit by chance
    move minor items in your pocket. This category can be divided
    On subspecies: Kleptoman incendiary (collects other people's lighters);
    Kleptoman office (when opening the drawers of his table can be found before
    hundreds of objects of small office); Kleptoman oral (during
    staying in the food market adds weight up to two kilos for
    institution's account).

    The familiar is the only kind of kleptomania, which is successful
    treatment: in childhood - suggestion and «belt-angular therapy»,
    in adult - also suddenly «Forced labor therapy».

    And Lee is treated?

    Unfortunately, Kleptomania is so rare disease that doctors have so far
    pores were not determined: she is healing completely or not? It is clear that
    Tablets from it does not exist. And although Western pharmacological
    Companies with enviable regularity promise to come up with a magic pill -
    ate and do not carry, then the promises are not going on.

    Good effect with kleptomania gives long psychotherapy, but she
    It works only with a great desire to get rid of passion to

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